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Problems With the Adidas Predator?

I got this question in from a reader a few weeks back, Alex Lerma, who is having some problems with the latest Adidas Predator X , and it got me thinking about how they perform for other players. While testing them, I didn’t encounter any issues and was satisfied with how they performed all-round.

So, for this post I want to open it up to other readers who might have advice for Alex on their experiences with the boot. Check out Alex’s thoughts below, and if you have anything to share please do in the comments section!

“I played college soccer and used Adidas Copa Mundial throughout my career. I still play 3 times per week at a competitive level. I discovered Adidas Predators about 4 years ago and have been an avid fan ever since. No other boot gave me the comfort (I have a wide foot), and the power when passing, crossing, or shooting the ball. However, I always found these boots did not last long. They keep tearing alongside the insole or at the bottom where the laces begin. At $220 per boot, this is no joke. The last ones I bought, got the tongue lace ripped and the tongue was flapping everywhere (not the greatest touch after that) so I was really excited about this boot with no tongue and the latest advances in technology. I bought the white and yellow type and on my first day I got blisters. Blisters on a Predator boot?? This was unthinkable as to me this has been the most comfortable boot ever, it always fit like a glove to my wide feet (The Predator Power swerve, that is) I have worn the Predator X 3 more times after that and still don’t find the “glove” fit of before. The leather burns me at the top of my foot (I had blisters there too) and my feet never feel in place in these boots. I usually wear size 8.5 in the old Preds and bought same size for the X. Maybe I need to buy size 8? (They just don’t fit tight)

I believe Adidas should have kept the Kangaroo leather in the new Preds. This calf leather is not as supple and does not conform to your foot. I had to buy Adipures III’s and with the Kangaroo leather they molded to my feet after 2 games. They fit just perfect and no blisters. The adipures are light but I miss the technology and power (the ease when crossing or when making long passes) of the Predators. Everybody keeps saying they fit awesome but in my case this is not happening at all.

Has anybody else experienced the same issues as I with the Predator? I really wanted to love the boot. Don’t care about the looks, just the performance.
Thank you.”

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  1. I haven't worn the PowerSwerve but I wore pretty much every iteration of the Predator since the Accelerator and the Predator X is the most comfortable boot of the lot I've worn straight out of the box.

    I haven't found any of the same problems as listed by Alex. But aside from a solid fit (I find the X to be the widest Predator thus far), the durability is shit for sure. I've played less than a full season but the outsole on the tip of the boot has already started to peel as well as a bit of separation at the sides. I'm by no means a heavy cutter but quality isn't very good. My only comparison with another contemporary market boot is the CTR360 Maestri and the Maestri quality is much better (albeit Predator X fit is much better for me).

  2. I usually wear a size 8 but I bought a size 8.5 predator X and i have wore it for around 8 times but it still haven break in yet! and when i change the laces i cant put it through one of the holes! and now the laces look stupid

  3. really glad you opened this up.

    the leather started coming away from the sole, still cemented but peeling away nonetheless. i had them for 2 weeks and 3 hours of game-play.

    i sent them back and got a free a replacement

  4. I brought this up in the original review post. I purchased these cleats, and I like you have wide feet. I LOVE the powerswerve they fit great but the tongue ripping did detract as well. My issue with the Pred X is that the wrap around new tongue was horrible on my high arch…. I mean the WORST feel ever. I hurt just to walking in these cleats let alone playing. The pain distributed to the bottom of my feet so ever part of my foot hurt.

    I have bad ankles due to a few injuries and tendons snapping (and being that I am by no means a professional no magic physicians like ol' Becks). The only other cleats I wore that ever felt good besides the predators were PUMA. I had the Shudoh's which were great but poorly made, one of my first ankle injuries…shoe split straight from the sole on my standing foot . I wore the PUMA konstrukt 1 and they were great. I now wear the PUMA V1.10 and let me tell you I love these shoes. I know they don't offer much protection but unlike what I read from Bryan (no offense) but they fit perfect and the ankle guard was made for me. I also love the toe box because most of my foot width is in that area.

    Long story short, not really. But the Pred X suck get something that works for you. I did also think about the new Nike Laser III. I had the original Lasers and they were great, Laser II were horrible, but the III have the free laces good for wide feet. If you want technology go with those.

  5. I have gone through 3-4 pairs of Absolutes and loved them. Recently I began looking for a replacement since it's hard to find Absolutes nowadays… Tried X on and it did feel like the same size I wore in Abs now was half a size too big. The toebox is definitely wider than before which kind of stinks as my feet are pretty narrow.

  6. I'm not sure that the Pred X's are a good fit if the Powerswerves were perfect. I have a wide foot, and the Powerswerves and Adipures would never work on my feet. The toe box on the Pred X is so much wider than those two, so they fit me well. I think the author might have skinnier feet than he thinks. Also, I agree that the leather choice is a major drawback. There's been some peeling of the leather near the sole and the rubber element is slowly peeling away as well. I only use the Pred X on really nice days in training, so I guess this isn't much of an endorsement for the boot. I'll only play games in Nike Maestris or Vapor 5s these days.

  7. I bought Pred X a while ago. Just thought these will be good choice replacing the powerswerve.i have a wide foot so power boots are definitely good option for me. after 1 training session I had a problem on the outside mid foot, the place where the leather join stitched on.when my foot expand, i found out that the leather didn't stretched at all. So during the session i keep holding on the pain on that side. The next day i tried to shower em with hot water, stretched a little but never help. Kinda remind me to T90 Laser II (the one with synthetic upper).

    I was given up and order Laser 3 and it works well for me.

    My team mates told me they had durability issue on the upper,if you can recall the same problem on Adipure 2. The stitches begin to tear out within 3 weeks.

    kinda overrated and over priced for less durable boots.

  8. Thanks for all the feedback guys! Seems to me like Adidas have some work and improvements to do on the next release in the Predator range!

  9. hi ol.i got the same problem too but i think its about the weight we got.perhaps the company could adress that issue if it has to do anything wit weight.besides the control of this boots is really awesome.infact when its raining i normally use the predator rugby or the blue kinda makes u super human on rainy season.ur opponents may tear ur jazzy apart.

  10. Christopher D.

    hey alex,

    i went to the Adidas store last weekend and i tried the power X (DB edition)

    and i have to admit the top of the shoe were the dome of my foot was annoying me because it wasn't comfortable. For a second i thought it was just me or maybe they still needed to be broken inn. At the store they also had the powerswerve ( SG,k-version) and i put them on and i felt the difference between both of them!

  11. I am having problems breaking in these boots as well. All the synthetic areas seem to be causing my blisters. The plastic area around the 3 stripes pushes into my feet as I run and the part where the leather and plastic heel join on the outside of the boot as well. I've been trying to break them in for over 3 hours at this point and the blisters keep coming! I can't have them on for more than 30mins at a time so breaking them in is taking a while.

    I have previously only worn K-leather boots and have never had an issue with blisters.

    However, the performance is great on these boots so I hope they break in eventually.

  12. i just bought the predator x db version and b4 i got these preds since i nvr used preds in my life, had total 90 II’s and on a size 10.5. these were comfortable and when i switched to preds, they were sorta uncomfortable, i ordered the same size as i used on my nike pair, a 10.5, as i tried d preds x db edition, on my left foot they felt fine but it felt real tight . and on my right foot, they were real tighht as well and where the toungue used to be, it hurts my feet when i run and woalk as well.
    and when i try to kick the ball, since im a right foot shooter, they hurt when i kiked it. my toe hurts because of the leather i suppose or the stitching inside.
    since i have wide feet as well as many were describing here, they hurt.
    soi played for 3 more hours and still they hurt like hell and both my feet felt tired probably cus the boots were so tight. im having my doubts about these cleats now but hopefully i can break into them more since i just got these from eurosport 2 days ago by mail and decided to use them today.
    any sugestions or help wil be appreciated 🙂

  13. I do have the same problem with the Pred X. It seems that the fitting is really different and it hurts both my toe and foot arch. Not sure about the leather problem but my opinion is to get a half size bigger than your usual size.

  14. I only used the predator x for a day back in november and the powerspine was just killing my foot. I asked around and this wasn't happenind to anyone else so it must just be quirk with my foot. I returned them due to this.

  15. @jack just got a pair a week ago and think i'm havig the same problem. where the power spine rises up and curves on the arch of the foot is KILLING me tried them for half a session and one half of a match. anyone any tips to get around this?

  16. I got a pair of Predator X Absolion about 4 weeks ago. They felt about 1/4 size bigger than the PowerSwerve to me so I opted for the 8.5, since I like my fit to be snug. That said, the boot gave me terrible blisters for the first 4-5 times but eventually, it stretched and fitted nicely.

    Unfortunately, the built quality was bad. After playing in about 10 competitive games, I start noticing tear along the bottom insole. I am disappointed because just when it started to feel really good to me, the boot breaks.

  17. Although, the tear could also be due to me over-stretching the foot, due to a smaller than usual size that I opted?

    To be clear, I usually wear a size 9, where it would be nice and snug, but since this felt 1/4 bigger, I opted for the 8.5 size, which resulted in it being tight and me having to over-stretch it.

  18. is the absolion more comfortable to the foot than the predator x?

    • Generally, it seems like they are. The sole is more flexible because the difference is (besides a different kind of treated/synthetic leather) that the absolions don't have the powerspine, which is intended to keep your foot from flexing when strinking the ball. I've actually heard that the material used in the X's doesn't hold up as well as the material used in the upper for the abolsions. Anyway, I've loved my absolions (don't need a piece of plastic to keep my foot straight/slow me down) until recently when the loop lace holes all started to wear through…they've lasted about 4 months of playing 2 or 3 times a week. Trying to get them replaced but may end up poking a new lave hole through the side of the boot and just riding them until they crap out entirely. Love the preds, especially as an aggressive midfield winger who does a lot of crossing and tackling, but seriously considering trying the laser strike 3's or something comparable that seems to hold up better.

      • also, the fit has been pretty true, although once they stretched I found I had to start wearing an extra pair of thin socks to prevent blisters because I slip around inside once my feet start sweating, no matter how tightly I tie them…probably why the lace loops are going. I would actually recommend ordering a half size down, if I wasnt reading so much about the seams giving out early.

  19. MidfieldMaestro

    Hey all!

    I have a HUGE problem with my Predator boots too! I bought them and have only used them 3 times and they broke. When i say they broke, i mean on the outside of the boot, you know if you look at the heel with the plastic cape on the outside and trace to the place where leather starts?
    Right there the leather has been pelled from underneath the boot where it should have been fastened to!
    I have heard that this should be a huge problem, especially for midfielders such as myself, who turns and twists when you play, simply because the sole or spine underneath is too small or something, so the sowing is stressed and too much pressure is implied?

    Anyone got any experiences with this??

  20. I wear a 11.5 in adipure3 and they fit perfectly, order a 11.5 in pred x and they feel a little bit bigger! I'm concern about the new adipower. Someone have any tip about this?

  21. Hey

    The key is wearing the right socks. You have to wear socks that have a compression band around your arch. this takes care of the power spine problem some of you were complaining about. Also I hughly suggest breaking these in with a pair of NEW socks. Find the thickest socks you can. With that being said, mine have lasted 2 years of competitive play as a striker.

    • My son wears both adidas and nike shoes, usually has a pair of each, plus a backup set of old school copas. He gets one new pair from me every year and he buys a set with his own money. He is in a MLS Academy team. He really prefers the fit and feel of the Adidas, but the durability is killing us: I am looking a a set of F50 adizeros on my desk now; they are less than a year old and the front soles are separating and the TWO FRONT CLEATS on his non-dominant foot (molded plastic, different color) have come off – but the toes is not ripping away on this shoe! I found this when he came back from a tourney with black tape holding the dominant foot shoe shut at the front. Total loss, not acceptable.

  22. Adidas predators shoot well, but really, they aren't that comfortable at all.

  23. My sons have been using junior absolion predators during the last couple of years and I am not interested in buying anything without leather in the right places. With the new season imminent, I was considering getting some Junior Predator X's but was surprised to find that Pro-direct in England don't have them listed in their Junior boot section. Are adidas dumping this line for the Juniors as well as the spine power technology (none of the new Junior adidas absolion predators have spine power technology)????…. also anyone with experience of the junior Puma Powercat 2.10???

  24. I have been playing soccer for 14 years and have always worn Nike, but I have recently switched over to the predator X. I am having the same problems with breaking them in. They just seem that they weren’t meant to fit a human foot. No matter what size i get they never seem right, and the design at the heel is giving me blister after wearing them for a month. Defineately going back to Nike after I get my moneys worth out of these.

  25. Dude, kangeroo leather absolutely shrinks. My expensive adidas predator was a fine fit for first game, and when down hill swiftly after. Was so bad I cannot carry on. I always use the same size for boots. Alas my research reveals I was let down by the expensive material, and by the brand I trust. Adidas. No wonder you no longer produce kangeroo skinned boots. Caused me too many games and a let down to my team mates, whom all pinned blame on me. Where else I was playing in pain with my Widefit Adidas Predator US8. It was a disaster that I never want to repeat

  26. I have a question. My daughter is 10 and wears a woman's size 7. She is very tall and has long narrow feet. We always have a problem finding soccer cleats that fit her foot length and are snug around her ankle. She plays competitive, mostly as a striker. She is very fast and a great player. Last season we found a pair of Nike kangaroo leather cleats that had a bubble cusion on the inside of shoe that fit snugly around her ankle. I would like to find the best shoe for her, since she plays constantly, but it seems impossible. Any suggestions?

    • You should check out something like the Adidas Predator LZ or the Puma Spirit. Both are specifically designed for a female fit, and are a little more snug around the heel. Do you know which Nike shoes she was wearing last season? It might help to compare against these 2.

  27. I love my Predators, but man they give me some serious blisters on my toes over and over! Can't feel it for first 30 mins, but becomes unplayable after that! Shame they were so expensive.

  28. I have a pair of the Predator Powerswerves and they are peeling off of the sole plate. HELP! i dont know what to do because i have never had a better fitting shoe. I had Tiempo Legend 3's but they weren't as comfortable as the predators were right out of the box. Does anybody have any tricks or tips to keep the Powerswerves together and in good shape for a long time?! I wear a size 12 and its pretty hard to find a pair of size 12 Powerswerves. Had to look for 3 years to find my current pair!

  29. Look out for Adidas' promises. I purchased a pair of Adizero F50 Messi TRX FG cleats for my son ($220) within four weeks of normal play the seam stitching came out in two places and one of the cleats broke off. I went through Adidias and they replaced the shoes with no issues. Now three months later the replaced shoes have again had seam stitching come out and another cleat broke off the shoes. I called Adidas and to my surprise they told me that they only guarantee the first pair of shoes that you buy. Once they replace the shoes they will not long honor any kind of warranty on the replacement shoes. Has anyone encountered this with Adidias and does anyone have any solutions?? I understand they should not replace worn shoes but this seems to be clearly defective issues again. I'm thoroughly disgusted with Adidas at this point. Looks like we ill be out looking for a pair of Nikes from this point on.

  30. My 14 year old son has the predator and after only his spring season – one of his cleats broke right off. He started his fall season and has only had a few practices and came home with one of the cleats broke off. Not impressed with the durability of this product. He said they are the most comfortable pair of cleats that he has tried though.

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