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Diadora Stile 10 K MG 14 Review

Review Diadora Stile 10

Diadora are renowned for delivering high quality boots at affordable prices, and that is exactly what you are getting from the Stile 10 K MG 14. Lets be honest, Diadora have not really helped their advertising strategy by giving the boot such a confusing name! So, lets get that part out of the way to start. The actual boot can be called the Stile 10 k, while the MG 14 part refers to the actual outsole used. These are not your typical flashy boot and they are not designed for players who want to stand out on the field. Diadora have instead stayed true to what they are good at by producing a solid yet super comfortable boot that is ideal for anyone looking for extra durability. For testing, I wore a size 9US in the Black/White/Silver color.

Breaking InDiadora Stile Soccer Cleat
From the first wear, the Stile 10 K fits like a glove! To be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Diadora. Every pair I have tested, have broken in extremely easily and always provided great comfort. I actually took these out of the box and straight into their first game. Diadora use a supersoft K-Leather on these and you can feel the quality when you put them on. The inside of the boot has a honeycomb anti-slip material that is designed to keep your feet from slipping when you start to sweat or are in wet conditions. These are a great boot for players looking for something that works right out of the box! I have worn them in 2 games and a few training sessions without any problems thus far.

These are a decent fitting boot for anyone with a wide foot. Length wise, they are slightly long, but in saying that I would not order down a size unless you fit small for your current size. For example, if you usually have some room at the tip of the boot in a size 9, order down a half size to an 8.5. But if you fit true to size, order true to size. You will have a little extra breathing space but it is nothing that will cause discomfort.

The MG 14 outsole holds the majority of the technology in this boot. If you turn the boot over, you will see a zig-zag pattern that runs through the clear polyurethane sole. This pattern acts like a support frame and is actually a threadlike tech alloy that allows the sole to flex and reposition with ease. You can definitely feel this as you move especially in terms of the flexibility of the soleplate. Across the sole, there are 14 pretty strategically placed studs that, in my opinion, make these an ideal boot for artificial surfaces. They have a pretty low profile, and the studs have a tiered structure that gives more surface area for your boots to sit above the top rather than simply sinking in.

Diadora Stile 10 Diadora Stile 10 Sole

Well lets be honest, these are not the best looking boot out there and the design is pretty simple. I do like the way that Diadora use a silver line through their signature strike on the outsides of the boot. I also really like how they have stitched the ‘Stile10’ onto the upper. This adds a touch of class to the minimal overall design. There are players out there that will be looking for something that offers more class than flash, and these are definitely a good fit for that.

Well, for me the design is just a little bit too bland. I would have preferred to see a little more color or even a little more detailing. Another negative is that these feel a little chunky. The official weight is listed at 10.2oz, but when I weighed them they were 11oz. But with that being said, this helps improve the amount of protection in the cleat.

Stile 10 K DiadoraOverall, these are a decent boot especially for the cost. For $100 you are getting a boot that offers great comfort and protection without an overly flashy look. They are pretty similar to the likes of the Lotto Stadio Primato or the Nike Tiempo Legend III in terms of looks and what they actually offer. I am not a huge fan of the look, but I certainly know that if I need a go to boot I only have to pull them out to wear. In terms of position, these are a pretty suitable boot for all players except those looking for something that is light and full of technology. If you are new to the game and need something to start out with, these are especially ideal. You won’t see any of the top players wearing the Diadora Stile 10 K MG 14, but they are a very effective boot for all players.

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  1. hi Bryan,

    can you do a review of Nike CTR360 maestri?

    thanks alot. your website has help me making the right choices.

    nice review too.


  2. hey Bryan i just started reading your shoe reviews and i love them.

    But i have a question that i haven't been able to get much help on.

    Right now my foot is bigger than size 9, but not as big as size 9.5(i would say 9.3 or 9.4)

    How ever since my foot is so close to a 9.5 anyways my dad says it will probably grow and i should just order a 10.

    Now my question is which would be better? I don't really like playing with a size 10 because f the extra toe space but my dad thinks i should.

  3. have been using these boots for about a couple of months now

    pros: support, comfort, break in, hardly any blistering, price(as low as 30-40 bucks in some places)

    cons: the freaking long ass shoelaces, you really only have 3 options

    1.replace the shoelaces 2. tie them around the cleat 3. tie it to your ankle
    since im cheap i tried tying them to my ankle first but it messes up with the tongue when you do the final tie, around the cleat gets them dirty real fast and they wont last as long even with everyday use cleaning

    the only other con is the weight which is mentioned in the review, but if your a DM or CB then it really shouldn't be too bad of a thing

    overall its a great comfortable economic boot

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