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Nike Total90 Laser III Review

T90 Laser III

What an absolutely unique release the Nike Total90 Laser III is. Nike have completely redesigned the Laser from its predecessors and created a more dynamic cleat that is designed to improve accuracy and power. The initial roll-out in the range comes in a rather wild Electric Green/Black/Challenge Red color that is very noticeable on the field. Fernando Torres, Wayne Rooney and Robbie Keane are some of the top stars who have taken to wearing these in the last few weeks.

I had the opportunity to get my hands on a pair, and after 3-4 weeks of testing in numerous training sessions and 2 games, I have experienced what the cleat has to offer, and why Nike dynamically transformed the range. I normally wear a size 9US and that is what I wore for this review.

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Breaking In

Side by side, the Total90 Laser III looks very similar size wise to the Total90 Laser II. But, when you put them on and wear them, you will notice a difference in how they fit! The new Laser III does not have the same wide fit as its predecessor, but instead has a tighter front fit.Nike Total90 Laser III Review I think one thing that makes them look wider is the fins that sit along the outside of the cleat, just below the strike zone. You end up loosening the laces a lot to get your foot into them!

At the beginning of the first training session, they felt great and I encountered no discomfort. But, by the end of the practice I started to fell blisters on both my little toe. Reason being, one of the seams that runs from the laces to the outsole is left unprotected on the inside of the cleat. Thus, it rubs against your toe when you change direction. My solution for this problem was to wear a band-aid until the cleat loosened up some. The upper material is synthetic leather, so these cleats break in pretty quickly. It really didn’t take them long to mold to my foot shape, and once they did they responded really well. Oh, and the inserts are pretty cool also as they use PORON technology that is designed to improve shock absorption in the insole. This means less shock to feet and joints, while also reducing pressure from stud placement. I haven’t seen this type of insert in any other cleats.

Style & Design

Well, the first thing you will notice about this cleat is the color! The electric green absolutely pops, while the five red pods in the strike zone are easily distinguished because of the black background. Personally, they are a little too colorful for me. But over the past year, there have been some wild and crazy color choices that have pretty much sold out, so it is not surprising that Nike chose the same route with this rollout. I do, however, really like the latest White/Metallic Gold/Dark Obsidian version that has been released. If you compare this version of the Laser to the Laser II, you can see that they have completely redesigned the front. Nike decided to remove the Shotshield technology (the rings on the front of the Laser II cleat) and moved from a central lacing system to an off center. They have also added the T90 logo toward the back of the Laser III cleat in large black letters.

Nike Total90 Laser III review


Nike has rolled out a bunch of new features on the Laser III. First offis the addition of five red ‘pods’ that sit right along the strike zone. The pods are designed to even out pressure distribution on ball contact. After testing, I can confirm that they serve a purpose, as they do act like small cushions when you hit solid shots. Do they distribute pressure? I can’t confirm this, as that seems like more of a scientific question. I also found that the pods are positioned outside of my normal strike zone. If you have ever watched Cristiano Ronaldo strike a free kick, you will notice he strikes the ball in a completely different way, kind of off center. Well, if I was to describe where the pods are lined, I would say that Ronaldo’s strike would be perfectly in line with where they are positioning. It offers something completely different, and while I was wearing these I was tempted on several occasions to change my shot up! Not a bad thing in my opinion.

Next update is the addition of TPU fins that sit on a honeycomb panel. Now, these I found to be really interesting! Each fin is raised a few millimeters off the honeycomb area, and you can move them by brushing your hand along the area. They are designed to flex on contact with the ball, acting like a car suspension system in a sense. Do they work? They are great for controlling the ball, especially on a wet surface. When it comes to touch and control, you can feel the cushioning effect that the fins have and they do serve that purpose if you use that part of your foot. But, they are positioned outside of the passing zone (ie. your instep), meaning they really don’t serve that functionality, and they definitely are not going to be used when you shoot. Personally, I use my instep for control, and the top of the cleat for dribbling. Thus, I didn’t have as much use for the area as other players might have.

Nike Total90 Laser III


Personally, I am not a fan of the Electric Green color. It is too loud for me and I would have preferred to see the White/Metallic Gold version released first. Second thing that I was disappointed with was the fact I encountered some blisters. If you decide to get these, rub your hand in along the inside of the cleat, and you will find the misplaced (in my opinion) seam that caused the problem. Next, I am not convinced that the fins serve anymore of a purpose than just control. The area that they cover is too low for passing and shooting. I would have liked to see them run in between the 5 pods, offering even more value to that area. Finally, one Mr. Fernando Torres changed back to the Total90 Laser II for last weekends Premier League game, where he scored his 50th goal for Liverpool. My question is, what was up with the Laser III that persuaded Torres to go back to the original pair. Very unusual!


I have to admit that when I first saw these I was completely shocked at how many changes Nike made to the cleat! Normally, you see companies redefining what they have on prior releases, but the LaserTotal90 Laser III Image III is completely different to the Laser II. For that reason, I would say that these are a diagonal step in the range, rather than a step forward. The Total90 Laser II was all about Power, while the Total90 Laser III is all about accuracy and power! In a sense, Nike have moved towards a similar design to the Adidas Predator (side note: this could be a very smart move on their part since the Predator range has moved away from the raised design) I was pleased with how these performed overall, and have no doubt that they will be a hot commodity come this summer’s World Cup.

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  1. Have you seen the mid range Strikes? If so do you know how they compare with the Lasers cos I'm thinking of getting the white strikes if i can afford and find them as a second boot for this season (the first being adipure III which i'm afraid will suffer on the astroturf i play on)

  2. Are the laser 2s true to size?

  3. Thanks for your review. I specificly liked your review by the scores. It really helped me to make decision. With all do respect, I have a question to ask. What do you think of a size of Total 90 Laser III? was it true-size? I am planning to buy these pairs, but not sure about the size.

  4. I prefer the green over the white one. it's kinda lighter though. They fit great and comfy unlike t90II that hurts my middle foot a lot.

  5. Hey Jarrett,

    They fit true to size, it will take a few training sessions before they will fit super snug, but they do in the end. The off center lacing gives a different fit compared to the T90 Laser II (might be why Yuda enjoys the fit more!)

    They are def worth buying!

  6. Jarret,
    Buy these cleats!! they are amazingly great and comfy!! true to size! 😀

  7. Will i look bad if i wear these cleats?

  8. @tomas:

    Very much so

  9. do they last long? and do crease marks form?

  10. @Tomas

    You always look bad in a shiny nike/adidas shoes if you can't actually play. People always expect a bit more from a striker in laser III than in usual black and quite unremarkable adidas.


  11. Nice review Bryan.I really like these cleats.But,i got a question to ask.I heard a few people complaining about a stud coming of.Is this true?Because if my cleats are spoiled,im pretty much screwd.I wont have enough money to buy another pair.

    • Hey Mark,
      I didn't encounter any issues with the studs, they performed as well as any other boot and I haven't heard any complaints. I would recommend them.

      They are suitable for goalkeepers as they have the 'power' element. It seems like you are on the right track between these, the Pwrcat and the Preds….it would be down to personal preference on which ones would suit you best. Also check out the Concave PT+, really good cleat for striking a ball!

  12. hi admins and testers

    i wanna ask if u would recommend this for a goalkeeper

    or the pwrcats or the preds

    im looking to improve my goalkicks


    • if u look to improve ur goalkicks u should work on ur technique. I have adizeros and my goalkicks fly like a rocket to the other side of the field and im only 15 but my technique is really good for a goalie…

  13. hi Brian

    from my reading of ure review on the umbro speciali i have learned that you grew up in Ireland which is where I am from. I am just wondering during ure time in Ireland you where probley intoduced to gaelic football which is my sport. Could u recomend a good boot for me keeping comfort and a larger strike zone in mind because unlike in soccer we tend to kick the ball down the center of the boot.

    any feedback would be appreciated thanks.

  14. alfredo valenzuela

    these kleats are so awsome

  15. Hey Sean,

    You are going to want to look for something with a larger strike zone. I think the Nike T90 Laser II is one of the perfect GAA boots around, might be a little more difficult to get hold of with the introduction of the T90 III. Other really good options include the Under Armour Dominate or the New Adidas Predator X.

    Another pretty good option would be the Adidas F50i, my reason behind this is the fact that you can change the studs and that is pretty critical for different playing surfaces (as you know yourself it can change week to week, from wet to dry) so being able to change gives you an added advantage of not having to buy 2 or 3 pairs.

    Hope this helps!

  16. Do these run big ? I hear they run half a size big and I'm planning on getting them online.

  17. Hey Mike

    As stated in the above comment, they fit they fit true to size

  18. my has had these for 2 months and two of the "Pods" on each foot are beginning to peel off :/ not sure how they stand up durability-wise

    to Bryan: I'm not sure if it actually works but according to Nike the "fins" are there to add swerve when you're kicking, whether it's a curling shot or a cross. Just to let you know

  19. Thanks for the follow up Fifinho,

    That is what Nike say the fins are used for, but as I state in the review "The area that they cover is too low for passing and shooting." When you cross or shoot, you should be using the area that the fins cover…in my opinion it only aids in control.

    Sorry to hear about the pods peeling off, you should send them back to Nike.

  20. Bryan,

    I've been wearing a pair of these Laser III's for about 2 months and they are awesome.

    However, i feel that the fins not only aid with control (which i do agree with), but in-fact, they do help with swerve! As a left winger, i did really feel a difference when crossing and shooting free kicks than with my old pair of F50.9's. I really think its up to how the wearer shoots the ball though.

    Great review! cant wait for more to come.

  21. i just picked this pair of cleats up… wish i had found this site earlier… and also how long did these break in for you? i got semifinal game in 2 days, if i go in hard you think theyll break in ok before the game?

  22. Gary,

    If you can try wearing them in jogging today and tomorrow and then they should be good for your game. One thing you might want to do is put band-aids on your little toes, the shape of the T90 Laser III can cause some irritation there the first time you wear them!

  23. I have two questions. One i wanted to know if i should get the laser 3 or the laser 2 and the second question is do the laser 3 fit similar to laser 2 (my toe is near the end on laser 3)?

  24. Louis,

    Check out the 'Breaking In' section above for more info on sizing compared to the Nike T90 Laser II!

  25. How does the sizing on these compare to the Laser II's? You said it was narrower, but is it the same lengthwise?

  26. Hi Bryan, great review as always to be honest but could you help me out on this one?

    I'm looking for a cleat that offers me good comfort combined with great durability(hate it when the leather rips off the sole etc..), don't really care that much about style

    PS.: I am a defender 🙂

    What would be the best choice then? so Durable + comfort (technology is fine but still the player has to kick the ball) :p

    -Adipures 3

    -Adi predators X

    -Umbro Speciali

    -Umbro Stealth pro

    -Lotto Stadio primato

    -Lotto zhero leggenda tre

    -Nike T90 laser 3

    -Puma King

    If you got better idea than anything that I've listed please say so and otherwise I'd like to know your top 3 because I also got mid to wide feet and you have tested most of them so…

    Thanks in advance Bryan

  27. Johannes Olufsen

    To they stretch? 😀

  28. Hey Bryan did you notice any difference in the sizing between the ii and the iii, if you have tried on the ii? As in did you take the same size for both models of the shoe?

  29. Hey Jon,

    Size wise you will want to get the same, but they do fit a little differently up around the toe area because of the off center lacing in the T90 Laser III

  30. I was just wondering, whats the difference between the T90 Laser III and T90 Strike III?

  31. I currently have the Predator x and I'm looking to buy a new pair of cleats. Would you recommend these over a new pair of predators?

  32. Angelo,

    The Strike is the more affordable version of the Laser..it doesn't come with the same technology seen in the Laser.


    Both are good options and offer similar characteristics. If you want more technology go for the Laser III. But if you are comfortable in your preds stick to buying a new pair of them.

  33. Hi Bryan,

    I Plan To Buy These online sometime this week but in black and red, just wondering what website do you recommend,

    PS: i am living in Ireland.


  34. hey Bryan,

    can you review on the total 90 shoot iii because these cleats are too expensive and i dont have money for these

  35. Jeffret,

    I will definitely look into it!

  36. Hey Brian, my season starts very soon and i am still undecided on what cleats i want. I have compare many of your reviews and have narrowed my choices down to leather adizeros, ctrs and the white and blue leather t90s. Did you do a review on the leather t90s yet? Also, which of my choices would u recommend? I play outside mid and striker if this matter and i will only be using these cleats for 3 months so durability isn't that important to me. I want cleats that will give me a clean strike and touch.


  37. Hey Bryan, I have narrow to medium feet, will I be okay in this? I like the snug feel. Please response, thanks.

  38. Adrian,

    As a winger looking for a clean touch and strike, your nest option will either be the CTR's or adiZeros. The T90's might be a little too bulky for what you need.


    These have more of a madium/wide than narrow fit, although they do fit a lot more snug than the T90 Laser II's.

  39. Hey Bryan, what's your 411 on the cleats that fit snug? Once again, I have narrow to medium feet, what brands would you recommend? Due to the facts that you have tested several brands.

  40. J,

    It is very dependent on the boot rather than the brand. Boots like Nike Tiempo, Adidas adiPure and Umbro Specialis are some examples of boots that fit a little more narrow!

  41. Hi Bryan can you do a review on the leather version so we can compare the differences?

  42. Thanks Bryan,

    How was the fitting on the Nike CTR360 Meastri? Please response, I'm thinking getting a pair of that. Or the Legend III . What are your takes?

  43. *Maestri, excuse me.

  44. J,

    Check out the <a href"http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/07/16/nike-ctr360-maestri-review/&quot; rel="nofollow">CTR360 Maestri review, they fit true to size.

  45. Hi Bryan again,

    My feet size are 8 and kinda medium. I usually wear 8.5 on the first vesion of total 90. They are alright but i think when cleats are bigger than feet, i cant perform the best and i cant kick the hardest.

    So im thinking about buying these cleats. Should i get 8 or 8.5. Im a little more about 8 but you said they are too narrow and you got some blisters cuz they are too tight. So what is your recommendation?


  46. Hi Bryan,

    Is it fine to use FG studs in HG tooo ???

  47. hey brian,

    what are the differnces between the k-leather laser 3 and the synthetic leather laser3? thanks in advance

  48. Fabeer,

    Yes, as long as safety is not compromised. Basically, the harder the surface the smaller studs you will want.


    The difference simply lies in the material and what your preference is towards. Leather will, over time, give you are more comfortable fit, whereas the synthetic version are easier to break in and will prob last a little longer.

  49. Hi Bryan again,

    My feet size are 8 and kinda medium. I usually wear 8.5 on the first vesion of total 90. They are alright but i think when cleats are bigger than feet, i cant perform the best and i cant kick the hardest.

    So im thinking about buying these cleats. Should i get 8 or 8.5. Im a little more about 8 but you said they are too narrow and you got some blisters cuz they are too tight. So what is your recommendation?


  50. Jeffrey,

    My initial reaction is to say go for 8.5. These fit differently to prior T90's, not as big, so you might need to stick with a larger size. If you feel like you need a more snug fit then def go for the 8, although you don't want them too tight and cause discomfort.

  51. Christian Naccarato

    Hey bryan, I just wanted to thank you for this review. These are BY FAR the best cleats I have EVER had, and I was able to score an astonishing 40 yard goal, similar to Van Bronkhorst's. Ahah, my coach was so surprised that he had me take a 32 yard free kick that I rocketed into the back of the net. I love these cleats, and yes, the Nike Technology DOES add shot power, and DOES add accuracy. I used to miss the net all the time due to lazy shooting, and the shot shield made me understand how to properly hit the ball with accuracy and power, and I can consistently hit cross bars now on demand.

  52. Christian,

    Glad to hear they are complimenting your game, sounds like you are getting the best out of them. Keep scoring!

  53. Hey Brian,

    in your opinion and personal experience, does a lighter boot such as the adizeros make you run any faster? or would they just make you last longer? I'm looking to get the new white/blue/charcoal t90s but wasn't sure if it would affect my speed.

  54. bryan* Sorry there. haha

  55. Daniel,

    They don't make you faster, but they do give you a slight psychological edge. I have noticed from wearing them that your feet do feel slightly lighter but I wouldn't say it contributes to increased speed.

  56. Hi Bryan,

    I just got a new pair of T90. After some running sessions, I wore them in 1 match. In the first 10 minutes, things went quite well, but after that, I found by heels hurt, most on the upper of the heels, like it blistered. And I got my little toes hurt too. Did this happen to you ? Can you give me some advices on how to get rid of it ?


    Oh btw I'm vietnamese so maybe I made some gramma mistakes there, hope you don't mind. Tell me if there was, so I can improve my english =)

  57. Oh and btw one of my friend asked me if I want to exchange my T90 with his brand new Adizero (he was given in his birthday). Should I ? I'm defender/full back.

  58. AJ,

    Sounds like you might be wearing a half size too small. The only real way to resolve the issue is a new pair a half size up. Otherwise, you need to spend a lot of time breaking them in, jogging in them for 10 minutes and then switching to a pair that are already broken in.

    Adizero's are a good boot, but if you need a boot with protection (for tackling) they are probably not a good fit.

  59. Hmm, thanks. And btw how to know the real size of my feet ? My T90s are 8 US.

  60. hi bryan would you recommend these or vapors

  61. Would these be alright for a winger? Im not the speedy type more a technical one and i need to deliver accurate crosses

  62. Jeffrey,

    Both are good options, it really depends on what you are looking for.


    These would work for a winger if you are looking for a boot that offers power and a little extra swerve!

  63. Bryan,

    I'm a soccer-mom, bought these for my son, and find that once they've gotten wet, they smell strongly like urine. It's disgusting. Is it the synthetic leather? Are others having this problem or are these from a bad batch or something?

  64. Is the inner lining on the K leather lasers the same as on the synthetics ones?

  65. I can imagine that when wet they might get stinky! The key thing is getting them dry as soon as possible after play. There are different stratagies to try. First off, some newspaper stuffed into the toes will soak up some of the water. You could also try Stuffits or Skunkies

  66. Dear Bryan,

    I love your website. I'm like always on in 3 times a day haha. Well I was wondering if you could help me out with some soccer cleats (laser Elite, or any other shoe you don't use). I decided to save money since January but I then I gave it to my parents to help them out. Can you help me out?-thanks

  67. fernando torres believes in luck

    he wore the white t90 laser3 in the world cup where there is its elite version which is lot better

    and he might have not been used to that cleat to a good extent when he scored the 50th goal for liverpool or he might have liked wearing laser3 better

    by the way thanks for info

    p.s. are they really durable

    my friend says that they got scratched on the instep on the first tackle made on him wearing that shoe

  68. can you do a review on the strike version to compare whats the difference please that would be so nice

  69. Hi Bryan

    First, thanks for your GREAT review!

    i got 2 questions

    1. i wear size 9.5 for total 90 II. should i get size 10 instead for total 90 III?

    2. i am a half playmaker and sometimes striker. should i get total 90 laser III or CTR 360?


  70. Claudio,

    Both are good options for playmakers. Sizing it really depends on how the T90 Laser II fit, but most players will order true to size.

  71. I’ve worn the version that are a step down and I must say they are probably THE comfiest boot I’ve ever worn. Before this I’ve worn the adizero and copa mundials…

    Only thing that put’s me off are the colours I must agree.

    Though now that I think about it, i wonder if the heel material is any diff to these lazers..

  72. Brian,exactly how log did it take to break into them fully?because i have the same problem as you do about the blisters will they loosen up??

  73. Bryan,

    What does the TPU stand for in the TPU fins?

  74. Danny,

    It is the type of Polyurethane plastic that is used.

  75. are these the same ones that are now avible in orange and purple/grey (world cup edition)? if so, are these a good cleat ffor an attacking middfielder?

  76. hey brian,

    im a size 9 and am looking for some new cleats from nike. Nike at the moment is having a 25 percent off of clearance items so i thought i would get some new cleats. I am currently looking at the nike vapor VI`s and the total 90 laser III`s. the vapors are on sale for a bout $101 and the lasers for $90 (with the 25% clearance deal i was talking about) My predicament is that the vapors are only in 9.5 while the lasers are in 9. should i get the vapors or would the size be to big? or should i just stick with the lasers?

  77. Chris,

    Though predicament! Both are great deals. I would personally go for the T90 Laser in the size 9 if you know they are going to fit, it would be better to get them than a boot that could potentially fit too large!

  78. Which are better the new Predators or the total 90's III?

  79. Should i buy vapors,f50 adizero, or total 90 laser 2 plz help me

  80. Hey bryan i am a fantstic player ,i have amazing speed,shot,crosses,passes and dribbling also skills what shoe would u recommend for me i was thinking of getting a t90 laser 3 or the ctr 360 im a play maker can you please help me and tell me which one i should get i wear size 9 but im not sure if t90 laser would fit well or will it give me blisters?

  81. I bought these cleats size 9.5 UK and I'm size 9.5 US is this a good idea?

  82. Hey bryan, im a midfielder and i want to know if these would be right for me. I like to pass and be a playmaker but i also like to dribble by people and make long distance shots. Also to note my accuracy isnt all that great.

  83. @Rishav,

    Probably not such a good idea – there is a large difference between US and UK sizing.


    Sounds like you might be better suited with something like the CTR360 Maestri. There would not be anything wrong with the T90 Laser, but it sounds like you need more of a playmaker boot.

  84. Hi Bryan,

    I am a striker and I am looking for a new pair of boots, I don't use a lot of tricks mainly just speed, accuracy and power. Would it be better to get T90 III Laser or the elite version or Mercurial Superfly II or Mercurial Vapor VI or any other recommendations?

    P.S. Price isn't an issue.

    Thanks a lot!

  85. @Reuben,

    Sounds like the T90 Laser III would be the best option for your playing style, especially if you want power and accuracy!

  86. Great that's awesome, would it be better to get the T90 Laser III Elite or just the regular T90 Lasers? I just realized Fernando Torres are wearing the regular T90 Laser III, is there something wrong with the T90 Laser Elite?


  87. Hey Bryan,

    Im a defender and i am the free kick taker for my team. i was wondering if these would be a good choice for me. i also play up alot and i need something with accuracy/power. also im looking for protection as well( i tackle people alot, and very hard to) thx alot!!

  88. Hey, I have just bought these appropriate to my size, but as I have worn them a couple of times but they have begun to hurt my feet. The sides also hurt my feet as well, is this because the shoe is narrow? Will it last? Or should I buy new ones?

    Please reply!

  89. @Reuben,

    Nothing wrong with the Elite version, they are a little tougher to break in but you are getting a lighter boot.


    These are perfect for protection and power, so they seem to be ideal for what you are looking for.


    It might be the shape of the boot rather than the actual width. If they are causing discomfort then I would recommend trying another boot!

  90. Bryan,

    Looking at purchasing the T90 iii with the screw in studs (soft ground) can you buy spare studs? I have found some 12mmx10mm Alloy Studs at Pro-Direct – will these fit?

  91. I honestly think you need to reduce your evaluation criteria because you are giving personal preference in the evaluation instead of straight "performance" categories. The T 90 laser iii and Elite are the most comfortable shoes i've ever put on and you gave them a 7? Also, many people REALLY like the style of these and that is something that is preferential so it shouldn't count. I love the site and evaluations, but there is no way the adizero performs even close to the T90 or is nearly as comfortable… I have them both. I also noticed the Superfly is rated very low… this is an extremely good boot and should be up there with the Adizero, if not above it. Yes it takes a while to break in, but after that it is every bit and more of a shoe than the Adizero. Putting the Adipure at the top is clearly a "preference" thing because NOBODY likes the look of these and they don't "perform" nearly as good as the T90 in any way imaginable except comfort.

  92. @Mark,

    What you said is completely correct – I write the reviews so they are based on my personal opinion!! That is what the site is all about. You are definitely entitled to leave your thoughts and opinions on each boots in the comments section for others to read, feel free to do so where you feel necessary.

  93. Hi Bryan,

    I have been looking for proper boots for my game for some time now. The best for me are nike total 90's. I love the wideness of the shoe, but I see now that the shoe has been changed to a more narrower version. I mean that the T90 since beginning were wide even as you mentioned above and also were the T90s II as you mentioned above. The T90 III green shoe that you are showing above is narrow and I do not like it. So, my question is I prefer a shoe like the T90 but a wider one. I dont think nike will make any more of those. So what professional advice about shoes can you give me?

  94. @Adnan

    The next best option is the Under Armour Dominate – they fit just as wide as the previous T90 releases and feature their own unique strike zone technology!

  95. Hey Brian, before i say anything, i just want to say im a big fan ou ur blog..i read it everytime im free lookin for more updates..i got the laser iii, the laser ii and the tiempo legends…when i got the laser iis i came here looking for a review, but ddnt see one..if u have reviewed it and i havent seen it..can u send me a link or something

  96. @Sanjeet

    Unfortunately, no publisher review for the T90 Laser II!

  97. Wow you actually replied!, another funny thing is that i actually prefer my laser ii to my laser iii :S … The laser iii is an excellent boot but for me i find the ii better

  98. in my opinion the leather ones are much better.

    i have the black yellow version in leather and they are magnificant.

    they really help increase my shooting power and i bought it thanks your reviews.

    thanks alot bryan!

  99. Hey Brian how do you get a cleat to loosen up faster?

  100. the laser 3 is gr8 to have on, iv realized that i'm more confident on the ball.

  101. @Kevin

    Try wearing them at home or wear them in hot water, this will help soften the stitching and loosen them up.

  102. ive been reading alot of reviews for this boot and many people are saying that I should buy a half size smaller. I wear vapor 5s in size US 9 so i was wondering if i should buy these in US 8.5

  103. Just bought a pair of t90laser iii platinum/orange boots and they are terrific!!!!!

    They provide so much control with the fins and honeycomb panels, especially in wet conditions!!

    I just found they are slightly hard to break in….. any tips Brian????

  104. How bout the k-leather version. Can you reviewing that?
    Im interesting bout the k-lea version vs the maestri II? Which one is the best.

  105. Hi Brian, how is you feeling about the laser iii on long,high passes(goal kicks for example). I heard they have a slightly high toe box so its not that easy to get air under the ball when wearing them? Thanks.

    • Kai,
      The angle of the toe drops at an adequate angle, so you won't have any problems getting under the ball. They are designed for players who want to strike the ball with optimum ease!

  106. Hey Bryan, nice review, so I plan on getting some lasers soon, I'm stuck between sizes, the 9 i tried seems pretty tight and I don't have much wiggle room in my toes, but in the 9.5s, I had a lot of space between the front of the cleat and my toes, So I'm wondering how much they stretch and what your advice would be?

    • Thye won't stretch too much – so my advice would be to go for the 9.5. When I tested them, I did encounter some discomfort and I wore a size 9 (I normally wear size 9)

  107. Dear Brian
    How have the swerve fins on the side held up so far, do they break off or wear down over time? Thanks in advance:)

  108. I didn't get a blister on my pinky i got one on my big toe

  109. What's the difference between these and the Strikes?

  110. I love these shoes but on mine, the "adaptive shield" has started to peel and one of the studs has broken off on each shoe. (Same stud) I am planning on sending them back to Nike to try to get a replacement pair but they were good while they lasted.

  111. Nike have completely redesigned the Laser from its predecessors and created a more dynamic cleat that is designed to improve accuracy and power.( I LIKE THIS CUZ I HAVE 90 AND IT IS so TRUE!

  112. Just purchased a pare of these on ebay (crazy awesome prices on there O.O)

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the $50-$60 version is just as durable as the lasers, as my old ones have lasted almost nine months of crazy abuse and are still in good condition, and I'll be keeping them for off season practices (or at least as long as they'll last. I'm going into a two-year off season between now and college soccer >.<)

  113. Hi bryan, very good review there! Can you help me? I play as fullback. What cleat should I choose? Adipower or lasers?

  114. Bryan,
    I recently purchased laser 3s for an awesome price of 69 dollers without tax. but they only had size 8.5 which is very small on me, do you know of a good way to stretch the synthetic leather on them?

    • Unfortunately, you face a challenge when trying to stretch synthetic – the only advice I can offer is to wear them in jogging sessions (with no cutting and turning) for a week and the stitching should loosen slightly – allow the boot to mold more effectively. Great deal by the way!

  115. I own a pair of these, and I was VERY disappointed. The shooting is good, FREE KICKS ONLY BTW. They are heavy, and…I do NOT recommend them!

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