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World Cup Giveaway: USA Top Group C

Update: Thanks to all that entered, we needed a playoff after there were several players who guessed the same minute closest to Landon Donovan’s 62nd minute goal. Our playoff ended up being the England vs Germany game and the winner ended up being Matt, congrats man! Keep following for more giveaways before the end of the World Cup.

Seeing as the US pulled off a pretty impressive last gasp 1-0 win today to seal their passage into the knock-out phase of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, I thought it would be a good time for another giveaway!

Nike Mercurial MiracleUp for grabs is the pair of Nike Mercurial Miracles that I used during testing a few weeks back. These might not be the Superfly’s or one of the classy boots from the Nike Elite range, but they are a really great performing boot worth $100.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below with the name and minute of the player you think will score first for the US in their second round game with Ghana this Saturday, June 26th. The winner will be decided by player first and then by the minute the goal is scored. So, basically, to have any chance of winning you have to select the correct name of the goal scorer. The winner will be the person who has then guessed closest to the minute of the first goal.

As an example of how your entry should look: Michael Bradley 30th minute

That is all you have to do to be entered. So, help your friends out by letting them know they should enter the competition also!


  • Open to US residents only (sorry…if you are non-US and want to enter for pride you are more than welcome!)
  • Each person can have 2 entries only.
  • The winner is the person that selects the correct player and closest minute to the first US goal scored in their game with Ghana on June 26th.
  • If an unselected player scores the first goal, the competition will run to the second goalscorer.
  • If there is no goalscorer, a winner will be selected at random.
  • Winner will be announced after the USA vs Ghana game.
  • If two people end up with the same winning player and time, a tie breaker will take place.

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  1. Landon Donovan 60th minute

  2. Altidore 25th minute

  3. Clint Dempsey 26th minute

  4. Dempsey 38th minute.

  5. Christopher Malone

    Landon Donovan 12th minute…

  6. Jozy Altidore 40th minute.

  7. Altidore 40th minute

  8. clint dempsey 63rd minute

  9. Landon Donovan 75th minute.

    Non-US resident.

  10. Altidore 37th minute.

  11. Dempsey 42nd minute. (Second entry).

  12. Bradley 57ish

  13. Gomez 25 entry numero dos

  14. Donovan the 33th minute

    or Dempsey in the 17th minute

  15. Dempsey in the 60th

  16. Clint Dempsey – 80th minute

  17. Jozy Altidore – 65th minute

  18. Donovan 31st min.

  19. Dempsey 48th min.

  20. Landon Donovan 18th minute

  21. Jozy Altidore 65th minute

  22. Dempsey 21st minute.

  23. Dempsey 50th minute

  24. Altidore 60th min.

    dempsey 21st Min

  25. Dempsey 27th minute

  26. Altidore 54th minute

  27. Altidore – 53rd minute

    Donovan – 32nd minute

  28. Dempsey 7th minute

  29. Altidore 64th minute

  30. Clint Dempsey 66th minute

  31. Donovan 38th minute

  32. Guzan – 1st minute

  33. -Dempsey 42nd minute

    -Donovan 63rd minute

  34. cherundolo – 6th minute

    donovan – 17th minute

  35. Donovan 90+

    Dempsey 44

  36. Dempsey 33rd Min

    Bradley 66th Min

  37. Landon Donovan-min 30

  38. Dempsey-min 50

  39. altidore 7th minute

    donovan 88 minute

  40. donovan 39th

    dempsey 54th

  41. Landon Donovan 63rd

  42. dempsey 33rd min

  43. Altidore_- 28 minute

    Dempsy- 44 minute

  44. Jozy 37th minute entry 1

  45. Mike Bradley 64th minute entry 2

  46. Danovan 56 minute or dempsy 75 minute

  47. Dempsey- 75th minute

    Donovan- 39th minute

  48. Landon Donovan 26th minute

  49. Jose Torres – 63rd Minute

  50. Clint Dempsey – 67th minute

  51. Dempsy 42 minute

  52. Donovan 38th minute

  53. Dempsey 19th minute

  54. Bocanegra, 57th minute.

  55. Herculez Gomez, 21st minute.

  56. Altidore- 62th minute.

  57. Clint Dempsey, 21st minute.

  58. Jozy Altidore 32nd minute

  59. Clint Dempsy 58th Minute

  60. Altidore, 12th minute

  61. Dempsey 68th min

    Altidore 30th min

  62. Altidore 65th min or Dempsey 33rd minute

  63. Dempsey 50th

    Donovan 66th

  64. Clint Dempsey – 35th minute

    Altidore- 55th minute

  65. Bradley 33rd

    Buddle 29th

  66. Bradley 27th

    Donovan 82nd

  67. Altidore 47 minute

    Dempsey 36 minute

  68. Edu 33rd minute

  69. dempsey 43 minute

  70. donovan 86 minute

  71. Clint Dempsey 52nd minute

    Maurice Edu 66th minute

  72. Donovan 75th minute

  73. Dempsey 72nd minute

  74. George Thompson

    Donovan 47th minute

  75. George Thompson

    Dempsey 34th minute

  76. Altidore 37th minute

  77. Dempsey 60th minute

  78. Altidore 22 minute

  79. dempsey 22nd minute

    donovan 55th minute

  80. altidore 27th minute

  81. dempsey 75th minute

  82. bradley 81st min.

  83. buddle 78th min.

  84. Altidore 40th minute

    Dempsey- 62nd minute

  85. Demarcus Beasley 65th minute

  86. Altidore – 13th minute

    Demerit – 63th minute

  87. Altidore———22ed minute

    Dempsey——-71st minute

  88. Dempsey———-64 minutes

    Donovan———– 32 minutes

  89. dempsey: 15th minute

    donovan: 35th minute

  90. Jozey Altidore 26th minute

    Landon Donovan 35th minute

  91. Altidore 44th minute

    Buddle 86th minute

  92. dempsey 62 minute

    donovan 54 minute

  93. donovan 37

    Donovan 73

  94. Altidore- 33rd minute

    Donovan- 96th minute

  95. donovan 50th minute

    dempsey 72 minute

  96. dempsey 17th minute

    donovan 82nd minute

  97. Dempsey 23rd minute

  98. Altidore 43rd minute

  99. Jozy Altidore 26th minute

  100. Landon Donovan 74th minute

  101. Altidore 37th minute

    Donovan 63rd minute

  102. Jozy Altidore 54th minute

  103. Gomez 82nd minute

  104. Edu 76th minute

  105. Bocanegra 37

    bradley 53

  106. Shubhodeep Goswami

    Clint Dempsey 41 minute

  107. Altidore 28th minute

    Donovan 60th minute

  108. altidore 31 minute

    donovan 85th minute

  109. dempsey 25th minute

    altidore 51st minute

  110. bradley 75th minute

    bradley 23rd minute

  111. Dempsey 7' minute

    Bradley 17'

  112. Dempsey 25th minute

  113. Dempsey 30th minute

  114. Clint Dempsey 42nd minute

    Jozy Altidore 14th minute

  115. Landon Donovan 63th minute

  116. Jozy Altidore 44th minute

  117. Clint Dempsey in the 18th minute.

    Benny Feilhaber in the 55th minute.

  118. clint dempsey 30th minute

    edson buddle 74th minute

  119. C. Dempsey 47th Minute

    L. Donovan 27th Minute

  120. Dempsey 56th Minute

  121. Altidore 79th Minute

  122. shea litchfield

    Edson Buddle 65'

    Oguchi Onyewu 32'

  123. Jozy Altidore 21 minute

    Clint Dempsey 34 minute

  124. Donovan 13th min

    Dempsey 14th min

  125. Altidore 15

    Bradley 17

  126. Donovan 22 minute

    Dempsey 23 minute

  127. Altidore 68

    Donovan 86

  128. Dempsey 67th

    Bradley 61st

  129. Altidore 60

    Donovan 57

  130. Dempsey 29th minute

    Donovan 40th minute

  131. Donovan 36

    Donovan 40

  132. Altidore 65

  133. Donovan 31st

    Dempsey 44th

  134. Buddle 22d

    Dempsey 55

  135. Clint Dempsey- 37th min

    Hercules Gomez- 76th min

  136. Edson Buddle 50th minute

    Landon Donovan 76th minute

  137. Donovan 75th

    Dempsey 44th

  138. Dempsey 40 minute

  139. Donovan 42nd minute

    Donovan 82nd minute

  140. Demspey 35 minute

  141. Demspey 30 minute

  142. Dempsey 45'

  143. Buddle 20 minute

  144. Altidore 33rd

    Dempsey 64th

  145. Donovan 40th minute

    Donovan 35th minute

  146. Dempsey 70th minute

  147. Dempsey 65 minute

  148. Bradley 34th min

    Bradley 52nd min

  149. Dempsey 70

    Dempsey 75

  150. Voting has closed! Enjoy the game everyone, and drop by later to find out who is the winner.

  151. Landon Donovan 35th minute

  152. Landon Donovan 28th minute