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Puma's "Gear Up Pack" - Revolutionizing Performance Under the Lights - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Puma’s “Gear Up Pack” – Revolutionizing Performance Under the Lights

Neymar with new Puma FUTURE Ultimate Gear Up

With Fall soccer season underway, players are looking to elevate their game, pushing boundaries and demanding the very best from their gear. Stepping up to this challenge, PUMA introduces the “Gear Up” Pack, a stellar collection that embodies the essence of peak performance. Inspired by electrifying nights under stadium lights, this new pack promises to drive athletes to their top gear.

Making an impression isn’t limited to the opening game. Every match is an opportunity, and the “Gear Up Pack” ensures that stars like Neymar Jr., Kingsley Coman, Ingrid Engen, and Jack Grealish are primed for their high-octane performances.

Let’s delve into the transformative features of these masterpieces:

Puma Ultra Ultimate Gear Up

1. The ULTRA: Speed Redefined

Retail: $219.99

Reimagining the definition of speed, the new ULTRA boasts a feather-light ULTRAWEAVE upper. But it’s not just about shedding weight; the incorporation of PWRTAPE ensures the boot seamlessly complements the foot’s anatomy. This translates to explosive accelerations and nimble direction shifts, giving players the extra edge in outpacing their rivals.

Puma FUTURE Ultimate Gear Up

2. The FUTURE: Unlock Unhindered Play

Retail: $219.99

Gone are the days when defenders could easily halt an attack. With the FUTURE, players are armed with the FUZIONFIT360 upper, melding dual-mesh and PWRTAPE for a fit that’s nothing short of snug perfection. And with the versatility to play with or without laces, combined with 3D textures for enhanced ball grip, it’s clear that the future of football boot technology is here.

Puma King Ultimate Gear Up

3. The KING: Ultimate Control, Modern Craftsmanship

Retail: $199.99

Staying true to its name, the KING reigns supreme in comfort and control. Introducing K-BETTER™, a groundbreaking non-animal-based upper, this boot surpasses its predecessor in touch, comfort, and resilience. Paired with a lightweight outsole featuring an integrated stability spine and conical studs, players can move with unmatched precision, ensuring the ball remains an extension of their foot.

But PUMA’s innovation isn’t just about performance. Embracing a sustainable vision, the ULTRA, FUTURE, and KING are constructed using at least 20% recycled materials. This showcases PUMA’s dual commitment: pushing the boundaries of football technology while treading lightly on our planet.

In essence, the “Gear Up Pack” is more than a collection of boots; it’s a statement of intent. For players ready to seize the moment under the bright lights, PUMA offers the tools to do just that, ensuring every touch, sprint, and strike counts.

The complete Gear Up Pack will be available next week at

Kingsley Coman Puma Ultra

Womens Puma Ultra Ultimate Gear Up Pack

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