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Messi Exclusive Ballon d’Or Boots – Plus Win A Pair!

TeamMessi Boots

Adidas has created an all new and exclusive version of the F50 adiZero to celebrate Lionel Messi’s 4th consecutive Ballon d’Or award. The visuals on this shoe are interesting to say the least, with four sun designs sitting on a primary Black upper. It is an extremely unusual look that takes a few seconds to digest, and after digesting I’m still not sure what to make of them. But, they have been designed for the Worlds best player, so who am I to judge on this one!

Messi was supposed to debut the boots in tonight’s Copa del Rey clash vs Cordoba, but he was an unused sub in the 5-0 demolition. Instead, we will get to see their debut this weekend.

Just like last years design, this boot has been exclusively created for Messi alone and will not be put on sale to the public. But in a fantastic twist, there is one pair up for grabs – if you are a soccer fan, this is a giveaway that you really, really want to win.

How to enter to win!

For those interested in winning you need to be on Twitter. First, make sure you are following us @SoccerCleats101. Then, hit up the @TeamMessi account and follow their directions for retweeting images of the boots. Once you retweet, you are entered!

What are your thoughts on the design? Check out the images and then leave your comments below, and feel free to be as honest as you want!!

Messi F50 Boxed

Messi F50 laces

Lionel Messi F50 2012

Personalized Messi F50

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  1. Haha Messi probably asked to be subbed because he didn't want to play in these. I'm sorry…but adidas really screwed up. These are hideous, and do not do Messi justice.

    However, the new CR7 Mercurial is just…stunning. Regardless of player, CR7 exclusives are sooooo much better.

    • They did this on purpose to troll him, there are many other deserving players for the Ballon D'or besides Messi and Ronaldo. So many other stars out there don't have the same amazing squad to back them up and pump air into their feet. Ibrahimovic, Falcao, Cavani, Neymar, Van Persie, and the list goes on! I don't care what anyone thinks but if every football team had a Xavi-Iniesta combo + arguably the best defence in the world, you'd definitely see more players winning this "prestigious" award. P.S. Iniesta/Xavi were finalists for 3 years in a row, 2010-2012. Just saying…

      Also, its is HIGHLY unfair that a damn forward (and the occasional Iniest/Xavi) be considered for this award, what about defenders or goalies?? Doesn't make sense to me…numbers are only a stat in the game, that's all there is to be said. Messi/Ronaldo can't be the only "top" players today…there's talent being ignored out there due to less powerful teams.

      • Very true – there are plenty of defenders and goalkeepers who win their teams extremely important points yet they never really get rewarded for it! Then again, Messi's ability to score goals is extraordinary, even if he has an amazing team creating his opportunities.

  2. I think these boots look great. I’m not sure why everyone thinks the suns look horrible. Btw they symbolize his native Argentina as they are at the center of the flag.

  3. This boots are great but only thing that is not okey is the sun.They can do better.

  4. I cannot believe how horrible these boots are, they are like a form of punishment to the wearer.. 4 SUNS plastered all over them?
    Are these children’s PJ’s or wallpaper?

    They are almost as bad as the CR7 Superfly 2 “safari” edition

  5. i get they're special addition, but these things are awful!

  6. Shoulda stuck to somethin classy like last year. I understand they tried to symbolize Argentina but these are godawful

  7. They look really bad.

  8. i get the essence u guys are going with i cant wait to see messi were them i would love to get a pair for when im trying to get recrutited for college soccer

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