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Elixir of Speed – Umbro’s Fresh Take on the Velocita Series


It is no surprise that a brand will use fresh designs to steal the limelight. The latest stunner? Umbro’s Velocita Elixir, a vibrant fusion of White/Fiery Coral/Bolt that not only promises to enhance performance but also catches the eye.

Earlier this month, Umbro set the stage on fire by unveiling the next chapter in their Velocita speed series. The Elixir, a worthy successor to the Alchemist, was initially adorned in a sophisticated Black palette. But for those craving a pop of color, the brand has delivered this second variant, complete with a pristine white canvas dotted with fiery orange and cool blue hues.

Umbro Velocita Elixer Released

The Technology Under the Hood

Next-gen Upper: Revolutionizing the boot structure, the Velocita Elixir is equipped with a Proweave upper. Crafted as a single layer, it masterfully blends elasticity, stability, and abrasion resistance, resulting in distinct zones that bolster support and adaptability. This innovation means the boot flows harmoniously with the foot’s natural movement, letting players focus on their game rather than their gear. The added touch? Contrast colours woven into the upper, not just a design accent but a visual indicator of the boot’s advanced engineering.

Speed Insock: Every great boot understands the importance of comfort, especially during extended play. The Velocita Elixir’s anatomically contoured insock is low-profile, ensuring that players experience a heightened feel of the ball and the pitch, from the first whistle to the last.

Pebax Powered® Sprint+ Outsole: Agility in soccer is paramount. The Elixir’s outsole, powered by Pebax, is geared towards multidirectional agility. The meticulously designed stud geometry evenly spreads pressure, guaranteeing robust traction, whether you’re sprinting straight or shifting direction on a dime.

The Style Factor

But it’s not all about performance. This colorway is nothing short of audacious. With one half of each boot bathed in pristine white and the other in vibrant orange, they’re designed to stand out. Blue arrows cascade down the forefoot, adding a streamlined elegance to the ensemble.

For fans in the United States eagerly awaiting the Velocita Elixir’s landing, it’s a familiar game of anticipation. Like previous releases from Umbro, the question remains: “Will it make its way across the pond?” Some of the brand’s designs have graced the American market, while others have remained tantalizingly out of reach. For now, U.S. enthusiasts must bide their time, keeping fingers crossed and eyes peeled for any sign of the Elixir’s stateside debut.

Umbro Velocita Elixer Heel Design

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