Wednesday , May 29 2024

Spotlight on Personalized Nike Superfly’s

Cristiano Ronaldo SuperflyPersonalized soccer cleats are all the rage at the moment, and that is quiet evident on the latest Nike releases. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Nani and Theo Walcott have been sporting their own personalized Nike Mercurial Superfly II and Vapor VI’s in the past few weeks. I am using the images to illustrate a point.

When I saw these images I had to post them….simply because they really portray the life of a pro footballer. It is not very often that you get to see boots this close up – mud and all! We often get caught up in companies advertising campaigns that show the perfect cleat that turns the player into a superstars. But in fact, it is the other way around as it is the blood, sweat and tears of a soccer player, the work-rate and determination that make the boots look good. No matter what soccer cleats you wear, you still have to go out on the pitch and perform. And whether you pay $50 or $400 for a new pair, it only matters how you feel while wearing them and how hard you are willing to work on the field!

(Images via DayLife)

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  1. You should see Drogba's Superfly 1.5 boots 😀

    Lot more interesting that he choose to use Suprefly 1's studs, and I like his boots' tongues. remind me to vapor 3.

    I had try the superfly 2. I guess the addaptive studs works well,but the price is freaking me awt 🙁

    Bryan, could I request for Mizuno Wave Ignitus review?? I had a pair of wave shinken 2 almost 2 years ago and they were awesome boots.

  2. Hey Yuda,

    I would like to review the Mizuno Wave Ignitus, but unfortunately Mizuno are not currently in the US market space! I have heard they are a great boot though.

  3. I'm thinking too of buying mizuno wave ignitus, just looking around to get some reviews first!

  4. hey bryan. How can you tell if you have a wider foot? becuase i think I have a wider foot and i was wondering if i could wear these because i really like the design and i hear good things about them but im trying to find a good light cleat for a wider foot.

  5. Marcos,

    The Superfly fits medium, a little tighter than the Vapor VI. It might be worth considering a half size up if you think you have a wide foot.

  6. Hey Bryan,

    They sell the Mizuno Wave Ignitus on pro-direct soccer. Its a UK site and a little extra for shipping, but from what I have heard, it's well worth it!

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