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Adidas adiPURE II Follow-Up Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Adidas adiPURE II Follow-Up Review

Wearing Adidas adiPURE II
Wearing Adidas adiPURE II

In April, I had the opportunity to review some Adidas adiPURE II soccer cleats for the first time, and it turned out to be a great success! Lately, I have been wearing some unusual looking cleats like the bright Puma V1.10 and the Concave PT+’s, and after some extensive slagging from my soccer buddies, I decided it was time to get myself something less noticeable to wear. Given the fact I was looking for a reliable cleat, and I found a pair of adiPURE II’s on eBay for $50, I knew what I was going to buy. (Dan, who I purchased them from tore his ACL recently…if you are reading this buddy I wish you a speedy recovery!!)

So, on that note I wanted to share an update on my second pair of adiPUREs. And it again is a very impressed success story! My results were the very same this time around; they offer superb comfort and are so easy to break in. Recently, one of the more popular questions I have been getting about the adiPURE range is what type of player do they suit best? Well, the thing about these cleats is that they are very flexible to every position. They are a light cleat, and the leather is so soft! I play on the right wing, and find them to be a great fit. My primary role on the team is crossing, getting the ball in the box, and the adiPURE’s fit the bill perfectly! Personally, I find them to be one of the best cleat on the market right now and they have the added bonus of not being overly priced like a lot of other cleats! Remember that this is the second pair that I have tested. Have you had the opportunity to test a pair or know someone that has? Please leave us your comments below!

There are two ways to get your hands on a pair. First, I would recommend checking eBay here to see if they have anything in your size at great prices, or you can use the ‘Buy Now’ button below to get them direct from!

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Adidas adiPURE II
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  1. which would you perfer

    predator powerswerve or adipure 2

    also, the only other "pro"level boot ive had is the nike air legend

    if i get adipure 2s what can i expect in terms of fit, touch and the like?

  2. You gave the adipures a 10 in durability, but I have heard A LOT about the upper coming away from the sole due to the soft leather. Are they still going strong for you?

  3. Jack,

    Once you take care of them and dry them out the right way, they will give you a very good life.

  4. unfortunately its not as durable.. the sole is starting to peel away after about 15 times of use. as far as i recall, i didnt play in any rain or on a wet ground.. and took care of it.

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