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Nike CTR360 Maestri and Elite Get a Facelift

Nike CTR360 Elite BlackThe Nike CTR360 Maestri and Nike CTR360 Maestri Elite have their own new color, a Black/White/Retro. If you are familiar with the Nike Elite range you will know that a carbon fiber soleplate is used in the Elite version, differentiating it to the regular version. This soleplate reduces the weight from 9.8oz down to 8oz but it also substantially raises the price tag! Flip the boot over and you can clearly see the main difference between both pairs, with the upper looking pretty much identical. (see below images of the CTR360 (left) and the CTR360 Elite (right) soleplate)

CTR360 Maestri Elite Black

I am really not sure what to think about this colorway. I do like that Nike have chosen to go with a primary black upper, but the baby blue mash at the back is a little less pleasing on the eye. It sort of makes the boot look similar to the Cool Mint color found on the Nike Superfly II. Since I first saw them, they have grown on me so maybe I will become a fan. In terms of the elite range, these are completely different to the orange version seen on pitches at the World Cup. I might need to see these in action before I can make a proper assessment!

With players like Landon Donovan and Cesc Fabregas wearing the CTR360, you might be able to depict that they are extremely suitable for playmakers. Donovan’s last minute winning goal versus Algeria earlier this week has already increased the market value of the CTR360! In terms of value, I think the regular CTR360 Maestri is a better option than the Elite version. You are losing out in terms of weight, but the regular version offers superb quality for money!

Nike CTR360 Black

CTR360 Maestri Sole CTR360 Maestri Elite Sole

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  1. Hello,

    First of all, I just want to say I find your reviews & posts extremely helpful! I am a quick midfielder that sometimes plays forward. When I look for a cleat, I like to have the best touches/feel for the ball possible, as well as accurate crosses and control. Based on my own research and reading your reviews, I have narrowed down my options. I would love to have your opinion on which cleats you would recommend – the Adidas adiPure II, Nike CTR360 Maestri or the Puma Powercat.

    If not these, what would be your choice at a reasonable price? (I don't want to spend more than $200). Thanks for your help!

  2. that’s a nice colour. much better than the elite version colour.

  3. hello catherine.

    I used to play in the same position with you but now I am a holding mid. Anyway, I used to be a predator guy but then I switched to adipures II. I don't think that there is a better boot out there for touch/feel than adipure. However I do miss the power shots and accuracy of predator. Now I just got Mizuno Wave Ignitus which have a great touch(still not better than adipures) plus some tech for shooting.

  4. i honestly love the new color.i swithed from vapors to nike ctr elite and they are more comfortable and also lighter

  5. When will the carbon fiber hit the stores?

  6. Bryan,

    i am a fast striker that currently wears Superfly 1, i love them, would you think that i would find CTR360 Maestri Elite comfortable and light in order to wear them during training sessions?

    Regards from Uruguay!

  7. hey, i really like these boots, i was just wondering how they are for fitting? and i also wanted to say i dont like the carbon look at all, i think it makes the boots stiffer i had the vapor IV SL's and it gave me an awkward feeling on the sides of my feet.

    thanks alot

  8. Hey t.catherine, I'm an attacking midfielder, so I know how important touch/feel, so I prefer soft boots; hope this mini segment helps you!

    The Adipure II (as well as the Adipure II) are a great pair of boots! They are very soft due to their Kangaroo leather and don't weight that much (around 9 oz). (BTW I use Adipures II)

    The Nike 360 Maestri are quite nice, but they are made of "Kangalite" which is a synthetic upper that gives you the feel of K-leather, but isn't. It's what you prefer, whether it's leather or synthetic.

    The Puma's their extremely soft maybe as much as the Adipure's, but weight a bit more and have a "toe box." The "toe box" is about preference, some player enjoy it, others don't. I had the V 1.08, so I don't like the toe box because it feels like it gets in the way of my shots, but it's preference.

    Hope this helps! I really recommend the Adipure's, but Maestri's are good too.

  9. i would also like to know, if you know, how much the carbon fibre sole plate costs and whether it will be available to the general public

  10. Hi,

    Is it fine to use FG studs on a HARG GROUND.

  11. Fabz,

    It is not recommended to use FG on hard surfaces, but as long as you feel comfortable while playing and you are not sliding around you should be fine. For the most part, FG boots are the in between stud as they allow you to play on slightly wet and slightly hard surfaces.

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