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Adidas adiPURE II Review


One cleat that we have not got around to reviewing, but have been very keen to feature, is the Adidas adiPURE II. Now,for anyone that is a fan of the Adidas Copa Mundial cleat, you will be interested to find out about the adiPURE. The first range of the adiPURE was released in 2008, prior to Euro 2008. In January of this year, the adiPURE II was released.

So what makes the adiPURE a good cleat to purchase? Well its simple, just like its predecessor the Copa Mundial, it is handcrafted with the best materials without losing out to any of the current day technological advances. The upper uses Kangaroo leather giving it an incredible glove like fit. Cleats like these are designed to mold to the shape of your feet, particularly if you break them in the right way. The asymmetrical lacing allows for a larger striking area and increased control. Also, the tongue is cut off at the ankle line, meaning when you tighten the laces, the cleat sits extra cleanly and comfortably against your ankle.

There is such a classic feel and look to the cleat, especially with the colorways Adidas use. The black version is complimented by the white area located around the mouth of the cleat. These boots are definitely designed for the simple, no-nonsense player who is serious about their game and just wants to get the job done. Words like ‘Style’ and ‘sophistication’ come to mind when you see these cleats. Worn by Players like Frank Lampard, Xabi Alonso and Kaka with style and a hard working attitude. The adiPURE II weighs in at 9.2oz.

When I offer advice on what cleat to purchase, the adiPURE is one of the first I mention. In terms of comfort and style at the best value,  it is top of the list. Currently, the best price available is $129.99. Check out the full adiPURE range at

Adidas adiPURE II

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  1. hey are the adipure II made for people with wide feet

  2. New cleats time. my Adipures I are worn down and its time for a new pair.

    Now my question… Powerswerve predators or the adipures 2

  3. Are these cleats, good for comfort? and are they suitable for forwards, that sometimes play Mid?

    And Do you use leather food for this cleat?

    And what is better Adidas Adipure II or Puma v1.08?

  4. Great questions! These are a very comfortable cleat, they run narrow in the middle of the insole in case you have wide feet. I think they would be suitable for forwards, they are light and offer good grip on natural surfaces.
    You would definitely use leather food on these cleats to keep them soft as they are made of a soft kangaroo leather. It is also important to let them dry out after games, not in sunlight!
    The Puma v1.08 is another great cleat, it really depends on your preference. I have noticed a lot of winger wearing the V1.08 whereas I see a lot more central players wearing the Adipure.

    Hope this info helps!

  5. ok i am a defender on natural surfaces and i would like to know which boot is the right one for me i was between adidas Questra(adiPure) and CTR360… not sure help

  6. can u change blades on adipures

  7. Do these fit true to size?

  8. which would you recommend to a winger/center midfield and occasional foward:

    the adipure 2 or adidas predator powerswerves?

    acceleration as well as touch are very important to me as well as power

    if u had to choose a pair, which?

    if you get a chance to answer, Thanks!

  9. Jonathon,

    These fit true to size.


    Both hve great attributes for wingers and central players. If you are more of a Beckham style player who likes to spray the ball around I would recommend the Powerswerves. If you are a bit more creative/crafty and like to run at speed with the ball then the adiPURE's would be the right choice! Hope this helps!

  10. Reviewing the Adipure II for Women

    It's a beautiful shoe! Fits comfortably.

    I don't think they fit true to size. I feel that they run a little bigger, maybe a half size larger. I usually wear a size 8, in cleats, and in all other shoes but I went down a half size with the Adipure II.

    In response to the question above: No you can't remove the cleats.

    I really like the shoe! I even got it on sale from Soccer Fanatics so it was only at a portion of the price that the original sells for.

    Happy Playing!

  11. I feel these cleats are very nice and comfortable. However the stud alignment was to close together and made my feet hurt. Anybody agree?

  12. Do you know where i can buy replacement cleats for the adi-pures?

  13. How much can I get these cleats for??

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