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Michael Owen Receives Unique Umbro Specialis

Michael Owen has been a key figure in many of Umbro’s campaigns over the past 10 years. Well, as a reward for his loyalty and also to celebrate his 30th birthday, Umbro fulfilled his wish to have a picture of his horse, named ‘Speciali’, placed on the sole of the Umbro Speciali cleat! Owen recently mentioned to the Umbro team that he would like a design like this, and they were glad to be able to give them to him for his birthday. We have seen Umbro run some interesting design competition in the past few months resulting in very unique releases! But I think these ones win for ingenuity.

Check out the rest of the story on Umbro’s blog.

Michael Owen with Speciali Speciali's

Umbro Speciali Speciali sole

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  1. I hope they make a Michael Owen cleat that stops him from getting injured, because that's what he needs for sure.

  2. Chester Goodwin here. Who wants some ugly horse on the bottom of their cleat? That thing is an eyesore.

  3. agree with chester lol

    umbro needs to pick other striker than Owen..

    gee only Terry who's the most spotted player wearing Umbro

  4. You da man, yuda! Get it? You da, yuda? hahahah! Chester Goodwin here.

  5. lol i get it chester m8 thanks gonna use that as user name 😀

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