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adidas X Crazyfast+ Initial Reaction

After spending a week with the adidas X Crazyfast+, it’s clear that these boots are a special and unique offering for players who prioritize what they bring to the game. The solar blue colorway is not just eye-catching but also blends beautifully with baby blue and white details, creating an impressive visual on the pitch. The shimmer effect on the single-layer monomesh upper adds a subtle yet distinctive appeal.

Honestly, it has been a while since we have pulled out an initial reaction article, but I think it is time to bring it back! They are actually fun to write, and they add value personally so that I can refer back how I was feeling about them after the first few wears.

If these boots are on your radar, here are some key insights from my experience to help your decision-making:

The Power Beneath: The Soleplate

The Speedframe AEROPLATE underfoot initially presents a rigid feel. But don’t be fooled; this rigidity transforms into a dynamic springiness once broken in. The responsiveness of the soleplate is impressive, offering a lively, energetic pop with every push-off from the ground.

adidas X Crazyfast+ Soleplate

adidas X Crazyfast+ Thin Upper

A Leap into Synthetic Evolution

Diving into the upper, adidas has chosen to employ the AEROPACITY Speedskin+ in a move that emphasizes function over tradition. This isn’t your typical synthetic – it has a distinct, almost crusty texture that departs from the suppleness of leather. It’s like paper that’s been wet and then dried, retaining a certain stiffness. Yet, this choice is strategic, aimed at reinforcing durability without sacrificing the ultra-thin, second-skin connection to the ball.

The True Second Skin Experience

Speaking of second skin, the sensation of the ball on these boots is nothing short of extraordinary. The thinness of the upper ensures that every touch, every dribble, and unfortunately, every stud from an opponent’s challenge is keenly felt. It’s a pure, unadulterated connection to the game.

Featherweight Champion

Tipping the scales at a mere 5.9oz, the X Crazyfast+ redefines what lightweight means in soccer cleats. We haven’t seen anything this light as a main market release in several years. Holding them, you’ll be struck by their almost ethereal quality – they’re so light that you’ll hardly believe they’re real until you lace them up and take to the pitch. I had some teammates come over to check them out before I wore them, and the reactions were all the same. When you drop below the 6oz mark, it is always difficult to fathom just how feather light they actually feel.

Crazyfast Upper Design

adidas X Crazyfast+ on foot fit

Engineered for Speed

Let’s talk technology. The X Crazyfast+ isn’t just about speed; it’s about intelligent, efficient speed. The AEROCAGE+ lining skeleton, with its minimalist design, provides stability and support at those high-velocity moments that define matches. The AEROPLATE complements this by adding an aerodynamic edge, ensuring that you’re not just fast, but also agile and comfortable.

A Note on Comfort

A vital piece of advice: if comfort is a high priority for you, these may not be the boots you’re looking for. Unlike the cushioning of Tiempo or Copa, the X Crazyfast+ is dedicated entirely to speed, sacrificing some comfort elements for agility and quick cuts.

For players who value agility and a natural ball feel, the adidas X Crazyfast+ emerges as a transformative choice, propelling you ahead of the competition with every swift move.

If you are looking for a pair, find them available at

adidas X Crazyfast+ FG Release Up Close

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