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Uhlsport Kickschuh Instinkt Review

Uhlsport Kickschuh Instinkt

I have to admit that reviewing the Uhlsport Kickschuh Instinkt has been one of the more interesting reviews I have done. This is primarily because I have always known Uhlsport to be one of the top companies in goalkeeper apparel, rather than outfield gear like soccer cleats. It was Chivas USA goalkeeper Danny Kennedy that brought the latest Uhlsport releases to my attention, and after contacting them to find out more they were more than willing to send out some pairs for testing. After testing the Kickschuh Instinkt for the past few weeks in a size 9US (5 training sessions and 2 games) I am happy to report that I have been pleasantly surprised with their performance!

Ok, so the Uhlsport Kickschuh Instinkt is by no means the best soccer cleat on the market, and it does not have any certain feature that differentiates it from other cleats on the market. But what it has is consistency, and an excellent balance. Lets say you walk into a dealership this week and you have to buy a car before leaving. The salesman walks up to you and says “Hey, would you like to buy this fantastically, awesome, brand new state of the art Toyota Prius that does 50 miles to the gallon and has all the add-ons you want, with the exception of working brakes as there have been slight problems with making sure they work properly……or would you prefer to purchase this slightly more modest looking Honda Civic that does a decent 25 miles to the gallon, is fully functional in all the necessary departments and has breaks?” Which car are you going to choose? As of late, there have been problems/concerns with some Adidas and Nike releases and a lot of people have been wondering what the safe bet is. The Kickschuh Instinkt fits into the bracket of safe cleats that are suitable for all players and offer comfort from day 1.

Breaking In
One of the main reasons I liked these boots was because of the comfort they provide. Uhlsport have been working hard for a long time to perfect creating the best fitting gloves for goalkeepers. This tradition has simply transferred over to the Kickschuh Instinkt. The insole is thick and spongey, while the leather lining matches the contours of your foot snugly. It is not like Uhlsport have created any ingenious formula for comfortable boots, they have simply placed an emphasis on making sure the basics were met. These boots definitely fit medium to wide, so if you are used to a narrow fit, these might not be for you. The supersoft Kangaroo leather provides excellent comfort, a consistent fit and strength of shape.

Uhlsport Kickshuh Instinkt Close-up

As I stated before, there is nothing extraordinary about the Kickschuh Instinkt. This boots are all about being balanced, both in comfort and playability. I was impressed with the K-leather that does offer great feel and touch. Their are some ridges sown into the passing zone of the boot. I’m not sure if these ridges have any benefits, but their are no negatives to having them there. It might aid in control, but it is not noticeable.

Who do they suit?
Obviously, these cleats are very suitable for goalkeepers. The strike zone sits decently wide so they are great for striking the ball. But I also feel like these have great appeal to outfield players. Because they are so well rounded, I would recommend them to all players on the field. Basically, if you are in the market for a boot that performs well these are a great option.

Uhlsport Kickschuh Instinct Inside Uhlsport Instinkt

The on big negative I had was with the tongue. The tongue is cut off at the opening of the cleat and fits real well, this is not where I had an issue. The lining off the tongue inside the cleat, down along the top of the foot an be a little uncomfortable. Each time I put the cleats on I had to make sure they were lined up just right so as not to overlap. Also, they don’t really offer that everyday, typical soccer cleat vibe that you expect and it can be off-putting. They are an ideal option for goalkeepers, but will find limited success with outfield players in my opinion.

Before I received these from Uhlsport, I wasn’t expecting too much. As I said before, I only knew of Uhlsport as a goalkeeper specific company. But after testing these, I am mildly impressed with the strides they have made in introducing soccer cleats to the market. You are not getting a top of the range cleat, but you are getting quality and a cleat that is designed around comfort. If you are interested in getting a pair, you can find them right now on the Uhlsport website.

*Boots supplied for review by Uhlsport USA

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  1. What makes these special from other cleats for GKs.

  2. i prefer the kikksokke one.very unique boots

  3. Uhlsport are renowned around the world for creating goalkeeper specific equipment, and even though these are suitable for all players, they have been tested with a goalkeepers needs in mind. They are a decent weight, and offer a nice wide strike zone, which is extremely important for goalkeepers who need to kick long balls all game long!

  4. uhlsport also make kits. they make my teams kit. quite thin. nice boots too

  5. Jared, the Instinkt is not a keeper boot. If you want to try their keeper shoe, try the Kickshuhe Torkralle. It has a slight heel lift and small studs the rim the forefoot to help with push off when diving.

    That is the only keeper boot that I know of. I was interested in feedback on them, but I'm not playing in the goal any more, so it would be a waste if I bought them. Many observers would probably say it would be a waste for me to buy any boots, and instead invest in a nice seat cushion…

  6. I have a question. How does Uhlsport boots fit copared to Nike or Puma. Cause Nike's I wear 10, and Puma's, I wear 10.5

  7. Jaewon,

    The Uhlsport range fits true to size, when comparing across brands it really varies by range, so it depends on what Nike's and Puma boots you wear.

  8. Hey brain,

    whats the Shout out central website link? THANKS

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