Thursday , September 24 2020

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Buying and Selling Soccer Cleats on eBay

The online auction house that is eBay is a treasure trove for all those in the market for new boots. For those that don’t know, eBay contains endless steals and deals. Many boots can be found with big discounts, which generally are attributed to many reasons. For example, some boots …

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Pre-Season Tips for Picking New Boots

We are about to hit August, which for many of you means a new preseason is fast approaching. Many of you are probably looking for new boots right now – well here is a list of some important tips that we put together to help you make the right buying …

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Premier League Defenders Scoring Weekend Dec 6th-8th Part II

continued from part I…… Vidic recently started wearing the New Puma v-Konstrukt III. There is much advancement in these cleats including a redesigned boot lace cover system. The system is unique as it has a type of elastic cord that keeps the tongue held down. A TPU injected external heel …

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