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David McGill: Umbro

David McGill in action

Name: David McGill
Position: Center Midfield

Team History: UNC Charlotte 2000-01
UCSB 2001-03
Dublin City 2004-06
Shamrock Rovers 2006-07
Shelbourne 2007-

Cleat size: 9-91/2
Sneaker size: 10

Preferred cleat? Umbro
In one sentence why? Because I have broad feet and they are a broad fitting boot.

What do you look for when choosing a cleat?
A boots comfort is the priority, not its label. If the boot is not comfortable then you will not be able to play to your best. Second would be the leather of the boot, make sure it’s a good quality so it can last more than one tackle!

How much would you pay for the ‘perfect’ pair?
I wouldn’t really have a limit on a price. If I’m comfortable in the boot then I’d pay whatever the price is, be it $20 or $200.

What advice would you give to people when purchasing new cleats?
First and foremost is comfort. I would always have at least 2 pairs of boots, 1 pair of molded and 1 pair with studs, but usually I try to have 2 pairs of each. This is because of the weather conditions here in Ireland. The 4 pairs should do me for the season. To break in my boots I’d ask someone with a slightly bigger foot to wear them in training once or twice. If you can’t get someone that will do that then put on a couple of pairs of socks, soak the boots in water and wear them in training yourself.

Are there any tips you can give for maintaining cleats?
Always look after your cleats by washing them as soon as training or your game is over. A good polish or some leather balm on them when they have dried should also help increase lifespan.

David plays professionally in Ireland for Shelbourne FC. He had a very successful career in college, before turning down the chance to sign for LA Galaxy, opting to sign for Dublin City, who were at that time in the FAI First Division.
He is best known in Ireland for scoring the winning goal in the first division play-off in 2006, helping Dublin City FC win promotion to the Premier division for the first time.

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