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Skunkies: The Solution to Smelly Cleats?

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A few weeks back, we put together a post titled ‘Smelly Soccer Cleats: Whats the Solution?‘. In writing that post, I came across a new product called Skunkies, and suggested that they might be worth trying if you have a smelly cleats problem. Well, the inventors of the Skunkies, Jill Levin and Annemarie McCartney, saw the post and decided to send over a few pairs for the SoccerCleats101 team to review.

Since I do have a few pair of cleats that stink up my car, I was more than willing to test them out! After about 2 weeks of using them, I thought I would give an update/review on how they have been fairing.

Simply put, Skunkies are designed to eliminate odor and absorb moisture, which in turn prevents bacteria. Preventing bacteria means that the smell is, essentially, eliminated. Skunkies have been created using products that make them environmentally friendly and non-toxic! They come in three different scents. The ones we got were ‘Extreme Sport’, makes sense! My biggest problem is that after soccer practice, I tend to just throw my cleats in the trunk of my car. After leaving them there for a day or two, things start to stink! So, I have had a set of Skunkies tucked in my cleats in the back of my car. Thankfully, they actually work, and my car has been smell free. They don’t create a flowery scent Testing Skunkiesin your car, instead they simply neutralize the smell, leaving your car smelling like a normal car. When you buy Skunkies, they come in a set of two…so one for each cleat.

And great news, rumor has it they will be listed over at in the next month or two, meaning they will be really easy to order along with your new cleats! This will help ensure that from day 1, you are helping to prevent a problem before it starts! Another great thing about the Skunkies is that they can be used for all sports, and not just in cleats…but also in lockers or anywhere you need a fresh scent!

Skunkies sell for less than $5 a pair, well worth ordering with your next purchase.

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