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Lotto Fuerzapura L100 Review

Lotto Fuerzapura L100 Soccer Cleat

The Lotto Fuerzapura might be difficult to pronounce and to spell, but this cleat is a simple, well balanced boot designed to perform on the field. In Spanish, Fuerza Pura means Pure Force giving you the impression that Lotto have designed these to be a power cleat, and after testing I would agree that they fall into that category. Recently, I tested the laceless Lotto Zhero Gravity Ultra, which are the upscale version of the Fuerzapura. After testing both, there is no doubting that the latter offers a great alternative especially in terms of value for money. To review, I wore a size 9US in the synthetic Bright White/Metal Blue colorway.

Breaking In
It didn’t take long for the Fuerzapura to mold to my feet and they felt comfortable from the first session. After I spent some time jogging in them I could tell that they would easily be ready and effective to use in a game. One of the keys to Lotto’s success is the PuntoFlex technology they have mastered. Puntoflex has been one of the constants in Lotto releases over the years, and it is something you can easy feel by simply flexing the soleplate. This is one thing that makes them easy to break in. In saying that, I did feel slight discomfort over time in the heel area while playing on turf. This was not an issue on grass, so I would rate these as better suited to natural surfaces than artificial. Overall, I wore them in several training sessions and 3 games without any real problems.

Lotto Fuerzapura Football Boots

The colors used in the Fuerzapura and the Zhero Gravity are exactly the same bar of the course the front lace system. The same blue stretch rubber runs along the outside of the lacing area, although it is stitched in meaning it does not serve the same purpose as it does on the Zhero Gravity. In terms of style, the Fuerzapura look a little bulky, which I would attribute to how the lacing system runs across the front of the cleat. These are designed in similar style to the Under Armour Create.

Performance and Twist’n Go
In terms of performance, these are another run of the mill boot that offers great quality for the price. They perform equally as well as their big brother and to be honest, I prefer having laces available to tighten. Lotto again use their patented Twist’n Go technology, designed to help increase speed out of tight turns. A pivoting stud positioned in the area of the first metatarsal allows for the boot to follow the rotational movement by the athlete, making the change in direction more harmonious and natural. I spent some time testing this to see if I could notice any difference. All in all, it is tough to say if it really does improve your speed, but having spent some serious time testing these against other boots without the technology, I can tell you that it certainly feels easier to swivel when on the front of your foot.

Fuerzapura versus Gravity Zhero

Fuerzapura L vs Fuerzapura KL
The KL uses K-leather, while the L uses a water-repellent microfiber. Price wise, this means the L is cheaper.

Fuerzapura vs Zhero Gravity Ultra
The Lotto Zhero Gravity and the L are created using the same water-repellent microfiber. The Zhero Gravity uses laceless technology and weighs in a full 1oz lighter than the L. This means you will pay considerably more for the Zhero Gravity Ultra.

These are a little bulkier than other cleats I have seen from Lotto. There is no doubt that these are intended for the power category, but although they weigh in at an impressive 10.2oz I still feel like they look over-sized. Another important point to note is that these scuff really easily. You will need to ensure that you clean them after each use in order to keep them looking fresh and new, particularly if you use them on turf.

Lotto Fuerzapura

If you decide that the Fuerzapura is the choice for you, you will be satisfied when you wear them. In terms of value, there is no doubting that they offer a great option for their price, but I do feel like there are better options out there. Overall, they offer a great alternative for those who can’t splash out on the Zhero Gravity Ultra. In terms of positions and who they suit, I think these are a great option for a front player who likes to turn and shoot. They are also a great option for defenders as they offer good support up front. Lotto will be keen to have players wearing their boots at this summers World Cup in South Africa and these will be one of the top selections for their sponsored players. Watch out for them!

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