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Reader Feedback and the UA Dominate

Recently, I received a pretty nice email from Taylor, who I had spoke to on a previous occasion usingSC101_logo_concept 300 our ‘Olark’ instant messenger, located on our website. Olark is a free live chat service that allows a website owner the opportunity to talk to website visitors as they browse your website. I have been making the most of Olark recently, as it is a fantastic way for me to speak directly with people looking for information on soccer cleats. Right now, around 10-15 visitors come looking for information, help and tips on what to buy. We encourage any visitors to use the service. As an example of how it has helped one a visitor to SoccerCleats101, Taylor was good enough to put together a great editorial piece that highlights how he found us and how useful the experience was. Check out Taylor’s profile below!

Name: Taylor B
Location: Arlington Virginia
Soccer Position: Winger/Striker
Teams:Flirting with Sobriety (CCSL – Rockville Indoor)

A few months ago, I suffered a fracture to the top of my foot and was sidelined for months. As soon as it healed, and I was cleared to play by my orthopedist, I needed to find some cleats that would not only protect the top of my foot, but that were also comfortable. The fracture in my foot also brought on a minor arthritic joint on the top of my foot, so it was even more important to me to find something that would provide comfort, stability, and protection. I used Google to get reviews of soccer cleats, and came upon SoccerCleats101 through my searches. Very fortunate.

My main concern was finding out what cleat would provide the best comfort. Also, what would protect the top of my foot because I was very hesitant to start playing again because I did not want to get the same injury and sideline myself even more. Things that helped me were knowing whether SoccerCleats101 knew anyone that had played with the cleats. Durability, Protection to the top of the foot (most important to me), and how good they would be in regards to playing a certain position were all vital information I needed to know.

After being given some very in depth recommendations, we narrowed it down to two pairs. The Concaves, and theUnder Armour DominateUnder Armours. After digging down a little more, and based wholly on the recommendation of Bryan, I chose to go with the Under Armour Dominate Pro FG – Black/White Firm Ground Soccer Shoes. They offered the right protection, were a decent price, and seemed to have the comfort I was looking for.

Were they the right ones for you?
I’m averaging about 2 goals per game at this point, and I couldn’t be happier with the cleats. They are comfortable, strong, lightweight, provide great touch on the ball, and offer the protection I was looking for. It was the perfect recommendation.

Can you give a brief review on the cleats (your opinion of them)?
Lightweight, great touch. Offer great protection up top for people who have suffered foot injuries. Very comfortable not only on the top, but also with the studs from the bottom. Offer great balance. Traction is ideal and easy to jump off from a standing start. Seem to mold to your feet, and provide a lot of precision. I’ve worn adidas and Pumas for years, but this is looking like one of the best pairs of cleats I’ve bought in a long time. Outclasses my other boots.

It is rare that you find great customer service and expert advice anymore, and I was pumped to find this site and receive both. I have been spreading the word to all of my friends regarding the site, because I was so impressed. Keep up the great work, and thanks for the great recommendation.

Thanks Taylor, your input is greatly appreciated and I hope you stay injury free! If you need some information or advice on cleats feel free to ping us using the Olark box on the bottom right hand side of the screen, we are always interested in helping where we can!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Can u recommend a pair of boots to me that is value for money,fast or power boot,comfortable and durable?thanks in advance

  2. Andy,

    Check out this post, some good ideas on cleats that are great value for money:

    Hope this helps you find something!

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