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Umbro Geometra Pro in Black/Sharp Green/True Red

Umbro Geometra Pro Black (1)

Here is another solid colorway release in the Umbro Geometra Pro range that continues to increase the appeal of the control boot. Coming in a Black/White/Sharp Green/True Red, this will be seen as one of the more traditional variations that you will see, although that Sharp Green really pops on the primary black upper.

Those of you that have read my review of the Geometra Pro will know that I rate them highly, although they still seem to be a sleeper of sorts. It can be tough for a new silo to make a name for itself, especially when it is not in the public eye. We don’t get to see much of them here in the US, with limited players wearing them. But, I can assure you that people wearing them will compliment what they have to offer in terms of performance.

Umbro Geometra Pro Black (2)

Umbro Geometra Pro Black (3)

What really differentiates these boots from the rest of the market is the strategically positioned ECZ, or Energy Control Zone. This is the padded region that sits along the instep (as pictured below) and it makes for a fantastic addition, particularly when you go to take long passes out of the air. In fact, it is the best piece of technology I have seen added along that region of any boot on the market! The concept of padding the region makes complete sense, and Umbro employ a Teijin medial pad with memory foam to do so.

Another aspect of the boot that helps in terms of control is the silicon-bonded grip zone that sits just above your big toe. It sort of feels like a suede and it adds some extra grip and better touch, helping to improve control. It is especially effective when you are playing in wet conditions, as the region almost feels a little rougher.

We recently highlighted the White/Red/Kingfisher version, which is an ideal option for players looking for a control boot with a white upper. The Geometra Pro retails for $169.99.

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Umbro Geometra Pro Black (4)

Umbro Geometra Pro Black Soleplate

Umbro Geometra Pro Black (5)

Umbro Geometra Pro Black Heel

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  1. Really sexy looking colorway. I just might be on the market for a pair.

    Also, I love this website. I literally come here for everything soccer cleat related. Excellent content.

    What size should I order if I ordered a pair 9US AdiPure IV's and they were too tight? I could wear them and tried to play a game in them but they cut up my heels and bruised my big toes. 9 1/2 or 10?

  2. Bryan, I play attackin mid, I have a pair of t90 4’s, m not pacey but I have power, shud I buy the vapor 8’s or jus stick with my t90’s?

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