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Nike Total 90 Laser III Neptune Blue/Vibrant

Wayne Rooney Scores in T90 LaserNike have released a new Neptune Blue/Vibrant version of the Total90 Laser III that has been pretty easy to spot lately. If you saw the mid-week Champions League game between Man Utd and Bayern Munich you might have seen Wayne Rooney scoring wearing them. That is if you caught the first minute of the game! Rooney ended the game with only one boot on, as he unfortunately injured his ankle right on 90 minutes.

These are a pretty bold looking cleat, but to be honest I kind of like the design. Instead of having the red pods like on the original release, these bad boys have an easily noticeable yellow. This yellow pops with the almost sky blue main color. I also like the bright yellow Nike swoosh that sits along the outside. I can just imagine how colorful these would be with the Nike Red laces! Can you say rainbow?Nike T90 Laser III blueT90 Laser III Blue

I reviewed the Nike Total90 Laser III a few weeks back and really liked them (other than the fact I got injured wearing them, with a very similar injury to Wayne Rooney’s but that’s another story!) I think they are a huge improvement on the T90 Laser II and offer a great level of comfort and support. The five pods across the front of the boot are designed to improve shot power, while the fins along the side of the boot have the job of cushioning the ball on impact – improving control.

Nike Total90 Laser III

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  1. Hey again Brian,

    Do you prefer the synthetic ones or the kangaroo ones? I'm really tempted to get this pair as well.

    I went and exchanged my kangaroo pair for smaller size, just 8.5, and they fit very well. Had an exhibition game last night, started very tight but loosened through the game.

    Would you say these would be the same as the K leather pair? Or rather, would this pair beak in similarly and have the same comforting fit?


  2. They are so ugly, I couldn't believe when I have seen them. They look like a some kind of sea snail.

  3. @Nobody

    It all depends on preference. These blue ones are a lot better aesthetically than the green pair. All of the Laser III's look better with red laces, they should've included red laces to begin with!

    And again it all comes down to preference, the kangaroo pair which is the pair I have, fits like a glove. I played pretty well in my first preseason game, scoring two goals..


  4. AWSOME colors, but wish something like this would be made in kangaroo leather

  5. T90 laser review dud

    I have just bought these boots in black silver and red and have played 1 game in them and omfg I took a shot used the swerve accuracy bit and scored I don't belive how advanced these boots are and the style is odd but nice I would rate these 9/10! These boots are selling at a fairly good price if u want the cheap sort with no shot shield there like 30 quid but if u want shot shield ones be prepared 2 pay around 50-100 pounds at least trust me it is worth it Nike r the best brand they r better than the press and pumas that r going for power n acuracy I have bought press but gave them back cuz they r so boring with no good or stand out features for bout same price btw for the best results with these t90s get the t90 ascente cuz this ball is built for acuracy and swerve .wot EVA show size u r get the size up from ur size I am a size 5 and I tried on size 5s and they ere to tight so take tht since ur on the Internet type this game into google arse race it's fun

  6. Glad you are enjoying the new boots T90 laser review dude!

    Keep scoring goals.

  7. love the blue color but fink ima gonna stick with the green one.

    reason: after the game I don't have to worry to clean 'em 😀 same color as the grass 😀

  8. and am waiting for Bryan's laser 3 😀

  9. i want to bye it

  10. I was just wondering, whats the difference between the T90 Laser III and T90 Strike III?

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