Friday , March 24 2023


Umbro GT2 Pro in Prism Violet Released

Umbro GT Pro in Violet

A new, very full-flavored version of the Umbro GT2 Pro has been released, and I don’t think there has been another boot released with a look like it! To be honest, we are starting to become familiar with Umbro releasing rather in your face colorways, and this Prism Violet/Vapor Blues/Summer …

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Umbro GT2 Pro in Silver/Black/True Red Released

Umbro GT2 Pro Silver and Red

Umbro has released another sharp colorway in the GT2 Pro series that follows a consistent trend of truly eccentric looking boots. This latest version comes in a futuristic Silver/Black/True Red and will definitely appeal to players with a full-flavored taste. Adding to the unusual effect, the silver region of the …

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Umbro GT2 Pro in White/Black/Vivid Blue Released

White Blue GT2 Pro

There has been plenty of movement from Umbro in recent week, and one of their latest colorway releases in the popular GT2 Pro series comes in this White/Black/Vivid. In terms of crisp summer looks, this is about as fresh as you can get! As with all GT releases, the primary …

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Umbro Geometra Pro in Black/Sharp Green/True Red

Here is another solid colorway release in the Umbro Geometra Pro range that continues to increase the appeal of the control boot. Coming in a Black/White/Sharp Green/True Red, this will be seen as one of the more traditional variations that you will see, although that Sharp Green really pops on …

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Umbro Speciali 3 Pro Review

Umbro Speciali 3 Pro

We have seen Umbro emerge as a force with several key releases over the past few months, and this latest edition to the Speciali range is another boot that is already turning heads. The Umbro Speciali 3 joins the market at a time when heritage releases are all the rage, …

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Umbro Speciali 3 in Black/Blue Released

Hot off the initial release of the Umbro Speciali 3, there is another new time-honored colorway available for players to choose from! The most impressive part is that we have the first exclusive images of the boots, to give you an up-close and personal view of just how they look. …

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Umbro Geometra Pro in White/Red/Kingfisher

We have seen some excellent releases from Umbro in recent times, and this colorway release in the Geometra Pro range continues to increase their stock. This is officially the White/Red/Kingfisher colorway, as debuted over the past few weekends in the EPL – you might have spotted players such as Liverpool’s …

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Umbro GT2 Pro in Black/White/Acid Green

The second colorway in the Umbro GT2 Pro has been released and this one continues Umbro’s attempts to capture the attention of the market with outlandish designs! The official colorway is a Black/White/Acid Green, with the colors blending together in a very unusual fashion throughout. The black area also looks …

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Umbro Speciali 3 Released

Introducing what could be one of the hit boots of 2012, the Umbro Speciali 3. Over the past few months we have seen a rapid change in the design aspect of Umbro releases, and this latest edition of the Speciali is no different. The boot has undergone some slight modifications …

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Umbro GT II Pro in Blue Radiance/Orange Popsicle

Umbro is a company that has been on a bit of a war path lately, with some top performance recent releases. The company seemed to have been on a bit of a slump over the past few years, but with recent releases like the highly acclaimed Geometra Pro, Umbro now …

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Umbro Speciali ’92 Released

Umbro has taken a trip down memory lane and pulled out an absolute classic with the limited edition re-release of the Speciali 92. This signifies the 20th anniversary of the Speciali, which was first released in 1992, and there are only 1,992 pairs up for grabs. In order to make …

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Umbro Geometra Pro Review

One of the biggest challenges any company faces is finding a persuasive way to categorize a specific boot to a mass audience – but it seems like Umbro has got it right with this release! The Umbro Geometra Pro is a boot designed to tackle the Control/Playmaker category, with plenty …

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Umbro Stealth 2 Pro in White/High Risk Red Released

It has been a while since we last saw a release in the Umbro Stealth 2 Pro series, but finally there is a new colorway – this one coming in a White/Black/High Risk Red. Umbro seem to have moved to a more conservative look with this release, choosing a combo …

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Just Arrived: Umbro Geometra

It has taken a while, but finally I managed to get my hands on a pair of Umbro Geometra Pro in the Silver/Black/Yellow colorway for review. There has been plenty of positive vibes surrounding this release and several commentators have placed them in the same category as top boots like …

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