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How to Take Care of Leather Soccer Cleats

For the price we currently pay for leather soccer cleats, it is important to make sure that you are taking care of them the right way, in order to ensure a long lifespan! The following tips come from Adidas, and are specific to their range of leather cleats. After reading it over, I have to say that they pretty much apply to all leather cleats that are currently on the market.


  • Large Chunks of Soil are best removed using warm water and a brush or cloth.
  • To dry your cleats, fill them with newspaper, which is highly absorbent. Place the cleats in a dry place.
  • The best way to care for your cleats is to use Adidas boot cream. This boot cream was specifically developed for the care of Adidas soccer cleats.
  • Leather Cleats do not require waterproofing.
  • When storing the cleats, use a boot tree. This way they will maintain their original shape.
  • A characteristic of soccer cleats made from genuine leather: In the course of use, a small gap may develop between the outsole and the shank. This is normal and will not affect your play.


  • Do not put leather cleats in a machine machine.
  • Do not put the leather cleats in a bag after washing.
  • Do not expose the cleats to direct sunlight or a near heat source like an oven or a radiator after washing. The leather must dry from the inside to the outside. If that is not the case the leather may crack which reduces the lifespan of the cleats.

If you want to get a little cleat maintenance kit, you should check out this Brazilian Shoe Care Kit. At $24.99, it includes one bottle of boot shampoo with sponge applicator tip, one container each of black and clear smooth leather mousse, and one wooden shoe brush.

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