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Adidas F50 adiZero Messi – The Exclusive Box

Messi F50 Box

Earlier this week, an unexpected package arrived in from Adidas. The box was pretty much unmarked, but it felt pretty heavy and there was an Adidas reply address on it. When I opened the box, the logo sitting underneath the bubble wrap pretty much gave-away what was sitting in the box – it was something related to the recently released Lionel Messi collection. It took me some effort to lift the aluminum like box out of the cardboard box and then I got to see what was inside.

On lifting the lid, the first thing I noticed was the Messi Motto. It really illustrates what Messi is all about and gives you some understanding of why he has released his own collection. After flipping over the lid, I was hit with a small, flat pullout panel. I flipped it up and on came a pretty sweet video of Messi in the boots, tearing things up as usual, with lines of the Motto added in. A really cool addition that I definitely haven’t seen before.

Messi Slogan

Messi F50 Box (b)

Messi on Screen

Then it was time to lift the top panel and get into the most important part – the boots! Inside was a signature pair of the Adidas F50 adiZero Messi boots, embedded into the turf surface, waiting to be plucked out. The colors used are extremely bold and I actually really like the ribbon effect that Adidas use through one half of the upper.

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Just to note, we have already seen Messi wearing these boots in game, but rather than using the Synthetic, he is using his own personalized Leather pair that features stitching through the forefoot and some different shade patterns. The benefit of this colorway for Adidas is the fact that it is extremely difficult to see the stitching on Messi’s boots and they have the appearance of a Synthetic pair.

Messi Box

Messi Golden Ball

Messi Boots in Box

Messi Boots pus Ballon d'Or

Messi Boots on Box

In front of the boots, there was a line-up of 4 golden balls. Each one signifies a Ballon d’Or award he has won. Underneath each ball, there is a year printed for when he won the award. It is a true testament to the talent he is and the achievements he has been able to pull off.

I haven’t kept many packages like this in the past, but this time around I will be storing/displaying this box with the boots in my office. I have already had the opportunity to test the F50 adiZero, so I know what they are all about and I have no intentions of scuffing this pair.

In my opinion, Messi IS the best player in the world right now and he is extremely close to being one of the best players ever to grace the game. I am not a Barca fan, but Messi has my utmost respect and I absolutely love watching him play. His speed and movement is extremely graceful and at times he just can not be stopped. For that reason, I am proudly going to save everything about this box and what it represents. In 20 years time I hope to look at it with fond memories of seeing the man himself while he played.

adiZero F50 Messi

Messi Signature F50

Messi adiZero Up Close

To really capture the realness of the box opening, I decided to do a very quick Google Hangout. You can see that below also as a stand alone episode on the SoccerCleats101 YouTube channel – it was the first time I have done one and it worked out pretty well. More to come on that end, so make sure to subscribe to the channel.

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