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Nike Mercurial Superfly II Review

Nike Mercurial Superfly II (5)

The Nike Mercurial Superfly II was released in a blaze of glory a few weeks back, with Cristiano Ronaldo standing in front of a world-wide audience holding the coveted speed boot. There are always expectations when a company releases a second version of a soccer boot, so Nike focused on creating a new dimension to improve a player’s acceleration out of sharp turns. The result is a cleat designed very similar to the original Superfly, with the addition of some pretty crazy adaptive studs. For testing I wore a size 9US, played in 3 games, 3-4 training sessions and multiple morning workouts. If you are considering getting yourself a pair of Superfly II’s I encourage you read below and consider some of the issues I encountered.

Breaking In
In similar fashion to the Vapor VI, the Superfly II took quite a while to break in. In fact, the Superfly II was actually tougher as it is a much tighter fitting boot. Finding the right fit in these is the first challenge. As I said, I wore a size 9US, which is what I wear for all testing and reviews. But these were super tight from day 1. Knowing I would blister, I wore them for several (maybe 4-5 mornings) running sessions before attempting to wear them in a game. When I eventually wore them in the first game, I still ended up blistering probably 25 minutes in. Not a good start, particularly since I worked hard to ensure they felt broken in before wearing them in a competitive game.

Superfly II

Consider ordering a half size up
My advice to anyone who doesn’t have 3-4 weeks to truly break these in is order half a size up. In order to keep the weight of these cleats down, Nike does not use much padding on the inside of the cleat. What you are getting is a very thin layer of material, and as a result you really need to have them well worked in before you can wear them in games. Another issue is the Carbon Fiber Compound sole-plate that has also been specifically created to lower the weight of the boot. It seems that this makes them a little stiffer than normal cleats; it is particularly evident when you try bending the cleats in your hand. After wearing them 2 games in a row I can say that they have somewhat adapted to the shape and contour of my foot and are very effective at fitting their role as a speed boot!

What is Flywire?
When Nike released the initial Superfly, we covered the technology behind Flywire and what it is all about. The goal of Flywire is to minimize weight and maximize support. Its high-strength threads work like cables on a suspension bridge with support engineered precisely where a foot needs it. One thing to note is that Flywire acts just like a tendon would on the front of your foot. The layer of material used to cover the cleat is only there to keep out dirt and rocks; it is the Flywire structure that protects the foot.

Nike Mercurial Superfly II (8) Nike Mercurial Superfly II (4)

It is Flywire technology that allows Nike the opportunity to be able to create such a light cleat. The upper is made of a super light Teijen that is lined with specifically positioned Flywire. There are wires that come from the heel area to the center of the cleat, while there is a second set of wires that line vertically along the outside. Next up is the key to the Superfly II, the adjustable studs. You can clearly differentiate these studs from the others as they have very distinct wings around a small round inner stud. The idea is that when you apply pressure to the front of the cleat, the inner red stud extends out and allows for extra traction when you swivel. There are two adaptive studs on each cleat. After testing, this is more noticeable on grass surfaces than on turf fields. Does it actually work? It is difficult to say. You actually can’t get the adjustable studs to extend without wearing them, so it takes extensive pressure to get the technology to behave as expected. To be honest, it almost reminds me of the Twist’n Go technology that Lotto has adopted in their range.

Nike Mercurial Superfly II (6)

Style and Design
The initial release from Nike was in a Violet colorway, but Eurosport also released an exclusive Dark Obsidian/White/Cool Mint color and that is what I was testing. To be honest, I prefer this color far more than the Violet as it is not as bright and the mix of Obsidian and Cool Mint goes really well together. Another thing that I like is that Nike uses no lace cover. While testing the Vapor VI, the lace cover was one of my negatives as it caused issues with actually getting my feet into the cleats. You can also clearly see the carbon fiber composite on the clear sole of the cleat. This is a big plus for me and is something you won’t see on very many other releases. Nike has again used the hollowed out blades to decrease weight. I think this looks great, and to be honest I would like to see this on all cleats! Nike Mercurial Superfly II (9)

It took some time to actually break these cleats in, and for the price I don’t think this should be the case. If you are paying a lot of money for a pair of cleats, they should offer comfort that surpasses anything else on the market. But that is completely not the case with these. I am also pretty disappointed in how much blistering they caused. If you read a lot of prior reviews, you will note that I don’t blister very often, and am careful about ensuring a boot is well broken in before using them competitively. I am big on giving up comfort just to have a lighter cleat.

I am still in awe at how Nike has developed a boot that can weigh a super light 7.8oz. It almost defies logic, and you really have to hold them in your hand to understand just how light they are! There purpose is to be a speed boot, designed to give you the greatest advantage when it comes to beating the opposition to the ball. The combination of Flywire technology and the new adjustable studs combines for deadly acceleration, especially when it comes to sharp turns. At around $400, you really need to be sure that these are the cleat that you are looking for and really want, while knowing that you will need to be patient in order to allow them to adapt to your feet. Personally, I don’t believe they are in any way worth the money, but I am sure there are players who are willing to invest and trust in Nike’s technology!

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  1. Just as I predicted, lightweight, but uncomfortable. They are only worth the money if you play on pro level.

    Also what is interesting that only a few mercurial players switched to them, you can still see for instance alves, pedro playing in Vs.

  2. which one is more advance? twist and go or the adaptive studs?

    am not too excited bout the weight , the adaptive studs really interesting thing !

  3. Yuda,
    The adaptive stud on the Superfly II is more advanced, but to be honest I couldn’t differentiate between which one was more effective.

  4. thanks bryan.

    am so getting these a try first at the local store.

    Imo it would be better if the adaptive studs placed not only on inner side but also the outer side. coz many times I have quick cuts using my outer side of ma foot.

  5. Hey Bryan,

    Are you going to test the Adidas F50i Tunit because I am wondering what boots to choose.

    Thanks in advance!

  6. can you add videos of you wearing the shoes while taking some shots like corner and penalty kicks? 🙂

    • Hey buddy, sorry I missed this comment. I will take some videos this weekend (in the Superfly II, Vapor VI and the Miracle VI) and I will upload them next week!

  7. rumor has it the new F50's are being announced (coming out?) April 22. supposedly 6.8 oz at $200.

    maybe thats why Bryan is holding off on the f50i review

  8. Hi bryan, between the superfly I and II, apart from the new studs, how different was the feel and play between the two? pros and cons?

    Also, shooting and crossing wise how was it?


  9. Hey Bryan,

    You said that you recommend ordering a half size up. Is that because of the width or the length? I am a size 10.5 in the vapor III's and was wondering if you knew how those compared.


  10. Pete,

    I never tested the Superfly, so I can't give a definite answer on comparison. What I have heard is that the Superfly II fits a little tighter than the original. Also, the new adjustable stud gives a completely new dynamic, esp on twisting and turning.


    I normally wear a size 9 and that is the size I used for this review. Compared to every other boot I have tried in the past year, these were without a doubt the tightest, so if I was buying them I would go for a 9.5. Compared to the Vapor series they do fit a little tighter.

  11. Thanks bryan

  12. thnx for the response mate

  13. Hey Bryan,

    I was wondering how these cleats worked with medium to wide feet. I have a medium to wide foot and I'm not sure which cleat is good for those so I was wondering if these were good for medium to wide footed people? Also if you have any other recommendations feel free to add them in. Thanks

  14. Hey Alex,

    They are definitely suitable for medium width, but for wider feet they are cramped. One thing about them is that they don't stretch very much, so they stay a similar size from day 1 through wearing them (probably very much related to the strength of the Flywire, not much give)

  15. Russell Johnson

    Bryan I think you gave bad advice to some people. The superfly series may be less wide but they are longer than the vapors 5 and the previous versions. Sure it's tight at first but as they really take the shape of your foot you get more space and the shoe ends up being longer which isn't really a good thing if there a big gap between your toes and the end of the shoe because then your feet moves into the shoe.

  16. hey brian,

    i was wondering how much better these are than the vapor vi, if the price doesnt matter. and can you actually tell the difference that the flywire is there?

  17. Hey Bryan,again another amazing review!I got a question though.Its pretty irelevant,but i hope you dont mind.I just got my Mercurial Glides VI!Im currently breaking them in.How do you know that your boots are fully breaken into?Bcus i really dont want to get blisters.Haha.

    • Hey Mark,

      That is a good question! I think the key is ensuring that they feel comfortable when you jog/run in them. The soleplate should be pretty flexible and the leather should be pretty soft. If they are synthetics just make sure they are comfy during training, then wear them in games!

  18. hi bryan, my name is bryan as well. hahas. i think this is really an awesome website you have here. totally awesome, really feel like doing something like this too! i have a question to ask, not really link to the superfly ii, but will you be reviewing the Mizuno Wave Ignitus soccer cleats? thanks.

  19. Hey Bryan,

    Mizuno have not entered the US market to date, so unfortunately we won't be testing them unless they come knocking with boots to review!

  20. Alright thanks bro. super awesome review website you have here!! 🙂 keep up the good work man:)

  21. Hey Bryan,

    I was wondering how much better these are than the vapor vi, if the price doesnt matter. and can you actually tell the difference that the flywire is there?

    I am looking to buy these cleats but dont know if i should buy the vapor VI, or the Superfly II. What do you think i should do?



  22. Caleb,

    I personally preferred the Vapor VI and think that it is better value for money than the Superfly II. This is primarily due to the fit of the Vapor VI, they have some additional stretch room as the flywire is not constricting the upper synthetic. People that see you wearing the Vapor VI are going to be impressed, so unless you really want and have the money to get the Superfly's just stick with the Vapor VI. Again, this is all personal opinion.

  23. Hi Bryan I'm in a toss up between between four pairs of cleats, the F50 Adizero, Mercurial Superfly II Elites, Mercurial Vapor VI or the T90 Laser III Elites. Are you able to tell me what are better in terms of comfort, control and power, I was also wondering what is beter out of the Mercurial material and the Aidzero sprintskin. By the way I have a neutral width foot and price is no matter.



  24. Jesse,

    It is very difficult to compare 4 different pairs to be honest! All have unique properties that make them a suitable option…and of course a lot depends on what the player needs.

  25. dear Bryan i read your conversation between you and Jesse and it seem interesting because i have the same types of questions.

    what would you recommend Adizero or the superfly 2, for a (mid/striker)?

    which out of those two gets more POWER,CURVE, and ACCURACY?

  26. Christopher,

    I would recommend checking out the review scores page for more info on how they compare against each other!

  27. dear Bryan, thanks for your response it really help. I am still wondering if the superfly 2's still feel uncomfortable after they have been broken in?

    If not how do they feel after they have been broken in?

  28. Hey Christopher,

    I never really felt like the Superfly broke in for me personally, the soleplate never seemed to loosen up. I have not worn them in a while (and actually just shipped them out as the prize in our latest giveaway)

  29. Dear Bryan,

    in your own opinion what was one of the things you really hated and absolutely loved about these boots?

    Do you think the carbon-fiber in the superfly's might have the same function as the Adidas predator X (power-spine)? to give power on the shot?. Because when i tried the predator X at a store, they felt really stiff when i walked in them. And as you said before the sole plate on the superflys never seem to loosen up for you.

  30. Hey Brian,

    I was wondering which one do you prefer? The vapor superfly 1 or superfly 2?

  31. Christopher,

    The carbon-fiber soleplate has a very different role to the Powerspine, with the carbon-fiber used to decrease weight. The Predator are def not as tough to break in as the Superfly.

  32. hey can u review the first superflys

  33. are these better then adizeros because I have adizeros and they are ripping and I'm dissapointed with them because I've only used them for a couple weeks and I'm willing to fork over the extra 150 dollars

  34. Dear Bryan

    Been looking at your website for quite a long time now and since this review was published in April, after wearing them for quite a long time how do you feel about them now? Was thinking of buying em myself right now 🙂 however, considering i can get them cheaper than the Vapor VI what would you suggest?

  35. For sure, thanks for the quick response 🙂 was pretty sure you'd use a week or something 🙂

    I'm off for a tournament in amsterdam in a months time so if you can leave me an email i can email you after the tournament and give you my evaluation :)?

  36. Oh and also in what ways did it not work out for you? Kinda nice to know some personal experience with it 🙂

  37. Steven,
    They never ended up really working for me. If you do get a pair, I suggest checking out a half size bigger. If you can get them for a good price they might be worth testing out – maybe follow-up and let me know how they work for you?

  38. They never seem to stretch/mold – not a big fan of flywire. You will find my email on the "About"page, shoot me your review when you get back from Amsterdam.

  39. Hey Bryan,

    i just ordered these in an 8.5. which is what i usually wear. i wore 8.5 in my ctrs. and they fit perfectly. after those wore out, i bought the adipure iii in an 8. so now they fit perfectly as well!

    so my question is, how are is the sizing of the superfly compared to those 2 boots? i would be kinda bummed if they got here and were too big, cuse the whole exchange process takes forever haha.

    any reply would be great thanks!

  40. Hey im strongly considering buying these cleats but the two biggest parts of my game are my shot and speed. Would you recamend These shoes for me ( do they have a good shooting surface to them?)

  41. Hi, i was wondering how they fit a wider foot, as the toe box on them looks quite wide, thanks

  42. Bryan,

    How comfortable are these boots once they have been broken in?

  43. i wish i would have read thsi before purchasing. the break in process for amateurs who don't play every day is BRUTAL. i've always loved the higher end nike cleats and have had great experiences in terms of comfort, performance, and durability. my last pair of Total 90's lasted almost 5 years only one of which was full time playing in college, the rest just a few days a week. with the new cleats, it practically takes a full season to break them in if you play 2-3x per week it seems.

    i can picture ronaldo making kids on the practice squad wear these for a few weeks before he ever puts them on lol so he doesn't blister.

  44. its weird cause some games its pretty comfortable and other games it just kills my feet

  45. How do these fit as opposed to the Mercurial Vapor VI's? If I wear a size 9 in the Vapors should I also get a size 9 in the Superfly II's?

    • The Superfly fits slightly tighter due to the Flywire technology that is incorporated, there is less stretch in the upper!

  46. Hey Bryan,
    I had the chance to try on the first superfly in a 9.5. The fit was pretty good. Wasn't tight but wasn't loose either. Pretty much secure and just right. Do you think the sizing from the superfly 1 is different from the sizing in the superfly 2? I'm considering getting the superfly 2's; however, I don't know if I should stick to a 9.5 or perhaps order a size up or down.

  47. i bought these boots thinking they were the best boots i've ever worn, only in about 5 weeks, the interior is starting to rip, now the sponge is ripping and my foot is against the shell, with no cushion!! i better get a refund from the nike store…

  48. the pictures you show are of replicas

    • So, what you are saying is that Nike are making replica's of their own shoes?

      • FYI: The photos do not look like the replicas. I only recently found out there are replica superfly shoes through YouTube while searching for other reviews on the Superfly III’s. I already have the II’s and am considering the III’s. The big tell on the replica is whether or not you can see the texture in the carbon fiber sole. The replicas still look nice, but the soles have a smooth checkerboard print. Other signs are the insoles (should be perforated) and if you can actually feel the flywire threads in the material. Not sure who makes the replicas, but they look pretty really close.

  49. Brian,
    When you say the Superfly 2's are to tight and you should order a half size up does that mean the length is on the smaller side as well, or just the width? Please reply

  50. hey bryan i wear tiempo 4 in size 9, found a great deal on superfly 2 would a size 9 fit?

    • Superfly might be a little tight in the same size, if you have some extra room in the Tiempo then you should be fine with a 9.

  51. Hi I know this is a bit of a late comment but anyway,
    I fit a size 6uk in the vapor. Would I be the same size in the superfly? Or would they be looser fitting? Thanks

  52. hay i wieghed my miricle and my superflys and miricles came up 3 grams heavier and that is al. got both boots off pro direct and used propper weight scales electronic ones used ina restaurant

  53. Hey i wear a size 11 CTR right now and im considering buying superflys. I have wide feet and i dont know to either get superflys in size 11 or half size up. Please help!!

    • You should save some money and check out a pair of Vapors instead, in a size 11 like the CTR360s. Nike has stopped producing the current range of Superfly with the Vapor getting more attention.

  54. Ok so i am a size 9 in vapors vi so should i get these superflys in 9.5

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