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From Trash to Trendy: The Story of Puma’s Ultra 1.4 First Mile

Puma's Ultra 1.4 First Mile Cleats

Several months ago, Puma introduced a groundbreaking addition to their soccer cleat lineup – the Ultra 1.4 “First Mile.” We missed the release phase, but still wanted to break down what they are all about. This boot, designed with an emphasis on “first touch acceleration,” is a testament to Puma’s commitment to innovation, performance, and sustainability.

The Ultra 1.4 First Mile is part of Puma’s First Mile initiative, a program focused on creating sustainable products using recycled materials. This initiative not only impacts the performance of the Ultra 1.4 but also sets a precedent for future releases. The use of recycled materials does not compromise the boot’s performance; instead, it enhances it while promoting environmental sustainability.

Puma First Mile Soccer

Puma Ultra First Mile Upper

Drawing on feedback from both consumers and Puma athletes, the Ultra 1.4 First Mile was crafted with several key updates to maximize speed and control:

  1. Puma’s cutting-edge GRIPCONTROL PRO technology is featured on the lateral side of the boot. This involves strategically placed minimalist rubber elements in the strike zone for enhanced ball grip, while still maintaining the flexibility of the upper.
  2. Puma reintroduced the MATRYXEVO technology for the construction of the Ultra 1.4 First Mile. This woven fabric, reinforced with carbon yarns + First Mile recycled yarn, offering a lightweight, molded fit that maximizes comfort without compromising speed.
  3. The outsole is equipped with a SPEEDTRACTION plate, designed to deliver stability, efficient transition, and dynamic traction for explosive movement on the pitch. The stud configuration has been optimized for use on firm ground.
  4. Completing the design of the Ultra 1.4 First Mile, the boot features an EVOKNIT PRO collar. This provides a comfortable, easy entry and ensures a secure lockdown of the foot during gameplay.

Puma Ultra 1.4 Heel Design

Puma Ultra 1.4 Matryxevo Upper

While the Ultra 1.4 First Mile has not sold out rapidly, it has steadily gained popularity among players who value both performance and sustainability. This boot is more than just a soccer cleat; it’s a symbol of Puma’s commitment to delivering a unique blend of style, comfort, performance, and sustainability.

The success of the Ultra 1.4 First Mile is a clear indication of the potential of the First Mile initiative, and we can expect to see more sustainable, high-performance releases from Puma in the future.

Other colorways in the Puma Ultra series can be found at

The First Mile initiative is a sustainability program that Puma has wholeheartedly embraced, transforming trash into fashion. Created in collaboration with First Mile, a people-focused social impact network, this initiative collects plastic bottles to create sustainable jobs and reduce environmental waste, empowering microeconomies in Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan. Each bottle is sorted, cleaned, shredded, and turned into yarn, which is then used to make products with purpose.

In 2018 alone, First Mile produced more than 300 tons of recycled yarn from plastic bottles that would have otherwise polluted the streets and waterways of these global communities. The fourth season of PUMA x First Mile introduces exciting new shoes and apparel woven from this yarn, including the sleek, comfort-focused RS-Curves and the ultra-light, high-tech Future Riders. 

Puma ULTRA 1.4 FG First Mile Initiative

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