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Asics Lethal Tigreor Review

When it comes to choices, more is always better, right? Only a month ago, Asics finally joined the US market with a full line-up of soccer boots, having successfully merged in several international markets. Up until this point, I haven’t tested any of their silos, so I worked quickly to …

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Under Armour Hydrastrike Pro Review

UA Hydrastrike Image

Under Armour is a company that continues to seek out new cutting edge technology to helps improve player performance. This latest release, the Under Armour Hydrastrike, takes on the challenge of moisture control. The concept is that if your feet are dry, you have better control. The bulk of technology …

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Diadora Maracana RTX 12 Review

Diadora Maracana RTX 12

Arriving on the market several seasons ago, the Diadora Maracana RTX 12 has proven its worth by sticking around and earning a reputation for being one of the most solid performing mid-range boots on the market. This review was actually the second opportunity I had to test a pair, and …

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Nike Tiempo Legend IV Elite Review

Nike Tiempo IV Elite

If you are familiar with the Nike Tiempo Legend range, this latest release might look slightly different to what you are expecting. The all new Tiempo IV Elite not only has a redesigned upper that features vamp stitching, but it also comes with Nike’s patented Flywire technology. Feedback for the release …

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Nike Tiempo Legend IV Review

Nike Tiempo Legend IV

One of the most sought after releases this summer seems to be the Nike Tiempo Legend IV. To be honest, I have been astounded at the amount of attention and positive vibes this release has received. Nike has updated the range and added some unique features to ensure it stays …

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Umbro Speciali R Pro Review

If you are looking for a classic boot that feature some performance upgrades, the Umbro Speciali R could be right down your alley. There is something about the Speciali range that evokes a unique emotion – maybe it is the old school, very simple design, or maybe it is the …

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Puma King Finale Review

If you want a boot that is built around pure tradition, look no further than the ever graceful Puma King range! Since 1968, they have been one of the premier choices of players all around the world and we can understand why. There are not many boots that can survive the market …

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Adidas adiPure IV Review

Take one look at the Adidas adiPure IV and you know they are a boot designed around the ideals of class. I have had them in testing for the past 3 weeks and everything about them oozes quality. The adiPure range has a reputation of being a boot designed for …

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Puma King Diego Review

There is no doubting that the Puma King is a boot fabled around tradition, with a great reputation to match! Top players the world over have been wearing them in games all over the world since 1968 – that means the range spans back 42 years of top flight soccer! …

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Diadora Stile 10 K MG 14 Review

Diadora are renowned for delivering high quality boots at affordable prices, and that is exactly what you are getting from the Stile 10 K MG 14. Lets be honest, Diadora have not really helped their advertising strategy by giving the boot such a confusing name! So, lets get that part …

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Pirma Monaco III Review

The Pirma Monaco III in Pink/Black/White is an extremely unique soccer cleat. To be honest, this review has taken about 3 weeks longer than expected, but primarily because I didn’t want to wear them in games. I am not fond of flashy colors, and especially when they are bright pink. …

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Joma Total Fit Review

Joma Total Fit football boot

Joma has created something quiet unique with the Total Fit by simply going back to the basics of creating a classic soccer cleat. At first glance, the Total Fit looks like a pretty simple cleat, very plain and ordinary – without any added elements. But the fact that they are …

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Nike Tiempo Legend III Review

Placing the word ‘Legend’ in the name of a soccer cleat has to give some added pressure to its release on the market. You need to be sure it is a high quality cleat that offers something players want. Previous releases of the Nike Tiempo Legend have hit that line …

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