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Lotto Stadio Primato Review

Black Lotto-Stadio-Primato

Unless you have personally worn a pair of Lotto Stadio Primato, you will be surprised to hear how under-rated these cleats are! I wore Lotto boots in college, but I had only used the Zhero range. The Stadio range is completely different; they hold a timeless, classic look and are made of a super soft K-leather. Everything about them screams tradition and they are worn by old-school players all across the country.

Over the past month, I have been testing a pair of size 9US, wearing them in 3-4 training sessions and 2 games – one of which was during a rain-shower. This version is listed as a Black/Black colorway.

Initial Thoughts
Lotto have stuck with a relaxed look for this version. Unlike many current releases on the market, the Stadio is very low key, black on black! I am a fan of shape, as I can already tell they are a medium fit, and this is particularly important in the mid-sole region. The K-leather feels great, and I have no doubt over time the leather will only get softer.

Breaking In
These cleats were super smooth breaking in. They fit just right, and because they are K-leather, from the first game they start to mold to the shape of your feet. I have wore these in several training sessions and also had the opportunity to wear them in two games. My initial fear with these cleats was the soleplate. They seem to feel pretty stiff starting out, but thankfully they didn’t cause any issues. Bear in mind you need to give them a session or two before they start to contour in unison with your feet. Finally, one of the games I got to wear these in it rained, and these boots stood the test. The water helped in terms of touch (aided by the fact that the upper is K-leather, rather than a synthetic) and the conical stud configuration gave plenty of stability through quick turns.

Lotto Stadio Primato

Lotto Stadio Upper

Outside of that amazingly soft kangaroo leather, these boots do have a few other key Lotto features. First is Shock Off, a shock absorbing insert made of low density polyurethane located near the heal of the boot. And the other feature is Punto-Flex, Lotto’s own technology that allows for the sole to bounce back, thus allowing your foot to flex in the right way. Another bonus about Lotto’s cleats is the fact that the upper is stitched to the sole, increasing the life span of the cleat. As a heritage release, there really isn’t any other added technology on the upper – it is more of a classic boot designed for optimal touch and control on the ball.

Leather Stadio Primato

Stadio Primato Soleplate

Size and Weight
I wear a size 9US and that’s what I had for this review. Size wise, they fit true to size and I would say medium in all respects. I have a medium to wide fit and these offered just the right shape and width to offer ultra comfort. Weight wise, the Stadio Primato weigh in at 9.6oz, which is a pretty optimal weight – especially for a heritage release. After wearing these in wet weather, they held up really well and didn’t feel any heavier.

The only real negative I have is the tongue. It is designed in an old-school fashion, so it just flaps over. At first it was fine because the tongue is stiff. But over the past few weeks, it has softened up resulting in the tongue sitting straight up. As a result, the only real way to keep it down is to tie the laces over the tongue. Another option, which I have seen some people doing, is to place the tongue in under the actual lacing. This definitely makes for a different look!

Theses cleats actually outperformed my expectations! I probably would not have purchased a pair of these before testing them. I have to admit, I am surprised that Lotto have not attacked the US market more but instead they have stuck to the European market. If they were to merge into the US space, I think they could really hit a niche market with these. The Lotto Stadio Primato sit in the same category as the Adidas adiPURE and the Umbro Speciali’s, but at the current price of $89.99. they might be one of the preferred choices for anyone looking for a cleat that offers performance and durability without the fancy specs of the more advanced ranges.

If you want to find out more, head over to, where they are currently priced at $89.99.

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  1. Great boots indeed. but one can easily spot the difference in leather used/processed compared to the italian-made oldie. the upper is less supple now.

  2. I had 2 pairs of leggenda and mitto. as you mentioned "the upper is stitched to the sole, increasing the life span of the cleat." it really did! mine lasted for a year with 3 practices and 2 games a week. I haven't try stadio primato yet but I will if they available in ma local store. Though, i bought lotto stadio azzuri a while ago. Not K-leather upper but premium grade upper which the same material with Laser 3. Like the adds, those are water repellent so when i play 'em in raining day my foot are still quite dry and the studs are amazing! the mixture of conical and bladed really a worth to try. Guess i have found cleats that will save my laser 3 for a big game ( they are expensive, so ima choose to keep 'em as long as possible)

  3. I got myself a pair of Lotto stadio and I must say I absolutely love 'em 🙂

    Very nice leather

    Description of this boot: A SUPERB boot but doesn't have the technologic stuff that T90 or Preds etc offer… Imo that shit doesn't really help that much out so if you just want a comfortable boot that will last a long time, get a pair of these 🙂

  4. I was wondering if you could do a review of the adidas Copa Mundials. I have heard you mention them in earlier posts and i was Wondering which was better… the Copas, Stadio's , Legends or adipure? Thanks in advance

  5. These cleats have a perfect fit for someone with a medium to wide foot. The K-leather is great and allows for a true-fitting boot. However, the sole of the cleat is low profile while the stud arrangement is not low profile. This design put a lot of stress on my upper shins. I love the cleats, but they are painful to wear on firm ground.

    • Hi Ryan,
      what would you mean by " stud arrangement is not low profile.". do you mean that the studs are taller ( say compared to copa) while the heel to toe difference is almost zero ( " sole of the cleat is low profile "). Dont have any store stocking these around here. so, ordering online. Also, i play on turf as much as natural grass. Please reply.Thanks.-shubho

  6. Great review, thanks! I take a size 9 in Copa Mundial, have you compared the sizes between the Copas and the Lottos by any chance?

  7. @Dave

    They both have very similar and fit, with the soleplate of each holding a pretty similar shape. In terms of what to order, go true to size.

    • Hi Bryan,
      I wear a size 7 for copa mundial FG ( Kangaroo leather) , size 7.5 for adidas absolion LZ FG ( synthetic) and size 7.5 for umbro speciali HG ( kangaroo/ full grain leather). I have medium feet. What would you recommend for lotto stadio? thanks for the review.-shubho

  8. Thanks Bryan, ordered online should be with me next week



  9. hey hopefully you answer please ! how do these fit ? If i wear 11 adizero (synthetic and leather) and 11.5 laser … 11 puma king finale (tight to perfect fit with no space basically: still need to break them in and make the leather stretch:).. Please let me know im highly interested in getting these boots:)

  10. @Tomas

    They have a tight fit that will be pretty similar to the Puma King Finale. If you have ever worn the Adidas adiPure they are a very similar fitting boot. My advice is to order an 11 if you like a snug fit.

  11. I currently wear what are supposed to be the European version of these boots, the 2006-2008 Lotto Stadio FGs (so better looking in Lotto's black & fluo green classic colours…). Simply there's nothing achieving such a wide range of abilities: soft but protective, comfortable but reactive, supportive but flexible, light but durable. And made in Italy, too. Morelias come close, but these are a different league.

  12. Hello Bryan! Just a quick question for you! How do you care for these cleats? I know they are K-leather and every leather requires different caring techniques; I've heard of many but am confused to the best care.

    OH! and do you agree with Ryan that these cleats put much stress on your upper shins due to the stud profile?

    Thanks in advance!

    • A little bit of warm water on a rag to clean them, then some leather food to keep them soft!

      I didn't encounter any issues with the stud profile – they are designed in a pretty similar arrangement to most other molded boots. it depends on what surface you play on!

      • wow ok. I am usually a size 12. I ordered these and they feel tight, although I can take them off without unlacing. Should I have gotten 12.5 (as K-leather shrinks to your foot as I understand it)?

        I usually play on firm ground (FG)…the typical grass at a park.

  13. Hi
    I have these in size 9 all white colour way… They’re awesome if u like the classic fit…
    Nothing fancy, just a good simple boot that will last years.
    My only problem is that they might be too wide for me as I have a narrower foot…
    I had some trouble hitting the sweet spot as well…
    But the studs feel fast on the pitch..
    They work much better on semi-long grass or turf than on shorter grass fields…

    Take care!!

  14. Dear Lotto, a few months ago, my Black and Green, Italian-made, Lotto Stadios died. The leather developed a tear after years of use. They were, Rest In Peace, the Best Boots I have ever owned. Period. Better than Adidas Copa Mundials, better than Nike Legends. Their touch was from heaven. The ball melted into them. They were the perfect weight. Conical studs for agile movements, not stupid blades.
    Lotto, a few months ago, I also purchased these exact boots. All-black, Lotto Stadio Primato K's. Upon opening the box, I realized that something was suspicious. The construction was slightly different. The leather felt rough, like Calf-Skin, although marked "K-leather." Inside of the boot, it was marked "Made in China." However, I tried to like them, and used them in games/practices.
    The performance of these boots is laughable compared to the Italian model. The touch is noticeably inferior. They feel clunky. They are an imposter. These cannot be called Lotto Stadios to me. The Lotto Stadio has been ruined. IT WAS one of the best boots of all time. Companies try to save money and cut corners. Well, we as the buyers lose in this game. But I am one buyer who will stay away. My quest has begun for something new. Maybe Nike Legend IV's?

  15. ok please reply someone i read some reviews of this boot online n people say that the italian made one is better n the chinese one sucks n isnt the same i want to purchase a pair cus they look like a solid boot but i dont know if it will be the same or not n i dont know if its italian made or not

  16. Is there a big difference between the the lotto suprema and stadio primato.

  17. Anybody tried the fuoriclasse version of the Stadios?

  18. I am very late in replying to your message. But yes, the Lotto Stadio Primato K was a huge dissapointment. If you look at pictures of them, without handling them in real life, the Leather looks real good. It looks soft, it looks like a shoe with good touch. ("Looks" is a key word here. How many times are men deceived by "looks" haha). When you actually play with them, the leather is pretty rough. The touch is vague. They feel like Calf-Skin boots, (and I have owned a few of those.) My past shoes made of Calf-Skin leather, have all been average-to-decent in terms of performance. Nothing "good" or "excellent". Copa Mundial's, Japanese Mizuno Morelia's, Italian Lotto Stadio's, and Italian Diadora Brasil's are all "good" or "excellent" to me.

    I like Kangaroo leather. The goods. I was spoiled playing with Copa Mundial's, most of my youth and Teens. So I know good touch. This shoe has "K-Leather" stamped on the side of it. But it doesn't feel like K-leather. Again, the touch is vague. They also have a sloppy build quality. They do not feel soundly made, they get loose, etc.

    Anyway, if you see this, I have switched to: the Mizuno Morelia (Made in Japan). Highly recommended. My past pair has lasted two years. Lighter and better than Copa's. Meticulous quality. Quite pricey though (paid $200 for mine). Furthermore, a few months ago, I won some Indonesian-made Morelia's for $110 on Ebay. Excited to try them out. Will let you know, I have high hopes for them. On forums, most people love the Indonesian ones. They are respected, even though they are not Japanese, hand-made Morelia's. Many people say they are better than Nike Tiempo Legend III's and IV's. Seems like a great deal. Good luck – Another Kangaroo leather fan

  19. Bryan, can you PM me please?

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