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Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 Released – Explosive Speed

Nike Mercurial Vapor 8

Nike is back with a new release in the Mercurial Vapor range that looks to blow the Vapor VII out of the water! The Nike Mercurial Vapor 8 has been completely re-engineered to suit the needs of players who want great control and a new level of traction. There is a lot to take in about the new release, so we have broken each feature of the new boot into categories for a more simplified read.

Designed for Speed
Everything about these boots seems to be streamlined toward speed, starting with the fact that they have been trimmed down to an extremely lightweight 6.5oz. The upper has also been developed in such a way that it fits in an ultra snug fashion right across your foot, with a 4mm toe box reinforcer giving players a snug and seamless fit.

Touch and Control – Suede Upper
Other major changes include the transition to a Teijin microfiber upper material that offers a suede like finish to enhance touch and control. This is obviously an area that increases intrigue and I am interested to see just how they feel to the touch.

The Nike Vapor 8 is currently available on order from!

NikeVapor8 Upper

NikeVapor8 plate

What is different about the soleplate?
Then there is the soleplate – oh yes, this is where things really get interesting! I can’t say that the reinvention of a new glass composite soleplate surprises me, especially after all the criticism that went with its predecessor. A new anatomical last, which is enhanced by a more minimalist and softer heel area,doubles up with a completely reengineered stud configuration for a new level of comfort, support and traction. Traction is key here, especially when you determine the type of player these boots are designed for. Cristiano Ronaldo has been a long time Nike Mercurial wearer and when asked about the new boot he said:

“The Mercurial Vapor 8 gives my game an edge combining the latest design and innovations. I can get ahead of defenders, knowing that the boot will give me the speed and grip I need without compromising support, control or, of course, style.”

NikeVapor8 Stud

Stud Configuration
It all kicks off with a new 2-blade heel design. We are all accustomed to a 4 blade or stud heel design and it is something we expect from a boot. The Pele Trinity recently curbed that expectation and now the Vapor 8 goes a step further. The concept here is that the design allows for a quick release from the turf. Up front, you get an asymmetrical stud configuration that feature sharper studs to cut through the turf more effectively. This will in turn have benefits as you look to cut and turn quickly.

NikeVapor8 heel

The Visuals
Something Nike has sort of transitioned from was the idea of visually enhanced boots, but, the Vapor 8 offers a look that is designed to stand out in-game. The initial colorway comes in a Mango, with a multiple colored flash existing on the heel to help the boot stand out. From initial images of the boot in-game, the colorway is definitely easy to spot.

Other Details
There is obviously a lot more that goes with this boot and we are eager to get our hands on a pair to test. I’m excited by the changes that Nike has made and feel this version has a lot more to offer players than the Vapor VII. I’m not so sure about this particualar colorway, but there are plenty of new looks lined up that are sure to cater to all tastes.  Watch out for the boots as they make their official debut on March 24th, with an official launch date of March 29th set. The Nike Vapor 8 will retail for $220.

Stay tuned for more images and details on the new boot throughout the day! What are your thoughts on the new release and will you be looking to pick up a pair?

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  1. yo these are freakking six the stud configuration is really cool even though it looks like they replace it with what the past vapors had but its a cool inprovement to say the least

    • Mix stud configuration is for pro, because they usually play in softground. Almost pro´s are using mix stud. Nike went down with weight 6.5 unce(185gr)+still best carbon fibre soleplates on market+new Teijin+ 2 heel studs. For is very good jobs. Ofcourse there is no tech like miCoach, but for me miCoach is not useful in game and is good only for session.
      Nike keep their line consistently and i am appriciated. Look how addidas wated adipure line with Taurus leather. I hope that Nike should re-engineered their soleplates for CTR360 n T90(i want carbon fibre). Though carbon are hard break in, but after that they are amazing help for shoot n very comfortable.

  2. They look amazing, I just hope they come out with a primarily red colorway

  3. Will there be a superfly version for the 8's, or is the vapor the high end version?

    • No more superfly:(

    • theres no superfly range, or any elite range. the last pair of "elite" cleats that nike produced were the white and red tiempos and purple and white superflys. first nike stopped making the t90's and maestrii's in elite version, now here come the mercurials. you can tell that they wont be producing elite boots because of players like ronaldo who was only testing a pair of the vapors and not the superflys

  4. I heard that Nike is discontinuing the Elite line for the Euros at least (just rumor and speculation obviously) so this Vapor is their big release (hence the big build-up to it and such, and the promotional pics of Ronaldo and Neymar wearing these instead of Superfly versions). The entire Madrid team that wears Mercurial has been wearing this version of the shoe for the last couple weeks so it's a good bet to say that the rumors are correct

    • Then I bet price is $250+…. Damn. And plus they are lighter = higher the price. I will be very surprised if the vapor price stays same. Btw have you seen the ronaldo version. It's so nice, I rather have big swoosh on both sides, never liked the small swoosh of MV 5's or these.

  5. remind me of the vapor sl's the black and pink all carbon fiber ones. classy

  6. I just want to know if they're as durable as the vapor 7's.

  7. I'm confused. On here it says the retail is $220 but the sc101 blog says $200. I'm assuming it's $220?

  8. I have a pair of the Vapor VI's and they have been awesome to me. i had been considering a new pair of the maestrii's or a pair of the t90's. but these are making me turn my head alittle

  9. every vapor except the IV SL have blistered my feet my crazy. i really hope it is not the case with these because this is perhaps my favorite nike design yet!

    • It may not blister because it mentions they made the heel softer? But i know what you mean – the IV I had stained my socks red.

  10. isn’t ronaldo wearing this on saturday or sunday?

  11. how much are this

  12. I feel like i need this boot, whatever colour. Should be good for a midfielder it looks like.

  13. Really good… I think this will appeal to mosy existing mercurial users. I have gone through the adizero, v1.10 and mercurial as well as ctr360 and for my feet nothing beats the mercurial.

    I use the miracles tho as they are alot easier to break into. I also remove the sockliner as i found it too thick on the VII.

    Looks like Nike have attempted to make it alot thinner on this VIII.

    And how they managed to save that weight? Makes all earlier mercurials seriously obsolete.

    I am very happy with the VIII from the looks of it

  14. How wide are the vapor 8s going to be? I am currently wearing Maestri 2s and they fit pretty well.

  15. do you know if the new stud configuration would work in artificial grass? the new adizero's bulge in the soleplate b/c of the new micoach tech seems like it won't last long in artificial grass. getting an AG cleat isn't really an option as i play both in artificial & natural grass.

    • You don't even notice the bulge in the soleplate of adidas cleats, and surely it's not going to wear out or break or whatever you mean by not lasting long on artificial grass. It's turf, not concrete.

  16. The ronaldo version of these shoes have additional SG studs, four on the front and two behind the only 2 studs behind, so makes four, I guess that’s why he has more traction in his shoes

  17. The "Sail/Red" Colourway is puuuuure CLASS!!! Definitely buying those instead of these!

  18. Sneak peeks at all the other colourway updates for the entire Nike boot silo has me excited!

  19. Will these be ok for wider feet you think. Since the new material has become thinner.

  20. I just ordered them in the sail/red color I hope they don’t blister my feet like crazy

  21. bought these boots trained in them and i gotta say they are the best boots ive played in in a long while however the next day i train again and they feel weird take em off to examine and the rear stud had torn _______ took them bak exchanged for anuva pair of the same ones and the same thing happens nike need to sort that problem out and then theyll have the best boot on the market snm

  22. Cool! Love everything about it! It's clean and simple look and at the same time, the color is also awesome.

  23. how much are they

  24. this is so pathetic every year they change 1 dumb thing about the shoe and call it a diffrent name they need to change the whle boots wake up people!!!!!!!

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