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Kroos Control – The Return of the adidas adiPure 11Pro 2

adidas adiPure 11Pro Kroos

adidas has done it again, and this time it’s all about the legendary adiPure 11Pro 2, a boot that has, for the most part, been exclusive to one of football’s maestros: Toni Kroos. We’ve often chatted about Kroos’ undying loyalty to the adiPure 11Pro, making him a standout, as no other player has done the same.

Diving into the archives, adidas is serving up nostalgia by revamping the adiPure 11Pro 2. They’re offering it in two tantalizing editions: an ultra-exclusive one tailored precisely to Toni Kroos’ unique tastes and another that’s set to be a crowd-pleaser for the masses.

adidas adipure 11Pro Kroos Remake

Looking back, the adipure 11Pro had its typical stint from its launch in 2013, cycling through numerous color schemes before making way for its successors. But, credit where it’s due, Kroos has elevated this boot’s fame to legendary status. Sporting the 11Pro while clinching four Champions League titles with Real Madrid, he’s practically cemented its place in football lore. And out of all the color designs, Kroos was all about that “White/Black/Blue” aesthetic. So, it’s only fitting that Adidas honors this allegiance.

The ultra-limited Toni Kroos edition is a marvel. Sticking true to Kroos’ preferences, not only does it encapsulate the classic 11Pro allure, but it also showcases his specific request: a soleplate from the adiPure III, a 2009 release. Throw in the German flag accent on the heel, and it’s practically a Kroos clone. But here’s the catch – this special edition is only available in Kroos’ shoe size: 8.5.

Kroos adipure 11Pro Released

For the broader release, adidas keeps the essence intact. Sporting the same upper, sans the German flag, this edition is underpinned by the contemporary COPA Pure soleplate. With its famed ultra-soft, lightweight Taurus leather upper, it offers the signature 11Pro snugness that players have come to adore.

For true adiPure 11Pro aficionados – and I know there are a whole lot out there – it’s time to lace up and relive the magic!

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