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Adidas F50 adizero: Leather vs Synthetic - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Adidas F50 adizero: Leather vs Synthetic

Adidas Adizero Leather Synthetic

After reviewing the Synthetic version and the Leather version of the Adidas F50 adizero, many of you were keen to know how they performed against each other. Well, without making you all wait any longer, here is the full scoop and a simple comparison of both boots side by side. Let me start of by saying that no images do the Chameleon version justice, including the image above that really doesn’t capture the real colors and details seen on the cleat.

There are several differences between both upper materials that give them their own distinct advantages, so I have broken it down into different areas:

Size: The Synthetic version fits slightly longer and wider than the leather version. I can confirm after swapping them on and off, that the leather version is a lot more snug from first wear. Over time, the leather stretches giving you a little extra room. Synthetic is typically not designed to stretch, so allowing them to have a larger fit means you don’t have to worry as much about discomfort while breaking them in.

Weight: Adidas use a single layer Sprintskin upper in the Synthetic version meaning you are getting a lighter boot. In terms of weight, there is 0.2oz weight difference and that really is not a great difference on a normal cleat. But if you are after the complete lightweight package, you are going to want the Synthetic version. Realistically, you are not going to notice any difference in weight.

Style: The biggest difference in terms of style lies in the fact that the Synthetic version has a shiny finish, while the Leather version has lined stitching along the front. When you look at both boots you can clearly see the difference. One other difference is the fact that the leather version has a less metallic look than the more smooth looking Synthetic version. This is evident in the pictures.

Leather Adidas F50 Adizero Adidas F50 adizero Synthetic

Feel: Even though the Synthetic version is extremely smooth looking, it comes with Grip’n Groove technology across the entire boot. These are the same type of rivets that are seen on the Jabulani ball and add a little extra feel to the boot. The leather version feels just as you would expect. It is a Galeo Cow leather that is treated at the leather tannery to form a surface that’s soft, lightweight and breathable. While wearing them, you will notice that the leather version bends with the contours of your feet unlike the Synthetic which kind of folds onto itself.

Support: The leather version offers more protection as the upper material is a lot thicker than the Synthetic. With that being said, Adidas have chosen to exclude the internal TPU support bands, which are designed to offer increased stability and support, from the leather version. Either way, you are getting protection and support, just in different ways.

Summary: Before anyone starts to comment asking which version is better, I will tell you now that it is all down to personal preference. If you prefer leather boots and want to spend some time molding them to your feet then go for the leather version. You will also have the advantage of a little extra padding across the strike zone. But if you want the complete speed package with the added bonus of Grip’n Groove technology and a Sprintframe, the synthetic version is the right choice for you!

Check out the full Synthetic range
Check out the full Leather range

Whichever version you do decide to go with, leave a comment below letting us know why you choose it and how it turns out!

Adizero Leather vs Synthetic

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  1. That is some great info about leather version!

    The only "negative" I can see is the 10grams heavier which I think it's totally worth it!

    I am going for the leather version

  2. "Adidas have chosen to exclude the Sprintframe, which is designed to offer increased stability and support, from the leather version."

    Do you mean the TPU bands in the boot? Sprintframe is the outsole…

  3. Yeh me too i’ve worn between my adipure 3 and nike vapour 5 all season undecided on what i prefer the leather adizero seems to be my perfect solution.

  4. The synthetic version should hold up better on some of the new artificial turf playing fields coming out. I'm not sure about other shoes but all those little black rubber pieces on the field always end up inside my leathers and cause the outsole to separate from the upper at the tip of the toes faster than on real grass. I haven't got one of those little black rubber pieces inside the synthetic adizeros yet. Just another thing to consider.

  5. On the leather version, what is the material of the back of the shoe because it seems the leather only goes half way. Thanks.

  6. I bought the synthetic version a couple of days ago and i wore them for the first time last night.

    they feel incredibly light, and surprisingly comfortable. great boots.

  7. Matt P. – The back half of the leather version is synthetic to keep the weight down.

  8. What a horrible mistake. adidas has excluded the TPU support bands or "skeleton" as some may call it on the leather version because the syntethic needs something to hold it up and keep your foot in place, but if its leather you don't need that because it naturilly fits to your feet and stays there. Buy Leather, not that plastic shit!

  9. hey which ones better for dribbling … im a striker/winger what do u recommend

  10. Has anyone seen any goalkeepers wearing them? I love lightweight responsive things. I wear lightweight gloves, short sleeves, and I can’t wear pads on anything because I feel weighed down. I have never tried a lightweight boot, but the adizero has made me curious. Anybody seen any keepers in them?

    • Thomas Van de Velde

      I'm also a goalkeeper and also won't play with pads,…
      I saw a goalkeeper were the yellow ones at the world cup.
      I stepped a little with that boots and their just amazing,I have superfly's and the adizero's feel literally 10 times better.(not saying that the superfly's are bad)
      I would recomend them.;)
      (Sorry for the bad English,I'm from Belgium;) )

  11. Which one feels more like you are barefoot?

  12. OMG! thank you! i needed a report like this for my science project! This helped so much!

  13. goalkeeper – Stefan Frei of Toronto F.C. in the MLS wears the yellow synthetic AdiZeros.

  14. I am a striker for my high school and club team, which cleats do you recommend?

  15. Better for dribbling? Whichever ones you feel more comfortable in, meaning whichever ones give you the best feel when you are on the ball. If you prefer leather, you will likely have better touches when using leather–at least until you get used to the way the ball interacts with your foot with synthetic.

    Shoes won’t add any class or quality to a player, they will merely enhance the qualities you already possess. My advice would be to try a few touches with each and whichever one feels more “sure” is likely the way to go.

    Personally, I go synthetic and find that the ball does indeed “stick to my foot” when trapping and dribbling.

  16. Nice comparison, thgere was alot of valuable information in the comparison as well as the comments. i think im going to go with the synthetic boots because my speed advantage over almost all the defensmen i play against.

  17. Bryan, I tried on the Yellow colorway of the F50 AdiZero, the toe is sightly larger, I normally wear size 9 US. I just picked up the AdiZero, the width is SLIGHTLY larger, size wise, fits great. I'm thinking exchange it for something else though.

  18. Bryan, I was wondering if the touch is any different between the synthetic and leather? Also, Is the galeo cow leather just as good as the adipure III's k-leather? Thanks in advance. Great reviews keep it up.

  19. i bought the synthetic ones and after wearing them twice i got blisters everywhere. They are the most uncomfy boots i ever had! Big disappointment:(

  20. bertje, maybe you just have little soft girly feet. great shoes

  21. Ty,

    The leather used is top quality but it doesnt match the K-leather used in the adiPures! There is a large difference in touch between the leather and the synthetic version, but it is down to personal preference on which is better!

  22. Bertje,

    Should be par for the course when breaking in any soccer shoe if you got the right size. Anyone saying they're the most comfortable shoe ever right out of the box probably has them half a size too big and will be complaining about their foot shifting around inside after they're actually broken in. They'll get significantly more comfortable after you break them in. They do indeed mold to your foot after being broken in. Being misled to think they won't give you blisters is disappointing, but it should be fully expected and doesn't mean they're a bad boot.

  23. does anyone know what most of the pros are using, i know messi is using leather upppers so if most top level players are going with leather, i would have to guess that the leather is the way to go

  24. Nick,

    As i watch the world cup, so far I have seen many pros wear the synthetic verison and so far i've only seen messi wear the leather ones

  25. Yes, Messi is wearing the leathers, but there are a lot of other pros who are wearing the synthetics. Altidore for example was wearing the synthetics, you could see them in a lot of closeups on him over the last few games since he was drawing a lot of fouls. The leathers aren't better or worse than the synthetics as far as touch and performance goes, its just a little different. The big difference between them is in comfort/fit and protection. If you have wider, flatter feet you will probably like the leathers more since they will streach more in the width while the synthetics will only really open up in the toe box. I used to wear only k-leather and after switching to synthetic I noticed I got more of a responsive touch on the ball. I like it since I already have a good touch and don't need the softness of the leather to help cussion the ball. Its really personal preference, you shouldn't get a pair based on which pros are wearing them, think about how good your touch is now, how much pain you can take when getting kicked, and the size and shape of your feet.

  26. Damn man, all I can say is you are really dedicated on responding to messages.

    You have answered all my questions in under 10 minutes.

    Usually I would have to browse the web for bits of info here and there.

    Thanks plenty!

  27. Does David villa wear synthetic or leather???

  28. James,

    David Villa wears synthetic

  29. I just got the synthetic adizeros 2 days ago and they feel great. They are by far the lightest boot i have ever worn. I love the touch. i have had a couple of blisters but im in the process of breaking them in. Other than that it is a great boot to buy.

  30. can you place a link where i can see that messi is wearing leather:-)

  31. David Villa appears to be wearing the leather version.

  32. I think he wears leather..

    Bryan, can you put a link of david villa with the adizeros?

  33. I have realised that most if not all professional players wear leather version.

    Is is mostly because it offers more protection?? or is there better touch or any preferences

  34. Villa in Leather adizero (image via Franck Fife/AFP/Getty Images)

  35. I have the leather F50s — moving on from my adipures. I expect the F50s to provide a better form with my foot, and therefore a more organic touch, but breaking them in has been a tough exercise.

    The plastic form on the back heel means the shoe curves inward at the heel when fresh out of the box. Tough blisters, especially ones on each of my inner heels have formed as a result…and these suckers were deep in no time.

    I've found that even bending the heel of the boot out (widening the heel) with my hands reshapes the constraining plastic component. Other tips for breaking the boot in involves the more classic wearing them around the house schtick. But also,

    tonight, I might find something that I can put in the heel of the boot which will keep the plastic from shaping too narrowly inward. I have to admit, I haven't had blisters this bad from any football boot that I can remember, but I expect these boots to give back just as much as they have taken away from my heels.

    I should also say that the sizing is spot on–not too big, not too small. I expect some minor stretching around my toe and, as I mentioned, the key will be expanding the narrow heel.

    I went with the leather because I expect it to mold better than the synthetic and I was also sold on the marginally better protection the leather offers over the synthetic.

  36. Also, keep your receipts because they are simply too new to have an established reputation on their durability.

    If they do tear or pull apart, Adidas is usually pretty good about giving you a (partial) refund…but you'd better have proof of purchase!

  37. Adam,

    A friend of mine and I are also experiencing bad blisters with the F50 leathers. I've never had blisters with any shoes before (several predators and one nike tiempo) so this is something new but it's to be expected given the lack of material on the heel.

    To anyone with a really wide foot such as mine, definitely go for leathers. At first they were causing pain around the sides, mainly where the synthetic portion started. After a few practice matches, they molded nicely to my extremely wide and flat feet. I wore the synthetics and I doubt they would conform enough to be comfortable. Once the blistering stops, I'm sure they'll be as good as advertised. The touch and grip is better than any other cleat I've had so just on that alone it's worth the price, the weight is a bonus 🙂

  38. I got blisters from these more on the tips of my big toes than on my heels, but they definitely got a lot better after they broke in.

  39. anyone get the synthetic f50i's yet ?? what are they like ?? i think synthetic is better bcuz its lighter and better looking.

  40. I got big blisters on my big toes (bottom) as well. Could also be that I'm playing in 95F+ degree weather for 2 hours or so. I can't wait to play in them once they're fully broken in and don't give me blisters! I have yet to try the speed soles, but I feel they'd only be worse for my toes.

  41. david villa leather rocks!!!!!!

  42. Hello, have anybody tried leathers on artificial grass? can they be used on that surface?, astro turf also?. And does leather provide more protection to the instep of the foot?, please someone answer Thanks

  43. The leather ones are great. I have not tried the synthetic but a few players on my team have them and they love them. I own the leather ones. Took me about two practices (2 1/2 hours each) to break them in. They are really light and they don't give you blisters like the Vapors do. This is great. When you break them in though I would suggest using the comfort insole and then switch to the lightweight after a few practices. They feel like the AdiPures did at first, but then they break in and in my opinion they are a lot higher quality than the AdiPure. Overall, this is easily the best cleat I have ever bought. Worth every penny. I will stick with these cleats for as long as Adidas will make them. High quality, great looking too.

  44. Do you think the leather ones protect yout foots more than the synthetic ones?, also do they work on astro turf?


  45. I would say the leather ones because they are a little thicker. I haven't played on astro turf with them. Sorry.

  46. forlan which uses .???

  47. Does diego forlan wear synthetic or leather???

  48. I have a doubt, I'm 10 1/2 Us on Predators, should I order f50 adizero LEATHERS, on the same 10 1/2?


  49. Diego Forlan wears the leather version.

    I would have gone for the leather ones.

    • I don't think it matters what Diego Forlan or Villa wears. It's all a matter of personal preference since we all have different size feet and feel for the ball therefore it is important to get what feels right to you.

  50. Anyone please help me with the size? Cheers

  51. Paul,

    I had the powerswerve predators in size 10. They were at the limit in terms of size. They were pretty tight and I had no room at the toe, but it wasn't so bad after I broke them in.

    I got the leather Adizero F50s in size 10. They fit just right, there's a tiny bit of room (almost nothing) at the toes. I would say they're true-to-size so get 10 1/2 if you're getting leathers. Synthetics are definitely a half size too big so order size 10's if you choose to go for those. Most pros have the leather versions, it's all personal preference though.

  52. Eder thank you very much, I ordered the Leather version on my size 10 1/2 so thank you very much and I'm looking forward to playing with these shoes 🙂

    Thanks mate

  53. Some who have used the leather version on astro turf.

  54. I've used them on all surfaces (grass/turf) and they're fine. Even on turf that was really shallow, they sunk in nicely.

  55. Hi Bryan. I am a goalkeeper who seems to be able to strike a ball better barefoot and am into lightweight, minimalist, and thin… well everything! I have three pairs of speciali, a pair of copas, and two synthetic boots for training (talaria and predator). I kind of go back and forth on whether I like synthetics or leather better. I went to the store and tried both the leather and synthetic adizeros on. The leather definetly fits better, but is also thicker. I think the leather would be smarter because it would be more like wearing a sock. However, something about the synthetic is drawing me. Maybe it's the fact that it is so thin. I'm really stuck on which to go with, what do you think?

  56. Hey Bryan..

    I really want a pair of the Adizero's but I am extremely worried about having mid-foot pain and blisters on my feet..

    With the Mercurial Vapour SL i experienced a SLIGHT feeling of mid-foot pain.. and with the F30.9 i have had very bad mid-foot pain and blisters..

    I need help!?

  57. Eder thanks for your reply, but I have some questions

    1. Is the studs really big? did it fit well on astro turf?

    2. Did you felt something discomfortble while playing on astro turf. With the leather boots?

  58. Jimmy,

    I can tell you from my experience with the synthetics that they're almost exactly like striking the ball with your bare foot. But you're probably right, the leathers probably are more comfortable.

  59. Assuming you mean the G3 astroturf (with the little black rubber pieces), the synthetic firm grounds perform well. The studs are not too big. Can't say anything about the leathers from experience but they probably would perform similarly.

  60. Ok, I'm going to buy F50 Adizero leather FG. I am playing on G3 astroturf.

  61. Thanks Danny. So you would say the synthetics are closer to being barefoot than the leather?

  62. with the leather being not k-leather will it not be as durable and not last as long?

  63. The synthetic feels more barefoot like, primarily because the leather has a little more "bounce" or padding to it. In terms of durability, the leather will last as long as a K-Leather of the same thickness.

  64. bryan can put a picture of Diego Forlan using leather……pleasee

  65. Diego Forlan in Leather F50

    Image via: Joern Pollex/Getty Images

  66. Jimmy,

    yeah I would say the synthetic feels more like your touch on the ball is like barefoot. The leather feels a little more textured. That being said, I recently got the leather version and I think the way the leather molds to the foot better makes turns and cuts feel more natural and more comfortable. After wearing both I'll say I prefer the leather much more.

  67. bryan any chance you will be soon doing a review of the f 30 adizero and also do you no if the adizero f30 comes in a hybrid sole plate thanks.

  68. Bryan, you play on artifical ground, yeah? just wondering because my adizero's (leather version) got these ugly scuffs in the front of the foot when i was kicking and after two trainings im afraid that its going to be a hole in the front, have you gotten these problems with your f50's?

  69. Sander,

    I play on difference surfaces, depending on the review. I have seen some scuffing with these but I don't think it will necessarily cause a hole. Keep them clean and dry as much as you can!

  70. which is better lether or synthetic.straight up answer

  71. There is no way to say which is "better" as it is very independent on the player and what they look for in a boot. Both have unique attributes that different players will look for.

  72. Will the synthetic uppers last longer than the leathers? all of the questions answered have been useful, but im bigger on the last of the boot. i hear that the leather will fall apart quicker than the synthetics will. is this true?

  73. Hey Bryan,

    I got a customized pair of the synthetic versions from miadidas and i loved them. However i had them for about a week and a half wore them to 2 practices and 2 games and 3 of the studs on the boots broke right off. This could have been just a bad shoe that i got but it makes me wonder what happened. Sending them back to get another pair hopefully it wont happen again.

  74. Wya,

    In my personal opinion, the synthetics will last longer. Thus far, I have not encountered issues with either, so I can't be sure just yet! (a good thing I guess!)


    Very frustrating! Sorry to hear about that, let us know how the replacement pair works out.

  75. Hey, I need a straight answer.. Synthetic or Leather.. just choose one…

    I have been looking at the pictures (I know they look better in real life), i felt the synthetic ones and they feel soooo light… they feel quite comfortable when i wore my size ,8.5. But something keeps bringing me back to the leather ones… I heard a lot of bad and good points between the leather and synthetic…

    e.g. the stitching on the leather started to come off after a few games.

    and the most importand question… does the leather ones absorb water if i play in a slightly wet ground… i had my adipures for 2 years, i got it cause of xabi alonso.. and after 2 years, they started to absorb the water and my feet kept getting wet… hate it…

    so which one, synthetic or leather…?

  76. the leather ones are the best

  77. I wanna know if the leather will absorb the water and wet my feet… i feel like the leather ones, but if they absorb water and the stitching comes off or if they scuff(whatever scuff means) then i will go synthetic…

  78. What is scuff by the way? any pictures to show what scuffing looks like?

  79. Ryan,

    Scuffs are areas where the cleats scratch up, or are left with marks. If you dry out the leather version after wearing, you will get good life out of them…but if you want to be safe, go for the synthetic version!

  80. thanks bryan… so what u are saying is that the leather ones WILL absorb water? my dad was talking about how u need to wax leather boots and all that… last question… does the synthetic ones sort of like crease at the front? like because the shoe bends when u run, will it crease at the front and turn ugly?

    thinkin about the leather ones… but friends say synthetic…

    sigh.. dilema…

  81. also, u said ur leather ones had scuffs on it… will the synthetic ones scuff as well? now i am leaning towards the synthetic ones.. lol … dilema…

  82. omg.. now i am more leather… lol…. jesus christ…

  83. Ryan,

    It does sound like a dilemma! Let me help you out…go for the leather!

  84. I've worn both and leather IMO

  85. Hey so I am thinking bout the synthetic version but have had problems with my cleats ripping around the ball of the foot between the upper striking zone and the base where the cleats are under the ball of the foot. I am wondering if anyone knows how to avoid this and how durable these boots are.

  86. Just wondering which cleats are more likely to rip, cuz i had the tunits which are synthetic and ripped and i had the new preds which also ripped.

  87. i am having a problem with my stitching of the boots(leather adizero). It is in the front stitching near the toes. what can i do to stop the stitch on the boot to come off? . (problem only in left shoe)

  88. Joe,

    In terms of probability of ripping both are equal…sounds like you might be getting stuck in on some strong tackles! For the stitching, I would return the boots to Adidas before it gets too bad, they should replace the boots for you.

  89. bryan my synthetic f50s are a half size bif so if i wore a sock fore like 1 preactice would it strech it

  90. I recently bought a pair of the synthetic F50’s. i bought 8.5’s but there is a little room in front. I went back to the adidas store and tried on the 8’s and they fit perfectly. But the guy who sold me the shoes advised me that I stick to the 8.5’s and advised me to wear double socks.

    If anyone can advise me, what do you think i should do? Thanks.

  91. The synthetics won't stretch, or if they do it will be minimal. So if your feet are still growing, you could go a half size up and wear double socks without worrying about them stretching. On the flip side, if your feet are not still growing, you want the pair that fit perfectly, the guy at the store just didn't want you to return them.

  92. I went to the local soccer shop today to purchase the adizero F50. The store had the leather in black w/ yellow stripes, and the synthetic in yellow or white/pink.

    After trying both types on I opted for the black leather. the shoe salesman said they were kangaroo leather but I have read otherwise (cow leather). In any event, I went w/ the leather b/c I liked the way it fit my foot much better than the synthetic. Plus I am not a fan of garish loud colors like bright yellow and pink.

    These boots feel great on my feet and are ridiculously light. Cant wait to play my first match in them on Sunday.

  93. Thanks Danny,

    I took the pairs I have now to another store, and that guy recommended me to get the size that fits. I am going back to get the size that fits better. Much appreciated.

  94. I got the adizero f50 synthetic nd they feel great. they r light nd fast nd have incredible shooting power. I play football reguraly and can notice a big change in my skills and game. these shoes enables the player to do faster foot movements and have better control.

  95. Please I need hellp . I don´t know which adizeros bought.I´m defensive midfielde.Ihave to do a lot of tackles. And I´m afraid that my boots are demaged.And what do you use to clean ?? I have bruises on my heel and big toe. Please advice me .

  96. Hey guys I just bought the f50 adizeros sythetic ones, but am having second thoughts, should i send them back and get leather? is it worth it?

  97. Which sockliner i have to use ….. Comfort ot ultraligth…????

  98. I need to compare leather verses synthetic. Which lasts longer (In terms of getting scratches from soccer or tears)? Which one stretches more? If the shoe were to stretch will it go back to its original form? Lastly, which will feel more comfortable (when the feet is sweating a lot)?

    For the leather shoe, will it shrink back once it stretches? Or will it remain all stretched up?

  99. Ok so I have had both the synthetic and the leather versions so I can let u guys know the difference.


    The Leather ones feel great at the first fit and molded to my feet within a few hours, they are extremely comfortable and even though they are not kangaroo leather, they are extremely soft and supple, Even softer than Nike Legends and id say just as soft as the adipures. They leather has held up great and has only gotten softer since my first 3 months of wearing them.

    The synthetic is much thinner and really give u a true touch on the ball much like playing barefoot. I actually had to buy these a half size smaller than my leather adizeros and they fit perfectly,( to those who love the snug molded feel of the vapor line after weeks of blisters this boot has an even more true fit to your foot.) NO they do not give blisters while breaking in I have had these for 1.5 months and they were a dream from the first wear. The microfiber does crease where your forefoot bends just like other microfiber boots which is not a problem. These are also just plain comfortable, i have never had such comfort in any microfiber boot, ( I have worn T90s Vapors, and F50s, and Puma v 1.08s.)

    If you are unsure of fit I would just go for the leather version their is not a large difference in the feel of the two boots, and the leather will shrink or stretch to your foot. As i said I bought the leather versions in US 12 and I had to buy the Microfiber in 11.5 to get a snugger fit. Leather is they safer way to go cause microfiber will stretch very minimally.

    As far as the water issue both boots have thier own downfall. The leather boots wont repel water like the synthetic but they do give a better feel in the rain. The synthetics will keep out the wetness however if u get any moisture in the shoe is is not likley to come out due to lack of breath-ability.

    As far as scuff go u might encounter scuff on both versions, the microfiber versions you can potencially get scuffs anywhere on the boot, whereas you can only get scuffs on the back half of the leather versions on the second peice of material. You will encounter scuff on both so do get caught up to much on aesthetics, lol but nothing is better than fresh unscuffed microfiber boot.

    As for how the boot lasts the stitching in the front of the leather boot did come apart minimally but it didnt affect my play at all. As far as last it depends on how well you treat the leather, if u use boot creams u can have leather boots work for ages, but if you dont feel like managing cleaning you boot the microfibers are easier to clean with just a quick swipe of a wet rag, ( it took me about 5 minutes to clean them top to bottom today,)

    So to round up my dissertation on f50 adizeros lol here are my recommendations

    1) If you want more protection (defensive players)go with the leathers

    2) if you are unsure of size go with the leathers, they will mold to your foot more easily.

    3) If you like the feeling of barefoot soccer go with the synthetics.

    And Either Way you are getting the best boot out there I have tried a ton of boots and the adizero is the lightest and most comfortable boot out there either way you will be happy with your purchase.

    Feel free to ask anymore questions Im an adizero guru lol.

  100. hey guys, need some help…i currently have size 11 adizero's, they have about a pinkie fingers width of space at the toe which is perfect for me so what size should i get in the leather version so it fits the same? 11.5? please somebody reply!:) thanks!

  101. umm.. just asking…

    how come some adizero’s tongue shows ‘f50’ and some shows ‘mach 4’???

    like in this one :

    is there a difference and should i or should i not buy these adizero from ebay?

  102. I don't have the answer to that one, but it could be a personalized version? Are there any players in Australia named Mach by any chance? if anyone else knows leave a comment for Ryan.

  103. TO RYAN

    I wondered the same thing but in some eurosport catalogs some of the adizeros (mostly ones designed for messi) have the mach 4 thing on the tongue its strange i know and if you want more prove going to, type in adizero in the search and they have gallerys of each boot you'll find some of the adizeros have the mach 4 thing also

  104. hi bryan

    i have wide feet(extremely wide)and i wanted to know that does the leather version stretches enough for those who have wide feet(will it become wider)?or i have to buy the synthetic version?help me please!

  105. PS.

    I´m thinking about the leather versions

  106. I wear a size 6½ in predators x (small feets i know) so what size should i get in adizeros???

  107. Hey Bryan i was wondering if the grip-n-grooves on the synthetic version help ith accuracy,shooting..etc?

  108. Which version does gareth bale wears?synthetic or leather.hey bryan is there anything like the ball slips in wet conditions on synthetic adizeros

  109. Synthetic . Why ? SPEED .

  110. If only they had hybrid versions for the leather version…

  111. hey sunny there is a leather sg hybrid, but only in the white black and pink colour

  112. hey bryann

    will the leather adizeros be more or less like the adidas predator X in size ?



  113. hey, i was just wondering how the touch and feeling the synthetic is compared to leather ? And which would be better for a central midfielder?


  114. @Jules

    all my street shoes are a size 10

    my preds are 10.5

    i had 3 adizeros they were all 10 (synthetic)

    i guess its true what they say they DO run half a size big

    but everyones foot is different

  115. i wear size 11.5US in my Adipure 3. what size should i get for adizero leather and synthetic?

  116. I don't if this has anything to do with it but if you notice the ebay picture supplied by ryyaaaannn they only have have of the boot stiched whereas the one being review go's all the way to the heel counter

  117. kyle, it depends on which you prefer i am a central midfielder and i go with the leather (just my preference)

  118. which one is more durable?

  119. I have always stuck to leather cleats. They are more comfortable, feel better on my feet. However, two years ago I felt daring and tried my first pair of synthetic cleats. Although, I will admit they are a little less comfortable, and do not really ever "mold" to your foot, they lasted so so so much longer than any pair of cleats I ever had. Every pair of my leather cleats barely made it through a season without rips and tears. Now my synthetic ones last me a good two seasons, before I decide to replace them (not because of rips/tears, just want to upgrade to new ones). Hope this helps!

  120. These look awesome! I'm gonna get me one of each so get the advantages of both.

  121. I had the synthetic adizero ii’s and right at the toe joint for my big toe on both feet the material started to crack. I think that the leather adizeros would be a better choice, but thats just my opinion. Oh and by the way, i had had them for 3 months when that happened.

  122. Just wondering, is the synthetic upper more durable than the leather upper? Or are they about the same?

  123. what should a deffender wear?

  124. where can i find a pair of the leather to try on?

  125. The biggest problem with synthetic cleats is that it turns very sticky to the ball in hot humid weather, specially is the ball is synthetic as well. Myself and many members on my team has follen down while trying to dribble the ball with this new cleats.
    Thank you

  126. What do you recommend for passing?

  127. I got the additas f50 for my daughter she has flat foot and wide. I read that this would be more roomy for her. But I head that on hot day because is syntactic it would burn her foot? I'm very confuse. Help ?

    • If she plays on turf, where conditions are very hot, there is a chance she will notice the soleplate heating up and causing discomfort. But, this is related to the fact that the soleplate is so thin – something you are likely to encounter with most boots released on the market these days!

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