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What Are The Best Soccer Boots for Players With Severs?

Soccer Players Severs

One of the toughest “playable” injuries that occurs commonly in youth soccer is Sever’s Disease. Sever’s (also known as calcaneal apophysitis) is a type of bone injury in which the growth plate in the lower back of the heel, where the Achilles tendon (the heel cord that attaches to the growth plate) attaches, becomes …

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How Soccer Players Can Work to Avoid Hamstring Injuries!

Altidore Hamstring Injury

Hamstring injuries – YIKES! Need I extrapolate on the frustration soccer players experience with these three muscles? We can all agree that hamstrings can become the bane of any soccer player’s existence. This is no doubt due to the fact that this muscle group has the highest rate of injury …

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Fortisocks – Complete Blister Prevention?

Fortisocks Featured

Here is an interesting product to check out that just might solve the issue of blisters with some of you out there. Fortisocks are a nylon slip-on that are intended to decrease friction and help decrease the opportunity to debilitating foot blisters while you play. When breaking in a new …

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Self Care – Trigger Point Therapy

Messi Knee Injury

Being sore isn’t so fun. Sure it feels good to have a hard work out or practice, to have a trying game where you end up on the turf a few times. I love the initial soreness of it for sure. Soccer is a rough game and it takes a heavy toll …

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Foot Care; Six Tips To Keep Your Feet Healthy

Foot Pain

If your feet are bothering you it becomes hard to play comfortably, sometimes it gets hard to play at all! Having owned well over 30 pairs of boots I can tell you foot problems can really add up and seeing as I’ve had to deal with breaking in and getting …

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Shock Doctor Knee Brace Quartet Review

Shock Doctor Knee Braces

We all know knee injuries can take their toll. If you haven’t experienced one personally you probably know several people who have. The knee is a pretty important and sturdy structure but there are many things that can go wrong with it. Just check out the article I wrote about …

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KT or Kinesiology Tape – Whats it all About?

Bale with KT

I think that at this point we’ve all seen at least one professional athlete with unusual looking black tape on an arm, leg, shoulder or even on their ribs. This tape is called Kinesiology Tape or a lot of people will refer to it simply as KT. A lot of professional athletes, and many …

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What Not To Do, Pre and Post Injury!

Messi Knee Injury

No matter what level you are playing at injury is always a risk. But at all levels there are a few basic things that we all do, or don’t do, that can potentially lead to injury or extend the healing time. We also tend to not take care of ourselves …

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The Knee; Anatomy, Injury, Care and Prevention

The knee. One of the most important (after the hip but before the ankle) and easy to injure joint for us soccer players. Every one knows at least one team mate or fellow player who has had their soccer playing career cut short or delayed by a knee injury. My …

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The Case for Headgear in Soccer

Headgear in Soccer

Concussions make up a mere 2-3% of all injuries in soccer, but the issue may be bigger than you think.  There are thousands of head injuries in soccer every year, in 2009 alone there were a reported 24,184 head injuries treated in United States emergency rooms.  Even more minor head …

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