Clash Collection – Nike Vapor VIII

Vapor 8 Clash Collection

Not long after the initial launch of the Nike Vapor 8, players now have another colorway option to choose from thanks to the Nike Clash Collection. Listed as a White/Black/Solar Red, this is the most standout colorway released in the range. On field, the Solar Red is designed to stand out and they won’t be missed on the pitches through Euro 2012.

The Vapor 8 is a boot designed for speed and they have been receiving plenty of praise from players who have worn them to date. While testing them, I found that they offered a very natural feel thanks to the soft microfiber upper. When they initially arrived, it was the first thing I noticed as it is super soft and extremely flexible to touch.

This release hits the market with a retail price of $219.99 or, there is also the option to go for the Miracle in the same colorway for a more economically sound $129.99.

Nike Vapor 8 Solar Red

There are several key differences between the Vapor VII and VIII release, all of which we covered comprehensively yesterday in the Vapor 8 release post. All of the changes are geared toward a lighter, more explosive boot that delivers optimal traction. A 2 blade heel design coupled with a suede microfiber upper create an unmistakeably new experience for players. They weigh in at 6.5oz and will retail for $220.

The Nike Clash Collection delivers performance engineering for every style of player. The individual boots are sparked by specific color finished with a white toe upper to create a distinctive yet common theme across the collection.

Stay tuned for details on the rest of the boots in the Clash Collection over the next week!

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White Solar Red Vapor VIII

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  1. Jason
    Jason 29 May, 2012, 19:50

    Hey Bryan, do you think these will have better durability since these don't have the suede like finish?

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  2. Gary
    Gary 29 May, 2012, 20:09

    These seem to have been changed to a more leathery texture rather than a suede finish.

    Reply this comment
  3. Braeden
    Braeden 30 May, 2012, 10:38

    Do these come in indoor?

    Reply this comment
  4. doug
    doug 3 June, 2012, 07:31

    Do these have the same suede-like finish that the original vapor 8's have?
    (mango color)

    Reply this comment
  5. bobby
    bobby 4 June, 2012, 15:57

    when do they hit stores

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  6. joshua
    joshua 12 June, 2012, 21:53

    Can I wear this on turf without ripping them apart?

    Reply this comment
  7. joshua
    joshua 12 June, 2012, 21:54

    Can you make a video about Nike vapour 8 vs Predator LZ?

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  8. Cookie
    Cookie 21 June, 2012, 09:45

    I think the Lazer and Vapor colors should have switched. Red makes me think 'power' and green makes me think 'go'.

    Then again, Nike wouldn't have been able to have the Sonic mini-game with green shoes, without making it look funny, since Sonic normally wears red.

    Reply this comment
  9. Ako
    Ako 23 June, 2012, 23:10

    Hey Bryan, I'm a defender. I was wondering if the Tiempo Legend is a good fit? I would also like to try the CTR360 Maestri II. Do you thin they could also work for defenders?

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    • soccercleats101
      soccercleats101 Author 25 June, 2012, 12:38

      Both would be good options for defenders. They offer solid touch and the upper of both provides nice a balance of comfort and support!

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  10. Jo
    Jo 27 June, 2012, 08:54

    Are these better or are the predator lzs? Also,where can I get the vapor clash juniors? These boots are awesome!!!!!!!!

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  11. Jo
    Jo 27 June, 2012, 08:56

    Are these more comfortable than predator lzs? Do you have lots of shooting power with mercurials?(I wear tiempos)

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  12. Nyan cat
    Nyan cat 27 June, 2012, 08:58

    These look awesome!!!! Do you think I should get these or the regular mercurial VIIIs? I love soccercleats101 thank you bryan

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  13. Elias
    Elias 24 July, 2012, 11:08

    Hey Bryan, I play on the left wing. I was wondering if the CTR360 Maestri III is a good fit?

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  14. Kou
    Kou 31 July, 2012, 16:40

    Hello! I'm curious, these Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 colorway seems to be more durable than the Mango Vapor 8 but both the sole plates are still the same. My question is, Is the colorway safer to use on turf? please reply

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  15. milo
    milo 19 August, 2012, 14:33

    ill give you a dollar if you give me them cleats for free :D

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