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Cleatology: The Original Winger

Following up on our ‘Cleatology’ series of reviews, we took the chance to quiz The Original Winger’s Brian Dunseth. Dunny, as he known by on the website, had a stellar soccer career in MLS that seen him amass over 200 club appearances, and he also captained the 2000 USA team at the Olympics in Sydney. Even though he is a few years retired of the pro-game, Dunny is still heavily involved in playing, while also doing color commentary for Fox Soccer Channel. We were more than happy to catch up with him and find out his experiences and thoughts on soccer cleats.

The Orinal Winger LogoBrian, as a kid growing up, what types of soccer cleats did you wear?
I always rocked Copa’s…Couldn’t ever go wrong with them and at the time, they were by far the most affordable for the quality. They cost $77 back then and Moms would never drop more than $50 twice a year. So, I’d have to come up with the rest (or all if they tore before Xmas or summer).

How often do you play now, and what cleats are in your bag?
I try to get out as often as possible, but the television travel schedule makes that a little difficult. Every Tuesday it’s indoor and I’ve got on the black Adi Nova’s. For outdoor on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings, the white Adi Nova TRX’s or dark grey Adi Predators.

When I say ‘soccer cleats’ whats the first thing that comes to mind?

Do you have any memories of specific cleats you wore?
Other than the Copa’s, I can remember picking up a pair of Perla Negra’s that ripped after two weeks, some Lanzera’s that were soft as can be but warped after one game in the rain and a pair of Lotto’s with the big logo on the side that were pretty good to me.

Brian Dunseth Slide Tackle
Dunny, wearing Copa's, getting stuck in!

During your pro playing days, were there any players that you specifically remember for funky cleats?
Back then you had to be damn good to be able to rock any boots that weren’t black. But the young Nike kids started showing up with some boots that the older vets used to just tape together (when they’re back was turned) and throw them in the freezer.

From your experience, what is the most important feature of a good cleat?
Comfort. I love a new pair of boots straight out of the box because they’re nice and tight. I would train in the same boots (2 or 3 different pairs) over the course of the year, but game day were boots I’d only worn once or twice (just to make sure I wouldn’t get blisters) that would never make more than a three game appearance.

What tips/advice can you give to young players in terms of taking care of their cleats?
Make sure you go to the shop and test out EVERY pair to see which boot feels the most comfortable with your game socks on to replicate how they’ll feel when you’re on the field. There were certain brands that I couldn’t wear because they were either too narrow or I felt like I wasn’t getting enough support in my heel.

Bumpy Pitch ShirtThanks for taking the time to talk with us Brian. Also of note, you should check out the amazing Bump Pitch clothing line. This is a clothing range put together by Dunny and fellow soccer enthusiasts Ben Hooper and Ace Harrison. In the past few months, I have seen pics of celebs like Steve Nash and Ryan Seacrest sporting Bumpy Pitch t-shirts, so they definitely have huge appeal! To finish out, you can also find the team on Twitter at

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  1. Chester Goodwin here. Great cleatology with Brian. I'll start reading Original Winder now!

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