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Adidas adizero FG Synthetic Review

Adidas adizero FG

Finally, the review you have been waiting for, the Adidas adizero! First off, I have to tell you that I was extremely skeptical going into this review. After testing several other speed boots (Nike Superfly and Puma V1.10), there was one question on my mind: “How bad are these going to blister my feet considering how light they are?” The one thing I have learned is that taking away materials produces a less comfortable boot, primarily because whats left behind is a skeleton frame designed to rub against your heels and toes! But what you will be surprised to hear is that things are a little different when it comes to the adizero! Adidas have truly pulled out all the stops in creating a boot that just downright destroys it competitors in terms of lightweight releases!

The following review is for the synthetic firm ground version in the range, with the Leather and Hybrid reviews also available. For testing, I wore a size 9US in the Sea of Yellow, Black/Sun/Metallic Silver colorway.

Adidas Adizero Synthetic FG

Does the adizero actually feel lighter?

Without having to think about it the answer is “YES.” When I took these out of the box for the first time they blew my mind! It is absolutely astounding how light these feel. I have to admit that I am normally skeptical of lightweight boots, and have stated that I never really notice a difference in terms of weight, but the adizero completely changed my opinion. They are light in your hands and light on your feet!

Breaking In

One of the most surprising things about the adizero is actually the ease with which they break in. The boot comes with 2 different inserts, a lightweight and a comfort. My first piece of advice is to start off by using the comfort version. There is only a slight difference weight wise in both versions, and the comfort version will offer more protection for your fit as you try to break these in. I only had to wear these in one training session before they were ready to be used in a game, exactly what I did not expect! So far I have used them in 3 games, and they have performed extremely well. I did start to feel some slight discomfort on my heels, but after simply applying a band-aid, it never became an issue. All-in-all, I have worn them in 3-4 training sessions and 3 games with very positive results.
To recap: If you have the right size (like I did) you should not experience too many problems breaking these in. Make sure to start out using the comfort insert.


Sizing is an area that I usually stay away from, but I think it will be particularly effective to compare my sizing to the F50i and Superfly ranges for comparison. I have read several comments from people who state the adizero fits a half size bigger. My opinion is not such. I normally wear a size 9, and for testing the adizero I wore a size 9 that fit absolutely true to size length wise. Now, the one area that these are a little different is in width. Compared to the F50i (which I am currently reviewing) or the Nike Superfly II, the adizero fits a little wider and it has a lot more give. One of the biggest contributing factors to this is the fact that the materials used in the boot are so much thinner, giving you that extra bit of space for maneuverability.
My advice: If you fit pretty close to the tip of the toe in a size, go with that exact size. But if you normally have a decent amount of room in a size (about the width of one finger) order a half size down.

Adizero black and chameleon

adizero F50

Adidas Adizero Sea of Black


What makes this boot super light is the use of Sprintskin, a single layer synthetic that allows Adidas to dramatically reduce the weight. The material is literally as thin as a few sheets of paper! Adidas also use innovative internal TPU support bands inside the Sprintframe (the gray ladder design inside the boot.) It is basically designed to provide additional support and strength to the walls of the cleat. Another area where Adidas have placed additional research is in the stud configuration. The design is completely different to anything else on the market, especially since the studs are a triangular shape! Adidas state that the design helps improve speed when you push off the ground.


A few months back when I saw the prototypes of the adizero range I was not impressed. They seemed to look very square and minimalist. I was particularly put off by the designs used. But after having these for a few weeks, my reaction is completely different. Actually having the boots in your hands gives them a very different look, especially the Messi Chameleon version. No picture actually does the design justice. The soleplate of each version looks very minimal, especially since the only change isAdizero raised heel the stud color. I personally like this aspect as it shows Adidas have placed higher value on performance instead of how the boot looks. One of the more unique aspects of the cleat lies on the heel, where Adidas have replaced the regular wide grooved heel with a much smaller, yet extremely comfortable, thumb heel design. By thumb heel design I mean it literally is a thumb width in size and it extends slightly higher on your heel than it normally would. I like this part of the design as it gives that extra bit of material to keep the boot close to your foot, without adding any extra pressure in the region.


This is one of the few reviews where I have limited negatives to report. I found the adizero lives up to expectations. For a lightweight boot, they offer great comfort and support. In saying this, there is no doubt that like any other lightweight boot out there these will not suit certain players and will cause certain discomfort. This is just part and parcel of what you can expect from a speed boot that has less material/padding, and of course it all really depends on the player. If I do notice any negatives over the coming weeks I will update this section.

Adidas F50 adizero review


Adidas really have stepped it up with this release. I was highly skeptical going into testing, but all I have are positives to report about the adizero. The look good on, and feel pretty good to wear. It amazes me how Adidas are able to produce something that weighs under 6oz. Even after you read this, you will be astounded at how light they are. And the best part about it is that Adidas have priced these at a pretty decent $200! Considering the market, and what you are getting with these, that is a reasonable price. In terms of position, if you feel like you need a lightweight boot then these might be the best option out there! To be honest, they might not be suitable for defenders who like to get stuck in as they really don’t offer a great deal of protection. This also goes for hard-hitting midfielders. When you are creating a boot for a player of the caliber of Lionel Messi you really have to get it right, and fulfill their exact needs. In my opinion, that is exactly what Adidas have done with these.

(*boots supplied for review by soccer.com)

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. Hey Bryan,

    Awesome review! I just wanted to ask a few questions like

    Are these cleats good for wide footed people?

    How is the durability of these cleats?

    Are these cleats good for center midfielders?

    And finally can you get good swerve with these cleat?

  2. Hey Bryan, was looking forward to this review and I must say it's very good! I was wondering though, what exactly is responsiveness

  3. Bryan, great review for a great pare of boots. Im in shocked (in a good way)that you ranked them higher then your beloved adiPure III's. Anyway I was wandering how the stiffness of the upper is in comparison to the F50i's and the superfly II's.Thanks

  4. So the soleplate is actually wider than that of the f50i? It doesn't look that way in the pictures…

    And how's the touch? I've heard from some that the thin materal makes your touch like when you play barefoot or with socks. I'm reluctant to buy synthetics, but i might be convinced with these if this info is true.

  5. Yup, thanks very much Bryan. I waited for this review, I am so getting this. I hoped that these fit snugly since I have narrow to medium sized feet. I'll let you know.

  6. Great review!
    I am really surprised that they got a better grade than your favourite adipure!
    I can’t wait for the leather review!
    It seems that adidas has done a very good job and came out with a winner!

  7. Are these okay for GKS?

  8. Bryan great review! I was just wondering about what looks like Jabulaniesque grooves in the last picture above. Do they serve any purpose or are they even significant in any way? I mean it seems odd that Adidas would put groves in the same sweet spot area as on Predators. Anyways great review can’t wait for the leather one!

  9. Thanks for all the comments guys! Hope I cover all the replies!

    Leather review with pics will be up by Tuesday latest…promise!

    They do fit a little wider so should be suitable (I have a medium/wide foot)…I used them in 3 trainings and 3 games with no scuffing or damage, long term I can’t really comment….it depends on what type of midfielder you are, if you are concerned with protection then no, but if you are a playmaker yes…swerve is decent with these!

    Great spot with the “Jabulaniesque” grooves (what a word). They line the synthetic version, not the leather. They are there to aid in touch just like with the Jabulani, they serve a purpose and that is grip. These grooves also exist inside the lining of the boot, alone the ankle and heel region, also to ensure they grip to your feet. Excellent comment!

    Responsiveness is how the boot performs over time, especially between breaking in and games. I watch out for things like how the upper feels on my feet, especially when touching the ball. I also like to know how they perform in different scenarios, when I twist/turn do they feel like they are moving how i need them to. Basically, how do the boots respond to what I expect while I am wearing them!

    I was shocked myself…but these really offer something unique to the market. Compared to the F50i and the Superfly, these boots break in a lot easier and are no way as stiff! Remember, the issue with the Superfly is that the Flywire doesn’t allow the upper to stretch.

    It is not the soleplate that is wider, rather the fit of the upper. I will compare images between post in an upcoming review. I personally felt like the touch was fine and I didn’t feel like I was playing barefoot at any stage. If you prefer the leather, wait for the upcoming leather review, the boot ranks just as high.

    Glad the review helped, let me know how they turn out!

  10. Great review Bryan i knew theres a reason i wait for your reviews before i buy my boots but still gonna wait for the leather review as there must be a reason all the pros are wearing the leather version even players like robben and swp who previuosly work the sprintskin F50i's

  11. Great review. I have wide foots so I think im gonna buy the leather ones. But I decide after ur leather review.

  12. Bryan,

    First off, thank you for taking the time to review this boot.

    I should be getting my pair of adizero's today. I bought both synthetic and leather version. I will be keeping one. I ask if you have any opinion on the matter.

    For comparison, I hated the F50 tunits ( I don't have wide feet but they hurt me like a MF), don't like last years predator model (felt too heavy), and I absolutely love AdiPure II's (got 3 pairs of the same boot just before they got discontinued LOL)

    Any recommendations as to which I should keep?

    Also, I'm really afraid to break them in and then realize they are too big. I wear 9's in all my other boots, (all the above + old Nike T90's). With all the talk about being half a size big. Will I notice it right away on both leather and synthetic or will they stretch over time like my adipure's?

    And is it true all the footballers will be wearing the leather versions??

    Sorry for the many questions. I will wait for tomorrow's leather review but I still prefer to ask for a more personalized opinion.

  13. Hi, Bryan

    Some people said that when somebody stepped on you while you are wearing adizeros, it can hurt you really bad.

    Just want to know, is it true?

    Thanks in advance! 😀

  14. Bryan,

    I love your reviews.

    I don't know if I should get the PUMA Powercat or the Adidas adizeros. I play offensive/attacking midfield on a highschool team. I am a small player who dribbles alot to put together plays. I also like to take long shots from twenty/thrity yards out. I have enjoyed kangaroo leather on the old predators and I also have enjoyed the lightness of the vapor V. I noticed that both the Powercat and the adizero both got great reviews from you.

    Which cleats would you recommend? If I should get the adizeros, which ones (leather or sprint skin)? Do you know how durable the leather version is? Can you feel much of a difference in weight between the leather version and the sprintskin version of the adizeros?

    Sorry for all the qustions. But I would love to get a response.

  15. Hey Bryan, I'm going to order a pair of adizero's online but I'm sure if I should get the synthetic or leather version. I like synthetic just as much as I like leather so it's 50/50. Please let me know what you think I should get. Thanks.

  16. Hey Bryan,

    Are you going to have a contest/giveaway for these boots?!

  17. For all the leather versus synthetic questions, I have posted a review covering the topic!

    Adidas adizero: Leather Versus Synthetic

  18. Just picked up a pair of these yesterday, and they are insane! It's true that you really have no clue how light these boots are until you have one of them in your hand! Thanks for providing a review that is extremely accurate.

  19. Im sorry for asking. But when is the leather review coming m8?

  20. I found this review and all the others on this site very helpful in deciding to buy a new shoe so I’d like to post my experience and comments about the new adizero synthetic here.

    I have played soccer for most of my life through highschool and college club level as a center middfielder and am used to wearing standard k-leather copas so the decision to try out a new style and material was a big one for me but I figured it would be fun and it is getting harder to ignore the new technology coming out these days. Plus I’ve always been a fan of adidas cleats. I was mostly worried about sizing and changes in ball control/touch going from leather to synthetic. So with that in mind after wearing them for 2 games with one training session in between…

    With regard to fit/sizing I normally wear a size 10.5 in copas and I have an average width foot with good arches. For me that gives me about half a thumb between my big toe and the tip of the boot before they’re broken in. The synthetic adizero size 10.5 gives me probably less than a quarter thumb from the tip of my toe to the end of the boot (almost zero, an exact fit). I was hesitant about this since I’ve read the synthetic won’t streach like the leather and I already have black big toe nails, but I also read and was told it will still mold to the foot so i figured my toes might take some punishment while breaking in but I would get the skin tight fit I wanted eventually. After 1 game and 1 training session I can say here that the sizing was right for me and the sprintskin synthetic yielded to my toes (quicker than I thought it would). I’m very happy about that since spending 200 bucks and getting the wrong size would suck.

    With regard to comfort, Bryan is right about there being zero blistering. My only problem was stubbing my toes whenever I cut and changed directions quickly for the first game and training session. That was kind of painful and probably could have been avoided by buying half a size bigger but that’s just my preference. Bryan is also right to suggest using the comfort insole. I tried using both the comfort and the performance and there really is more support and not a noticable weight difference from the comfort. Wearing the performance insole kind of made the muscles in my feet cramp uncomfortably if that makes any sense.

    Finally, going from leather to synthetic the touch wasn’t too different. Not really better or worse but but the synthetic felt a little more springy off the ball. If you need the leather to make your touch soft I wouldn’t recommend using the synthetic but I have a lot of experience so I welcomed increased response. I think either the grooves on the synthetic, material itself or maybe it was just the clean striking surface with the laces up the side increases shot power and swerve/spin on the ball noticably because my first haphazard shot on goal from outside the 18 I took just to test them out dipped like crazy over some defenders losing none of its power gaving the goalie some real trouble. If I had taken the same shot wearing copas I know the results wouldn’t have been the same.

    Some interesting notes. I know some professionals are saying the brightly colored shoes gets them the ball more because they’re more noticed. I got the chameleons, which are pretty flashy in real life, the pictures don’t do them justice, and I actually noticed things I take for granted from experience like where my feet are spatially related to the ball. I wonder if anyone will do a study on shoe color with relation to eye foot coordination. Also, the sprintskin2, being waterproof now as I understand it had an interesting feel while I was training one morning. The normally heavy/soaked feeling a leather shoe can sometimes get from it raining overnight or the morning dew was replaced by a cold sensation coming through the sprintskin2.

  21. i think that is a very bad review and plz learn something from nike because its always the best in everything:P

  22. Hey does the “Jabulaniesque” grooves actually help with controlling the ball and adding spin to the ball when shooting or is it just decoration

  23. Hey, Bryan

    I have been on the market for a new boot and I can't tell which is better between the adizero and the Nike Mercurial Vapor. Im looking for a fast shoe with Comfort and touch elements.


  24. Nick,
    The grooves do offer some grip enhancement, but if it actually helps add spin on the ball is yet to be seen. Without them there, the boot would be very smooth and touch would be more difficult.

    Both the Mercurial Vapor V and the adizero are great options if you are looking for a fast shoe with comfort. The adizero would be a better option if you want the most upto date speed boot.

  25. When is the leather Review conmng???

  26. I bought the leather version of these a week ago & love them. In the process of still breaking them in but I have worn these in a full match & some training sessions. I play Def. Midfielder so even though these are designed for all the tricksters they still work for a lot of different positions on the field.

  27. thanks for this great review bryan

    but i have one question.

    i saw the picture that adizero upper ripped a little

    so i think the upper(sprint skin)will tear easily with other player's tackle like as you saw in the picture of Didier Drogba's superfly 1

    i wonder the durability of cleat's upper that's why i hesitate to buy this great cleats.

    thanks for reading and waiting your answer, bye~

  28. For a defender looking for a speed boot would these or vapors be better?

    and is the leather version more sturdy?

  29. Great review just ordered mine from adidas Canada in black/sun… Having worn cops indoors, copa mundials and world cups up until today for the past ten years and using Chelsea cream to protect them brings up my question of protection For the adizero synthetic shoe. Is anything really needed here? Or should a regualr leather shoe spray that can be picked up a any shoe store be used? Thanks

  30. Hey Mario,

    All you will need is a damp cloth, the synthetic version cleans pretty easy!

  31. Does the leather version of the synthetic version feel more like you are barefoot?

  32. thanks Bryan for the quick response… sounds simple enough… will just use a damp cloth and will not use any spray or anything like that… shoes should arrive in the morning from the adidas factory.

  33. As you know, Adidas always tends to make their boots more comfortable for wide footed people. Nike on the other hand, not so much. This is the first synthetic I have ever purchased in my life and love them. I have the widest flattest feet, and can easily be classified as a 3-4E in width. Because of this, I have been stuck with generally heavy, boring cleats which do not have any standouts in technology. But, if you have wide feet, this shoe will fit, even get a size down. I am normally a 9 and 8.5 in synthetic fits perfectly, with about 1-2cm at end while standing with comforts in. When my feet grow They haven't in 4 years but when they do, I can put the sprint sole in which will give me more room about 3-4cm at end as well as only wear 1 pair of socks. BUT YES, if you have wide feet, you diffidently can give these a try, you won't be disappointed. If heel problems like me, just add band-aid, it will break in eventually.

  34. do you prefer chameleon or black/yellow

  35. "And the Gods Will Decide.” Sorry had to throw that one in. Bryan once again thanks for all the info. so i have been having this long debate of sticking with the k leather and buying a new pair of world cups or buy the f50's… i bought a new pair of world cups last week that i will be picking up on saturday (which i am not able to return) and i ordered the f50's which came yesterday i tried on the f50's (synthetic) a few times in the adidas store they didnt have the leather ones yet but they had them online in canada for a few days now they dropped off for some reason i called adidas they said they might be doing a website clean up or something… anyways when the concierge gave me my box last night it was so light… i couldnt wait i went out at midnight to the nearest park (downtown toronto) big difference between these and my beloved world cups i dont even think they can even be compared maybe the world cups and f50 leathers but im not even sure if that would be possible its 30 years of innovation between the two… wouldnt even know where to begin… the f50's are amazing because they are so light that is the first thing anyone can notice and they wrap surprisingly well to your foot the feel is different then that of k leather but i mean that is expected i think its all up to personal opinion when it comes to feel. i will prob use a diff adidas insole then the one provided… i need to try to sell my world cups and at least get back 50 percent of the money lost beacuse the f50's are taking over… just a note on the f50's i paid 215 clean cad after using a 25 percent off visa code. just want to say all these kids these days care about looks (who can blame them)… yes its nice to have a boot that is fun and that you will be excited to put on and play with but if they dont fit properly or feel good you are wasting your time and money. technology is technology it comes and goes… but nothing beats skill with the right pair of boots.

  36. Adizeros or Puma pwr-c tricks

  37. bryan adizeros or puma pwr-c tricks for a defender/midfielder

  38. Bryan, I tried it on, it is about half size larger around the top. Wider, size (length), no problem, width (yes, about 1/2 size bigger). How do I fix that? I also wear the Adidas Formotion socks.

  39. I bought a pair last just the start of the week and wore them right away in my match today!!

    They are so comfortable is crazy. No blisters compared to the Vapors that I used to wear, they are more comfortable than the CTR360 that I had, which I find amazing.

    They fit true to size as Bryan said. I am wearing the synthetic version and it was raining pretty hard, to my amazement the inside of the boot stayed dry, and rain just slips off the surface of the boot, which make grip on the boot available even in a wet day.

    It is even more amazing if you have played in a pair. They have exceeded all my expectations!

  40. Aaron,

    Adizeros if you want speed, Power-CT if you want some added power!


    Might need to return them if there is a lot of room. Another option is trying 2 pairs of socks.


    Glad to hear you like them, let us know how you rate the durability.

  41. I was wondering if the Adizero's metal studs would work with other f50 cleats. I have a pair of custom f50i and I would love to use the Adizero's purple metal studs on them.

    Also I just bought a pair of these cleats and love them, I didn't think they would be as comfortable as they are!

  42. Amazing cleats. Just got some. Thanks for the info Bryan!

  43. Jamie,

    So, I tested it out and the Adizero studs will fit in the F50i cleats, but be warned that the Adizero studs are shorter and there is no guarantee that they will stay in place. Here is an image showing what they look like in.

  44. Hey Bryan before I say anything I have to say all of your reviews are fantastic..they're so helpful.

    I'm trying to get a new pair of cleats, and I'm stuck between Predator X and F50 Adizero. I play left mid, and I like to cut into the middle.

    I think F50 Adizero will be worth paying more dollars than Predator X, but I'm worried about its durability. I'm planning to use it for a good 6-8months so I really want something durable and lasting. Would you say Predator X is more durable than F50 Adizero?

  45. MJ,

    It depends on the surface you are using them, but both should give you a good 6-8 months use pending you take care of them (keep them dry and clean). In terms of a longer period, I think the Preds would give you a longer life, mainly because the materials are a little thicker and less likely to tear.

  46. I pretty much play on natural grass all the time so I guess F50 Adizero should be fine. I guess I should take really good care of it like you said to use it even longer!

    Thanks a lot Bryan

  47. Hello Bryan, yup, I tested them out during practice, very bad, the shoes was loose and slide, when I ran with them, I could feel that the fitting was I suspected, flopping, the attackers could hear the sounds, even I could hear. I stopped by the local soccer store today to test out the size 8.5, as it is recommended on soccer.com … much better fitting, more snug. The size 9 I bought, cannot return it anymore since I have worn them for practice. I bought it off of eBay (size 9)

  48. Hey Bryan, my earlier comment was prior using double socks. Speaking of double socks, how long do I have to use that method? Until the cleat has completely broken in? Or as long as I own the cleat?

  49. Hey Bryan,

    now that you've had the chance to try out these cleats, how would you say the grip compares to the nike mercurial line? I'm kind of a soccer noob, and was thinking about getting the f10's, which are the cheaper versions of these. I think Nike's comparable cleats would be the mercurial victory. When I tried them on at the store, I noticed a pretty significant difference in the length of the studs between the f10 and the victory (right under the balls of the feet. Not so much for the heel studs.) I can't help but think that the longer studs on the f10's would provide better grip. What do you think? And would you recommend one over the other? I know neither of them are as good as the f50 or vapor, but I don't play soccer that much, and want to stay within budget. I would still like to get the best bang for the buck though. Thanks in advance!

  50. Hey brian,

    i tried these cleats on at my local soccer shop and they felt kinda stiff around my foot especially when i bent my foot. I was wondering if the sprintskin loosens up alittle after wearing them and breakin them or does it stay stiff?

  51. Sorry for mispelling your name bryan

  52. J,

    Double socks until you feel comfortable in the boots, if your feet are still growing I doubt you will need double socks for very long!


    I tested the Miracle recently (which is the middle version, a little more than the Victory) and they worked out really well. The F10 studs will definitely give you better grip with the Victory being more suited to artificial surfaces. Nika and Adidas still put a lot of effort into ensuring their budget boots supply comfort and support so they will still work out well for you!


    Were you trying on the artificial or the leather version?

  53. I tried on the synthetic ones

  54. Hello Bryan, by double socking, wouldn't it stretch the synthetic leather out? And again, the boots still the size 9 that I mentioned in the previous post. Does it make any difference if I switch back to single socks? Fit-wise, will it change anything or still loose like before?

  55. Josh,

    The sprintskin will open up a little bit in your toes and stay tight around the rest of your foot. It won't get loose around the rest of the foot but it will become more flexible and mold to your foot when it is broken in. Expect to break them in.

  56. J,

    If you got the synthetic F50's the material isn't synthetic leather, it is microfiber. It won't stretch out like synthetic leather so it probably won't be stretched out when you go back to 1 sock.

  57. Hey Bryan I was wondering if does the sprintskin on the f50 adizero get uncomfortable and does it hurt to do long shots

    Thanks Mate 😀

  58. Bryan,

    I was wondering how the grip-and-grove stuff works? is it like the predators rubber strip and helps with grip on the ball in wet weather, or does it just add some extra feel?

  59. Thanks for your reply, Danny. I had to go back to one sock now, double socks hurting my feet while running with the boots. I am still give the F50 few more chances before switching to the Mercurial Vapor WC (non-elite) version. I like snug and tight. The "space" is still there around the toe area, "space" the width.

  60. I have small to medium feet, this should be a perfect fit for medium to wide. I am looking for a buyer, I'm looking to sell my F50, only used for 2 practices.

  61. Jesse,

    I never found the sprintskin to be uncomfortable, it feels decently soft inside.


    The Grip'n Groove technology is like what you see on the Jabulani soccer ball, it is more for feel than anything else, very different to what is on the Predator X.

  62. Thanks heaps Bryan you have been a massive help.

  63. thanks bryan! im going to pick up a pair of f10's now

  64. Hey Bryan, I am old already, lol, I doubt that my feet would grow any longer / bigger.

  65. Thanks for the responce bryan, keep up the great reviews! =D

  66. Bryan,

    I need some new boots and I'm considering buying these (Adizero's) or the Mercurial Vapor VI. Which ones do you think i should buy? I would get the Superflys but they are way to expensive. Anyways, Nike Mercurial Vapor VI or Adizero?

  67. hi i was wondering i ordered a pair and because of them not being medal studs how long do you think these studs on the synthetic ones will last if i use the shoe regularly before i have to buy a new f50 shoe?

  68. Hey Sam,

    Best bet is check out my reviews of both! Both have positives and are good boots.


    The studs are made from a strong PU material so they should last however long you decide to wear the boots.

  69. Bryan,

    I was wondering if you ever had a problem turning real fast in these cleats (or also called cutting). I have heard from alot of players and people tell me that with the Adizero cleats, the studs didn't give great results by turning & sprinting. Did you ever try sprinting and then turning real fast? and if so, what were the results like? I'm the kind of forward who likes to cut against defenders, and use my speed to go past defenders, and I was stuck between getting the Adizero's or the Vapor VI's.

  70. Hi Bryan. I am a goalkeeper who seems to be able to strike a ball better barefoot and am into lightweight, minimalist, and thin… well everything! I have three pairs of speciali, a pair of copas, and two synthetic boots for training (talaria and predator). I kind of go back and forth on whether I like synthetics or leather better. I went to the store and tried both the leather and synthetic adizeros on. The leather definetly fits better, but is also thicker. I think the leather would be smarter because it would be more like wearing a sock. However, something about the synthetic is drawing me. Maybe it’s the fact that it is so thin. I’m really stuck on which to go with, what do you think?

  71. Marcus,

    They work just fine on all surfaces, I didn't notice much difference between these and other boots on the market. The studs are a little thinner, so if anything it would increase how your foot grips the ground.


    It is really down to personal preference. If you want something that is easier to break in then go for Synthetics, but if you want more quality over time go with the leather version! Both are great options though so you can't go wrong!

  72. Ok thanks for the quick response Bryan. When they are broken in which one feels more like you are barefoot?

  73. Hey Bryan,

    I play rugby at the inside center position. I'm looking to buy some lighter boots, and these adizeros keep coming up in conversation, and on the net. All the reviews are great, but I was wondering if getting these for rugby is a smart decision…this "sprintskin" sounds great but I'm nervous it can rip easily, or that it won't protect the top of my foot at all. Do you think it would hurt more than an average boot if I got stepped on wearing them? Do you think it can rip? I don't know if you know anything about rugby, but would you recommend them for it anyway?

    Thanks a lot!

  74. Not likely it will rip, but it will huuuuuuuuuurt

  75. Bryan,

    Another question I have for you is considering I play soccer in Florida (where it happens to rain quite often, and fields can get muddy), how well do these cleats work with wet/muddy field conditions vs the Vapor VI's?

  76. Thanks Bryan, just one more question, out of all the boots you have reviewed what would you say is the best cleat for a midfield palyer so CAM/CM/LM/RM ect.

  77. Hey Aaron,

    I played a little rugby growing up. I would advise against the adiZeros, I don't think they would offer enough to put into a very physical sport like rugby. I think there are other lightweight options that will offer more protection. The Nike CTR360 or the Adidas adiPure might be very good options!


    If you go for the AG version they will work out well in wet conditions as they come with longer studs.

  78. Hey Bryan

    Do you know what the difference is between the f50 adizero and the f30 adizero ?

    Can you do a review on the f30 adizero ?

  79. Hey Jeet,

    The F30 is the replica version of the F50. You are not getting the same technology, and the F40 weights in at around 9.8oz unlike the F50 which is 5.8oz. They will still offer great quality and are difficult to differentiate from the more expensive boot. I will try get my hands on a pair for review!

  80. Have you heard of these boots ripping or breaking at all because of the very thin material?

  81. Sam,

    I have not officially heard of any problems. They are constructed really well so in my opinion I don't think they will offer many problems.

  82. So I bought a size 11 in the synthetics and played two games in them. The first game I had zero problems. The second game, my right heel skipped the blister phase and went straight to rubbing off a few layers of skin. The second problem was with the toebox. My left foot is incredibly comfortable, but my right big toe shoves up against the front of the boot when i run and, after 90 minutes, my toenail bruised and turned black and purple (and yes, my toenails were freshly cut before playing).

    Any advice? I tried on a size 11 and a half in the synthetics and they were wayyyy too big.

  83. Matt,

    If you have an old pair that are comfortable, go back to using them until you heal! Thats the first thing. Your toe is a difficult one, it sounds like the boots might simply be the wrong shape for your feet. If you want to try them again, after you heal, you should get some really good band-aids and wrap your heel well, then wear the boots for a few jogging sessions until they really mold to your feet. Wearing them in a game where you are changing pace and direction will only cause you to blister again unless the boot loosens up.

    Ultimately, I think the leathers might be a better option for you as they stretch more.

  84. Thanks Bryan

    I wore Copa's my whole life and these were the first synthetics I have tried, so I haven't been sure what to expect. I will try a few jogging sessions and see if that helps the toebox at all.

    On a side note, I loved the width of these. I didn't think they were moving at all (although my heel somehow felt they did).

  85. Thanks for the comment Bryan it was a great help !

    I was wondering does the NIKE LASER differ in size when comparing to the adidas adizero ? my brother wears a size US 11.5 in the laser and he wanted to get adizeros, should I buy him US 11.5 or a size larger ?

    Thanks in advance 😀


  87. Hello Bryan,

    I was just wondering. I am thinking of getting new cleats. What are good cleats for a outside midfielder or a winger to wear?

    Thanks in advance. 😀

  88. Jeet,

    They fit the same length wise, but they have a different shape.

  89. hi bryan, i need help urgently and want to ask you that i bought f50 adizero in leather and after 3 games the sole plate lost its shine and got many scratches and the upper's stitching is slightly coming off .what can i do to prevent it all. please help urgently.

  90. please help!!i need help urgently and want to ask you that i bought f50 adizero in leather and after 3 games the sole plate lost its shine and got many scratches and the upper’s stitching is slightly coming off .what can i do to prevent it all. please help urgently.

  91. Hi Bryan. I bought the f50 AdiZero while I’ve been on vacation. They are waiting for me at my house as I type this. However, I’ve been wondering, do the studs wear down quickly/easily? Being a triangular shape, I feel as though the corners would eventually wear down and lose shape, just as any other boots’ studs would. Although, looking at these, it seems as though they would wear down quicker. Thanks.

  92. Jack,
    It sounds like you might be playing on a hard ground surface, if so there really is nothing you can do about the scratches on the bottom. If you haven’t had them long and they continues to rip, I would send them back to Adidas!

    I found that the studs lasted like any other pair. Looking at mine, they still seem fully intact so I wouldn’t expect there to be any problem. Best of luck with them!

  93. thanks, how about if i apply some leather food on it. will that work?

  94. Jack,

    It can't hurt to apply some leather food, I am not sure it will help with the stitching, but using leather food won't make it any worse.

  95. Thanks Bryan. Now that I have them in my hands, I can feel that they are like a rubber material, and not just a plastic, which I have found to last adequately long on most of my cleats.

  96. thanks for the help bryan

  97. Hey bryan, are you going to do a review on the f30 adizeros?

  98. Hello.

    I had a adidas f50i tunit (2010) with “sprint skin” upper. They are a size 43 1/3 (uk9) and they are too tight and a little too short ;c

    If I buy a pair of new adizero’s cleats (“sprint skin” version), could I take a 44 size (uk9,5)?

  99. F50i tunit and the Adizeros are the same size??(lenght)

  100. Zabeek,

    They are the same length, but because the adiZeros are made of a much thinner material they seem to fit a little bigger.

  101. thanks for the review. im a regular midfielder do you think i could get these?

  102. is the leather one or the synthetic one more durable and how long do you think the synthetic one will last?

  103. Bryan I tried on the synthetics at the store and dropped a half size. The length (and width in the midfoot) seemed fine, but in the forfoot it was a bit too wide. Do you think if I drop another half size it would take care of that forefoot width problem without killing me in the midfoot (I think length would be fine)? Also I have heard that the synthetic bunch and crease a lot. Did you notice this or find it annoying?

  104. Jack,

    If you think length would be fine dropping an extra half size then go with it, shouldn't cause any issues in the midfoot area. I personally didn't encounter any creasing, I would expect over time it might crease but to me that would indicate they were truly broken in!

  105. @jack

    i have both the leather and synthetic and dropped a half-size in the synthetic. my synthetics do crease where the foot bends, but you don't feel the creases or any folds when they are on. if you feel folds or bunches then you're probably sized too big.

    i would buy the synthetics at a perfect tight fit but not uncomfortably tight. people told me even synthetic materials stretch a little, but even after about 15 hrs of wear these feel the same as day 1.

  106. Bryan, I really enjoy your reviews. FYI: The part at the back of your foot is your heel. The corresponding part of the shoe is also called the heel. Heal is what happens after you ditch poor fitting boots!

  107. Hi Brian,

    I was wondering , what are the pros and cons of the leather version in this boot?

    Also, what would the pros and cons be of the synthetic version of this boot?

    Cheers from Canada,


  108. i dont know why but my adizero are ripping and one of the studs broke… not cool

  109. hi bryan, just wondering if these boots run wide?

  110. Hey,

    I am wondering if these boots give you blisters? I have heard from people that they do and haven't heard anything about them not….

    Get back to me ASAP!

  111. Jacin,

    I have a medium-wide fit and they worked out really well for me!


    During my time testing I didn't encounter any blisters. It is really dependent on how you fit, bottom line is to ensure you get a pair that are not too tight (this is the main reason people encounter blisters)

  112. hey bryan,
    great review it has answered a lot of my questions, but i still have one:
    What would you recommend to me as i play centre back and centre mid/ attacking centre mid? i am looking at the vapor vi or the f50 adizero but if you have any other suggestions they would be mostly appreciated.
    thanks in advance.

  113. Just bought myself a pair of these, they're ridiculously light and comfortable. Adidas did a great job

  114. hey bryan i had a questikon did addidas use kangarou leather or is it sumthin else and which one has a better touch, feel and control the leather version or synthetic???

  115. Manveer,
    Check out the Leather versus Synthetic adiZero post for more details.

  116. Christ, I got so many blisters using these for the first time today. First time using the cleats, but it was a practice…

  117. great feel, quite weird how light they are at first, they take some getting used to. shooting seems awesome also.

    my problem was i ended up with nasty blisters on left heel mainly.

    maybe next time i will try a couple of socks, but then this defeats the purpose if im after less weight.

    my nike tiempo legend fitted like a glove, so i might have to go back to them if the blisters continue.

  118. Hello! I would like to know how long Adizero Holds? Please answer me….:D

  119. Hi!
    I want to know for how long do adizeros holds if you play like 4 times a week?
    and do they break easily??

  120. They really run true to size – and i have narrow, flat feet and they fit perfectly

    wont reccommend anyone buying the at smaller sizes – that could be painful

  121. bryan, what are the advantages of the leather compared to these

  122. Duncan,

    Check out the Leather vs Synthetic post for more details on the differences.

  123. hey bryan,

    i tried on both an 8 and an 8.5 in the synthetic. They both fit fine but when i tried on the 8.5 where the boot would crease would feel weird. The 8 was an exact fit but i had like 3cm of space between my toes and the tip and im worried if i getthe size 8 it would rip if i stopped to hard. which size do you think i should get??

  124. Marcos,

    True to size is always the best way to go! I would be more worried about blisters, if that is something that concerns you with the tighter fit then go for a half size up.

  125. Adizero or vapor vi?? I don't really care about weight just which Is easier to control shots and passes with??

  126. So your saying go with the smaller size?? Because im not quite sure becuase im usualy an 8.5 but the 8 was like the exact size of my feet and my feet are wide so do you they would have a greater chance of ripping with a smaller size? and wuldnt i get blisters with the larger size??

  127. Brian , great website how long should a pair of cleats last ?? Play twice a week maybe 3 x

  128. Barry,

    Playing 2-3 times per week, you should get a solid season out of a pair. This of course depends on how well you take care of the boots!

  129. These boots are the best I used, very much like the Nike vapor II.

    Before Nike killed the vapor's off!

    The only prob I have is these boots don't last longer then 2months!!!!

    Not that happy spending £120 every 2months, sort it out adidas!!!!!!!!

  130. Great review Bryan! Do you think that these boots would be suitable for a fullback and centre mid? If not these any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thankyou in advance. 🙂

  131. hi bryan my normal boot size is 8 will i need to go a whole size down?

  132. Jia,

    No – they fit true to size length wise, the issue sizing wise is with width.

  133. I guess I have pretty wide feet. I usually get a size bigger than my feet (10) but this time I went with just half a size down (9.5) with these. I can't wear them with the comfort insole but they fit without it…Should I return these and get my regular size 10? Haven't had a chance to play in them but I feel like my pinky toe will blister…

  134. Thomas,

    I would def say send them back if you think there is a chance you will blister – play it safe! Nothing is worse than trying to play when recovering from blisters!

  135. Hahaha… I didn't know the ultralight insole could come out. I was wearing them with both insole when using the comfort insole, which was the reason the boots did not fit. I removed the unltralight insoles and replaced them with the comfort. Now the fitting isn't bad but still need to break them in 🙂

  136. I've had mixed feelings with these. Have probably played about 10 practice games and still get blisters but now I wear a big band aid to prevent it from blistering.

    These probably are the least protective but have people really felt the "pain" from tough tackles.

    Im still adjusting to these and hoping i stop getting blisters. I've got a 9us and thought they were ok as i wear these in the copas.. and previously worn the 50.9s in the same size..

  137. ok i have $175

    should i get the purple adizeros for $77 so that i can get more soccer stuff


    should i get the cooler looking green adizeros for 175 but if i get the green one's i have no money

  138. Hi,

    I am a left wing and used to shoot freekicks and corners. Do you think Adizero suit me? Or should I pick up Predator as it provides a better shooting pads?

    Thanks in advance!

  139. Ha mine lasted an hour and 20 mins because one off my blades fell off but im getting a free pair 4 inconvenience

  140. @Ryan W,

    adiZero's are better suited to players who like to dribble past, particularly at speed – the Preds are better for the Beckham type mold, players who don't necessarily look to beat the last defender but like to cross and take set pieces.

  141. @bryan

    Are there any major differences between the F50 Adizero and the F50 Adizero Hybrids? I play for highschool and league games are coming up, so I thought it would be suitable for me to play in a SG/FG shoe. Are the differences in weight noticeable? Do you recommend the hybrids over the regular adizeros? Do the hybrids come with the comfort insole as well?


  142. Hi,

    I was wondering if u had a chance to wear the f30s??

    Mum is being real tight and so i cant buy the f50s.. 🙁

    How are the f30s? Are they worth buying or is there another alternative such as the nike miracles?


  143. @Roque

    F30 are quality for the price, you are getting something a little different to the F50s but in term of value for money they are worth it!

  144. i tried on a pair of 9 and a pair of 9.5, the 9 was an exact fit, but they felt a little too tight for my liking, and my normal size is 9.5. i bought the 9.5, and find them a little too big, i tried using both soles (light and comfort) and they fit really well. Do you think i can use both soles at the same time Bryan? thanks

  145. Bryan,

    I am getting the adizeros in a few weeks. The problem is I can't go to any shops to try them on. I have none near me. I'm size 8.5 – 9 but don't know which size to get. I tried on my friends F30s (size 8.5) but they were kinda small. Plus I am still growing. Don't know if I should get 8.5 or 9.

  146. P.s ordering off internet

  147. @Nick,

    I say go for the size 9 – especially if the F30s seemed tight in the 8.5us. Plus, a little extra room to grow into means you can wear them for longer without worrying about them being too small!

  148. @David,

    If it works best for you to use both inserts then yes, go for it!

  149. hey bryan,

    how is the ball feel with these? My former pair of boots were the adipure 1 and the touch with these were fenomenal! Does the adizero's come close ?

    Other players may also answer my question :), hope to hear from you guys!


  150. These are the best cleats I've ever worn…I scored 2 awesome goals today!

  151. Hey bryan how good are these for a central midfielder/attacking midfielder

  152. Hey Brian, do you know what the difference is between the regular synthetic adizero and the new adizero prime? the only difference i see is color and 100$.


  153. Thanks bryan! I just got the Sea of yellow F50 in the mail. Love them. Got them in size 9. Thanks for your advice, it really helped me pick the right cleat!

  154. P.s I ordered them January 23rd and got them February 7th

  155. Hey Bryan, I have a question. I have a pair of adipures that I wear a size 9 in. t first they are tight but then they loosen up a bit but always are comfortably snug around my feet. If I were to get the adizeros should I order a half size down or should I order a size 9 as well?

  156. Have one very important question. I have problems with my arching muscle when I wear certain cleats, I have had plantar fasciitis last year for about 3 months but it seems completely gone. I had some big problems with the Puma V1.10 where after 30 minutes or so of playing my plantar muscle would feel like its being over stretched and would result in huge amounts of pain and I tried insoles but they weigh it down and prevent room to fit comfortably.

    So, my question is, will the insoles that come with this shoe prevent that type of pain in the arch of the foot?

  157. @Lonnie

    First off, I can see exactly why the V1.10 would cause discomfort when you have planter fasciitis issues. The adiZero comes with a second insole that is designed for comfort. But I can't tell you whether it will offer you enough support. Also check out the Adidas adiPure IV, I feel like the insert in them is even more suitable.

  158. Thanks Bryan!!! I needed that advice before I dropped a bunch a money!

  159. woooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adi is da best foot shoe i have used in ma lyf!!!!!!!!!!!! it is really lighter than than airrrrrrrrrr.. way to go adidaz, great work and great team work for your manufacture.

  160. thanks for the review! helped me make my decision for my new pair of cleats! problem is that I am used to k-leather as before then adizero synthetics i have had adipure II and the nike tiempo legend IIs. so the blistering is new to me and is quite painful. is there any ideas on how to prevent this? also, how long does it usually take the boot to break in and will the blistering go away?

    thanks again! i really do love these boots for their light weight but the blistering is really irritating me while playing.

    • Where are you getting the blisters, heels or around the toes? Do they fit tight or do you have room in them?

  161. is your shot power and accuracy decreased because it is a light boot? and how is the touch on these?

    • You don't get as much padding/protection so you feel the force of the impact more. In terms of touch they are excellent with ideal feel on the ball. The textured upper also helps.

  162. thanks for the great review!
    i like the adizeros but im not sure about the sizing. i wear 10's for the f30's, so should i get a 10 for these too?
    are the adizero and the f30's size the same?

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