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Adidas F50 Adizero - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Adidas F50 Adizero

If you haven’t heard, the Adidas F50 Adizero is about to be released. It will be available on May 11th for viewing, but you willAdidas F50 Adizero have to wait till after May 24th to get your hands on a pair. We are currently in the process of testing what are without a doubt the lightest soccer cleats to ever hit the market (at 5.8oz.) Adidas have created the boot using a single layer sprintskin upper that dramatically reduces the weight of the cleat while maintaining touch and control.

With the likes of Lionel Messi signed up to wear these at the World Cup this summer, Adidas are sure to be on to a winner. There has been a lot of talk recently about Nike’s tactics in taking a stranglehold on the soccer market with revolving releases in the Superfly, Vapor V, CTR360 and T90 Laser ranges (otherwise known as the Nike Elite Series.) But although Nike have established themselves as a leader in innovation, Adidas are an experienced company who know it only takes one release to be the top gun.

We will have more information on the Adidas F50 Adizero in the coming days, with exclusive pictures and of course the most in depth review. What are your initial thoughts on the F50 Adizero and will you be buying a pair?
Update: Read Adidas F50 Adizero Review

Adidas F50 Adizero

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  1. the cheap version already available in ma home town for $34
    I can’t wait to see messi scores goals with the new Adizero

  2. The problem with all the comments I've seen today about these boots is the problem with most of today's footballing society: everybody cares about the superficial aspects of the game and forgets about performance. Who cares if they aren't drop dead sexy like the Superfly II's? I've seen these in person (the black/yellow versions) and they are pretty gorgeous (much better than in pics). Furthermore, what I've heard from people who purchased these early on Ebay is that these AdiZeros absolutely destroy the Superfly boots in terms of weight (obviously), comfort, and support. And in the end, that's all that matters. The old adage is "don't judge a book by it's cover," and that's exactly my piece of advice to everybody hating on these boots right now. Just wait until you slip these on your feet (trust me, I'll be the first in line to try them on come May 24th) and I know they won't disappoint. Do you really think Messi, Villa, Defoe, etc. would wear these shoes if they weren't filthy comfy? I don't think so.


  3. @Terry:

    I guess I didn't make myself too clear on the Superfly issue. I hate the purple and think the Navy Blue color is pretty nice. I think Nike spends so much time making sure their products look polished (the flywire looks almost like alien technology- but still cool- and the carbon fiber outsole looks top notch) that it's hard to look at the Superfly and not be a little impressed.

    Glad there's somebody else out there who agrees with me on this issue (I agree about the adipures too- I own a pair and they are excellent boots)

  4. The sole and the studs of these boots look pretty dodgy, would love to see what they actually feel like in person

  5. @CT do you think the Superfly II actually looks good?

    I completely agree with you though, it is not about how they look, it is how they perform. A lot of people seem to forget that. Look at how simple the adipure looks and it is the best boot out there!

  6. how much are they supposed to be? $180?

  7. $200 greg!
    Well said CT and Terry!

  8. I with ya CT….as long as the cleat performs how it should, that is all i care about. I have the adipures and am glad to say they are my favorite cleat to date….

  9. I bought a pair of the previous F50s with the synthetic uppers and I had brutal trouble with fit and comfort, even though they felt fine when I tried them on at the store. So I'm interested to see how this new version stacks up. Has anyone tried the K-leather version?

    At age 50, my days of professional play are over, so I'm not going to fuss tiny things. But my previous F50s were very difficult to break in and the synth. uppers made a god-awful squeaking noise as I ran. (You'd be surprised how many times this will announce your arrival when you're about to strip the ball from someone making a blind turn.)

    My nearly new F50s are now sitting on the porch, largely unused and I'm wearing a cheap pair of ratty old leather Umbros until I buy a new pair.

  10. Tom: Sometimes the ratty/old leather pair is just the way to go……

  11. Yes Steve – ratty old player, ratty old shoes. A sort of poetic synchrony there ;-).

  12. Tom,

    Cheers for the comments. Never fun when people hear you coming, it defeats the purpose of closing down quickly, I encountered the same issue with the Lotto Zhero Gravity. And I couldn't agree with Steve more, the ratty pairs are often the best performers!

  13. To all,

    i recently purchased these cleats from my local soccer store, and i have to say that it was a great investment. I used them twice so far in training sessions, but never in a game. They gave me great support as a winger, and i did not experience any of noise problems, or breaking in problems yet.

  14. All I now is that the f 50 adizeros are going to be much better than The superflyes because i own a pair of mercurial 5s and they are absolute rubbish while the F 50 i are the best shoes i Have tried on And the Adizeros are even Better!!!!

  15. loving the adizeros. so excited to pick up a pair in the leather version. is the adizero review almost done? realling looking forward to hearing what you think about them

  16. Hello all! I got these boots yesterday with the kangaroo leather and I will say after wearing vapors for 4 years these are far better. the touch is simply phenomenal and i feel like I have more control on my shot. these are a must have!

  17. hi i was wondering are messi and vila wearing these boots in leather or synthetic upper?

  18. Nick,

    Messi is wearing leather while Villa is wearing synthetic

  19. Bryan,

    I just got my pair today and its pretty cool. I'm having some problem in fitting, bc i have a wide foot, its kinda hurting one of my toe,so what should you recommend! Should i buy a bigger size or let the shoe break-in?

    P.S.- i got adidas f50 adizero chameleon purple(synthetic) size 9

  20. Jas,

    If it is pretty tight I would recommend a half size up. The synthetic version is really not going to stretch too much, and it would be better to change them before they get scrapped up. The only other thing you could do is tape up that toe!

  21. Bryan,

    Hi, I was wondering I am trying to decide over these or the Nike T90 elite (purple and orange and synthetic) I am a Striker and i play with speed and accuracy.

  22. bryan,

    thanks for the reply,actually the problem is with the sides not with the top!

    I have a half-finger size free in the front/top, the side is what is making my toe hurt.

    p.s.-only my left shoe is having this problem, the right shoe is perfect

  23. Choen,

    If you are looking for speed the Adizero is going to be a much better option! Accuracy wise, the T90 might be a better option…so it depends on which you want more!


    Yeah that is a tough one, it seems like the actual fit might not be right for you. I would test it out once more, and if you are still have the same problems it might be worth returning them for a different style boot.

  24. Bryan,

    Do you think that the leather ones will be great option?

  25. Any thoughts on how well these boots will perform on the latest types of outdoor artificial turf? Is there a hard-ground version?

  26. Ken,

    I currently play on a new artificial grass here in LA and they work really well!

  27. where is the cheapest place i can get them…where did u get them?

  28. very good boots i’v got them and i love them

  29. adidas f50 is super light, really a nice choice for soccer cleats

  30. Just ordered a pair of the leather versions, chameleon colour. CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR THEM BTW. They should arrive in a couple of days, I am gonna make so many people look absolutely, ridiculously, unbelievably out of their depth when im playing!!! wooo!!

  31. holy frick, got them this morning. . .THEYRE OSSUM

  32. I have had vapors for over year and they have had no problems cant wait to see how great tye adizeros will be

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