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adidas Unveils “Welcome to Miami” Crazyfast: Another Messi Signature Spectacle

adidas Messi Crazyfast Miami

There’s no denying Lionel Messi’s influence on the beautiful game, both on and off the pitch. Since news broke of his sensational transfer to Inter Miami, the number of fans across the globe locked-in to watch his play has continued to increase. And Adidas has taken advantage of that by stepping up their marketing game with a full range of apparel and themed footwear released to showcase his style. The latest – which is actually the third different pair we have seen released in recent weeks – comes in the form of the exclusive “Bienvenido a Miami” or “Welcome to Miami” colorway – a stunning homage to Messi’s newest adventure.

Painted in a tranquil light blue base, adorned with vibrant pink detailing, the boots encapsulate the pulsating spirit of Miami. But while they dazzle in design, the technology beneath is where the real magic happens.

Messi adidas X Crazyfast Welcome to Miami

1. Aeropacity Speedskin: One glance and it’s clear – these aren’t your typical boots. The single layer of monomesh shrouded by the double layer of low opacity TPU film is deliberate, ensuring stability while enveloping the feet in sheer comfort.

2. Aerocage: With every sprint, change of direction, or sudden stop, the engineered lining skeleton – the Aerocage – stands firm, providing unparalleled support. And with its expertly designed cutouts, there’s a marriage of lightweight performance and snug fit.

3. Aeroplate: Elevating the foundation of the boots is the Aeroplate, a novel lightweight tooling inlay, meticulously crafted for agility and speed.

4. A Commitment to Earth: Messi’s boots don’t just tread lightly on the pitch but on our planet too. Boasting a 64% bio-based build, the “Welcome to Miami” series signifies Adidas’s resolute commitment to sustainability.

5. Dynamic Double Branding: A feature that’s as much about aesthetics as it is about performance, the fast double branding on the forefoot, combined with the textured stripe execution, provides a visually lighter and haptically improved experience.

While the Adidas X Crazyfast Messi “Welcome to Miami” is packed with cutting-edge tech, it’s worth noting that Messi’s personal pair undergoes further customization, tailored impeccably to meet his match-day demands.

Find the colorway and the rest of Messi’s latest available at SOCCER.com.

Lionel Messi new custom welcome to miami cleats

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