Wednesday , March 15 2023

Pele Sports Revealed

Pele Sports 1970 FGPelé Sports will reveal their new soccer cleat to the world tomorrow with the aid of the man himself, Pelé, in Cape Town South Africa. Pelé Sports have been hyping this release since late last year, with the soccer cleats sure to have a classic design around the heritage of Brazilian soccer and Futsal. Pelé has been hands-on in everything the company have been doing over the last few years of development, and he will be a key figure in the boots release. The boot will be designed with functionality and comfort foremost, with Pelé knowing that the value of safety and player health supersedes all other necessities in a soccer cleat. Expect to see a clothing line and other footwear releases to follow.

Check back tomorrow when we will have more on the release with exclusive images and information on how to get your hands on a pair in the US. Information taken from the Pele-Sports blog.

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  1. Do you know the price range yet? Looks like good quality leather.

  2. Jared,
    To be honest, I won’t know much till tomorrow, but I will update when they release more info!

  3. hmmmmmm
    They look normal i guess! but that is not a bad thing.
    will be interesting to see if there is any specific technology in this boot and i would also like to know the upper material and the stud configuration.

    would be nice if you review this boot after playing with it:)

  4. they are 160$.


    interesting fact:

    the guys from Nomis designed these with pele.

  5. Pretty certain they were developed by nomis…when you see them from the side and the stud configuration you’ll see a lot of similarities. Look like very very nice boots though

  6. These boots are the Nomis boots just rebranded as Pele Sports. They are exactly the same leather and stud configuration. No new technology in them at all. Pele Sports is run by the same dickhead that was involved in the demise of Nomis. Can't see Pele Sports lasting too long either. Not sure he would have learnt any lessons from Nomis. Pele had nothing to do with the designing of the boots its just a ploy to use his name.

  7. True, but the reason Nomis bottomed out was because they didn't sponsor any professional players. with a big name behind them like pele, they could go far. I'm sure pele wouldn't just put his name on some garbage cleats.

  8. Interesting how many business ventures Pele has put his name to already have gone bust!! Everything, from memory!

    They haven't come up with anything different, and run by one of the same guys!

    They took the IP from Nomis, and rebranded. Pele was already signed with Nomis before their demise.

    This will be another flash in the pan company too! The big boys are too big to compete with now. Unfortunately!!

  9. Well I saw the pictures of the Nomis football boots and they are the same as the new Pele Sports cleats. However Nomis has taken a different approach with these and i think that it is way better. They have stuck to using a simple design which is always best. Before they wanted to bring some flashy boots right away instead of developing the product. Now that they are luring in the eyes of the people who want them now they have to keep consistent quality and then release more modern styled boots for evry ones taste. After all the Brazilians offer a flashy brand of football and they are designed for brazilian way of football. And i think they now have a decent chance in the market but one thing is key; they have to put these on the feet of some pro ball players. And for those of you who dont know the specifics they are made of a soft better quality leather than before and have a light weight TPU outsole with better cushoning and more protection. if you want more on these boots before bryan gets the info then may wnt to go to soccerbible .com as they have slightly more info on the boots.

  10. Guys, let’s get some things straight. Nomis are still going in Australia where they started. Pele Sports has a lot of people that left Nomis to work for Pele as anyone would do, with the experience they had. No one want to be unemployed.

    Greg as for Nomis bottoming out, there are many reasons for it, your explanation may be part of it, because Nomis do reasonably well in Australia and we do have professional athletes wearing the boots.

    Can't comment to much on the Pele boot cause I've not seen any except for photos but they do look a lot like Nomis don't they.

    Tom, yes the very same person.

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