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Puma FUTURE Ultimate "Energy Pack" FG Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Puma FUTURE Ultimate “Energy Pack” FG Review

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Energy Pack

Puma as a brand is in a constant state of evolution, with every new release aiming to find the perfect fusion of performance and style. At the forefront of this movement stands the Puma FUTURE series, renowned for unlocking players’ full potential. With the release of the FUTURE ULTIMATE from the Energy Pack, Puma takes this concept to unprecedented heights. From an adaptive FUZIONFIT360 dual mesh upper to ingenious PWRTAPE technology, this cleat blurs the lines between fit, function, and personalization. But the true enchantment unfolds when your foot makes contact with the ball, with 3D textures amplifying grip and control to elevate your gameplay.

As we lace up these cleats and step onto the pitch, we’re on the lookout for the unexpected, the transformative, and the extraordinary. Can the FUTURE ULTIMATE truly live up to its promise of enhancing creativity and precision on the field?

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Initial Reaction

Emerging from the box, the FUTURE ULTIMATE Energy Pack colorway instantly captivates. Vibrant colors seamlessly blend to create a striking visual impact, setting them apart from previous releases. While some may lean towards tradition, these cleats exude a distinct sense of excitement and modernity. But the FUTURE ULTIMATE is more than just aesthetics; it’s a dynamic performance package that offers a personalized fit for players seeking both style and substance.

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Unboxing

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Side Profile

In-Game Performance

As I stepped onto the pitch with the FUTURE ULTIMATE, I knew I was about to experience a shift in my playing dynamics. The cleats immediately established a profound connection between my foot and the ball, a sensation that transcended the ordinary. This transformative experience was largely due to the strategically engineered 3D textures that adorned key contact zones. These textural elements elevated my grip and control to an entirely new realm, turning every interaction with the ball into a display of artistry.

From delivering precise passes that sliced through opposition defenses to executing mesmerizing dribbles that left defenders grasping at air, the FUTURE ULTIMATE provided a platform for creativity to flourish. The magic lay in the cleats’ ability to amplify the potential of every touch, instilling confidence and opening avenues for novel playing strategies. The control I felt over the ball was unparalleled, offering the perfect blend of finesse and power.

This heightened control extended to finishing as well, as the textured upper ensured that my shots were more than just kicks—they were calculated strokes that found their mark with precision. The 3D textures acted as allies, imparting spin and accuracy to the ball’s trajectory. With the FUTURE ULTIMATE on my feet, the fine line between imagination and execution dissolved, enabling me to execute techniques with a newfound finesse.

The overall performance of the FUTURE ULTIMATE could be likened to an artist’s brushstroke on a canvas—each touch, each pass, and each shot became an expression of intent. It was a truly immersive experience, reminding me that soccer is not just a sport; it’s a language, and the FUTURE ULTIMATE is a fluent translator of that language.


Puma FUTURE Ultimate Upper Detailing

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Instep Boot Review

Upper – Touch and Control

The FUTURE ULTIMATE’s upper, a testament to Puma’s innovative design, proved to be more than just a visual spectacle. Running my fingers across its textured surface was a tactile journey, revealing the purpose behind each raised dimple and pattern. These elements were meticulously placed to enhance grip in areas that matter most during gameplay. The forefoot’s raised dimples and the inner midfoot patterns provided enhanced traction and precision when controlling the ball, dribbling past opponents, and executing intricate maneuvers.

When it comes to the actual touch on the ball, the FUTURE ULTIMATE truly shines. The textured upper allows for a level of control that elevates your passing, dribbling, and finishing into works of art. The engineered 3D textures strategically placed at key contact zones interact with the ball, creating a sensation of heightened grip and enhanced command. As you receive the ball, you’ll notice an immediate difference – the upper’s grip aids in trapping and cushioning the ball’s impact, allowing for quicker and smoother ball control.

Dribbling past opponents becomes an immersive experience. The combination of the textured upper and the adaptive fit allows for confident touches that translate into precise and responsive movements. The added grip helps maintain control even in tight spaces, giving you an edge when maneuvering through defenses.

When striking the ball, the enhanced grip and control become even more evident. The raised dimples on the forefoot provide a tangible sensation as your foot connects with the ball’s surface. This interaction contributes to a cleaner strike, allowing you to apply the desired spin and trajectory. Whether you’re aiming for pinpoint accuracy or powerful shots, the FUTURE ULTIMATE’s upper gives you the confidence to shape the ball according to your intentions.

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Ankle Collar

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Performance

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Soleplate and Traction

Soleplate and Traction

The soleplate of the Puma FUTURE ULTIMATE encapsulates a dynamic blend of innovation and performance. The Dual-Density Motion System outsole, characterized by its distinctive split composition, contributes to the cleat’s standout traction and agility. From the moment you step onto the pitch, you’ll feel the soleplate’s responsiveness, designed to support every twist, turn, and burst of speed.

The mix of conical and bladed studs underfoot offers a strategic balance between stability and maneuverability. On natural grass surfaces, the conical studs penetrate the turf, providing reliable traction as you navigate the pitch. These studs are strategically positioned to support multidirectional movements, ensuring you can execute quick changes of direction with confidence.

When it comes to artificial turf, the rounded design of the bladed studs helps release the soleplate from the surface, preventing excessive drag and allowing for smoother transitions between steps. This dual-purpose traction system ensures that the FUTURE ULTIMATE remains a versatile choice, whether you’re playing on traditional grass or synthetic turf.

One notable aspect of the soleplate’s performance is its natural flex. From the first wear, the soleplate exhibits an inherent flexibility that mirrors the movement of your foot. This organic responsiveness not only enhances your comfort but also contributes to a more fluid and efficient playstyle. You won’t need to worry about a break-in period to experience the soleplate’s full potential; it’s ready to perform from the get-go.

The FUTURE ULTIMATE’s soleplate and traction system work in tandem to provide the stability, grip, and maneuverability required for players seeking to dominate on the field. Whether you’re executing quick turns, accelerating into open spaces, or engaging in intricate footwork, the soleplate ensures that you remain grounded and in control, enabling you to unleash your full potential.

How do they Fit?

The FUTURE ULTIMATE’s fit, while adhering to the true-to-size heritage of the FUTURE series, carries a distinct sense of evolution. The snug sensation upon wearing the cleats exemplifies Puma’s commitment to innovation. Embracing this design’s unique requirements, I found that opening the laces before wearing the cleats allowed the knit material to stretch and accommodate my foot comfortably.

While the initial fit may feel tight, it’s a testament to the cleats’ intention to merge form and function. The gradual stretch of the upper over time transforms the FUTURE ULTIMATE into a customized extension of your playing style.

Puma FUTURE Ultimate FG Review

Critics Notes

While the Puma FUTURE ULTIMATE undeniably shines in numerous areas, it’s essential to address a few considerations that might sway certain preferences. The bold and vibrant colorway, while visually striking to some, may not resonate with players who have a penchant for more traditional, understated styles. However, it’s worth noting that the FUTURE ULTIMATE is available in a range of color options, catering to varying tastes and allowing players to find their perfect match.

Additionally, the adaptive fit provided by the FUZIONFIT360 dual mesh upper may be a new experience for some players. Those who prefer a snug, locked-in sensation might appreciate this feature, while others who lean towards a looser fit might take some time to adjust. The unique construction of the upper, aimed at delivering a personalized feel, may not be an immediate fit for players accustomed to a different type of sensation. It’s worth considering your personal fit preferences and allowing for a brief adjustment period to fully appreciate the benefits of the adaptive upper.

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Review

Retail Details

If this vibrant Energy Pack colorway isn’t your style, there is a whole host of other looks including blackouts and single color versions all available at for $219.99.

The Skinny Summary

Highlight: Elevate Your Game: Puma’s FUTURE ULTIMATE Cleats fuse innovation and style for a personalized, high-performance experience on the pitch.
Category: A balance between agility and comfort
Weight: 8.5 ounces
Would I Buy Them: Absolutely, for players seeking an innovative blend of personalized fit, exceptional touch, and dynamic traction.
Player Position: Ideal for creative players who thrive on precision and control, making an impact from midfield to attack.

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