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Limited Edition Reebok Giggs Pro

Reebok Giggs ProWhen I think of Reebok, the first soccer player that comes to mind is Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs. For over a decade, not only has Giggs been loyal to his club but the Welsh Wizard has been front and center of Reeboks media and advertising campaigns. For his loyalty and service to the company, Reebok have released a classy looking limited edition soccer cleat, the Reebok Giggs Pro.

The boot comes in a gold leather upper with Reebok’s signature red stripes, also in leather, detailing the side. Stitching on the cleat follows the same trend in a red detail and Giggs in Reebok Giggs proit adds an interesting clash to the primary gold. Giggs signature is also featured at the back of the cleat. When you flip the boot over, you get a sense of how influential Giggs has been to the game as all of his accomplishments have been printed along the soleplate. The list easily covers one boot! I am a huge Giggs fan and admire all that he has done (including ‘that’ wonder goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup) so personally the boot appeals to me, especially since it is limited edition.

As reference, the release of this boot marks Giggs 800th appearance for Manchester United and there are only 800 pairs available to buy (each one will be individually numbered.) If you decide to get a pair, they come in a special commemorative box, and are currently available over at

Reebok Giggs pro Sole

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