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Lotto Zhero Evolution Due Review

Lotto have built a reputation for creating high quality cleats with an unmistakeable Italian style and flair. The Lotto Zhero Evolution DueLotto Zhero Evolution Due is no different as it delivers on performance, while also offering a stylish look. Add to this one of the most unique features available on any cleat on the market, Twist’N Go technology, and you have a cleat that stands out in the crowd. I had the opportunity to test the cleats for two weeks of games and practice thanks to the folks at soccerpro, who sent us over a pair.

The color range of the Zhero Evolution Due is out there! The main color is white, complimented by red stripes running from the outside toes back along the cleats to the back. Lotto’s trademark logo is located in black on the outside of the cleat. There are not many cleats available in a white and red, so i think Lotto have taken the opportunity to release a cleat that fills a void in the market. They are not my favorite looking cleat, but they do have some style.

Sizing wise, the Zhero Evolution runs narrow in width but normal in length. They weigh in at a very suitable 9.0 oz, making them a speed cleat. Lotto are known for producing light cleats that offer the user the ability to move fast with comfort and ease. They are very suitable for firm surfaces. I wore them on turf and they were extremely comfortable. There was one issue with wearing them on turf; because they are white and the outer material is microfiber they tend to scuff pretty easily. In order to avoid permanent marking you will need to clean them after each practice. In theory, you should be cleaning your cleats after practice anyway, so technically it should not be an issue!

There are 12 PU conical shaped studs on the cleats, 8 on the front and 4 on the back allowing for great grip and feel on Lotto Twist'N Gothe surface. And then there is that one unique pivoting aluminum stud at the top of each cleat. Known as the ‘Twist’N Go’ this stud is designed to provide an extra dynamic when you are turning. It is a very cool concept, but does it actually work? Lotto seem to think so after thorough testing. After my two weeks of testing, I am still at odds! There is no doubt that you can feel the stud pivot as you reach that turning point, and it does make it a little easier to twist, but whether it actually improves turning speed will definitely vary according to the wearer! In theory, to get the full benefit out of this type of technology you would have to get familiar with the feel, so over time it could make a difference to your game.

The Zhero Evolution Due are a quality cleat for the price. Especially since they are available for less than $100 right now. Designed for players with speed, these cleats don’t lose any comfort or style. Remember, the color and material used means there is the possibility to see some easy scuff marks. The Twist’N Go technology is an excellent idea, and seems to have a lot of potential over a longer period of testing. Find out more about the Lotto Zhero Evolution Due from Soccerpro right now.

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  1. son unas sapatillas geniales tengo un par y me gustan en especial en el pasto son estupendas .

  2. this review seems alitle like a throwaway :O…. u said they were "EXtremely Comfortable"..but u gave it a 7.5..and u gave it a 7.5 on style..and u said its extremely stylish…. and also on value..i mean..its only 100 dollars…

  3. I was just wondering, how's their durability on normal weekly usage like occasional games and training? I have the leather zhero evolution tre which i found really cheap and bought em 2-3 months back. However, i've started noticing some minor cracks in the nose of the boot ..could you help me with some tips for leather and general boot care?

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