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Pele Sports 1970 in Testing

Pele Sports 1970

Thanks to the folks over at Pele-Sports, I have a pair of the 1970’s that will go into testing this week, with a full and comprehensive review to follow pretty soon. But before we get to the release, I wanted to discuss some things stemming from comments I have read.

First off, a lot of people are complaining that Pele-Sports are just Nomis, which I feel is an irrelevant point. Pele-Sports are a new company who do have some ex-Nomis designers working with them. But that by no means these are knock offs as they hold some very new technology. I have read comments pointing out the fact that they are similar in style. But without testing them, they can not be predetermined as a flop.  Going forward, lets forget about the whole Nomis debate and focus on the actual boot and the Pele-Sports range for what they offer.

The second thing I wanted to cover is the debate about Pele only putting his name to business partnerships that fail. Well here is my opinion. Pele was good at one thing – scoring goals. And to score goals he used his feet. Thus, Pele must know a thing or two about what equipment is needed to perform on the soccer field, right? It has already been proven that he is 100% behind the company and was involved in the design of this range, so I don’t believe this is all just a marketing gimick. If someone said they were going to name football boots after you and having millions of kids around the world wearing them would you want them to be horrible boots?

To date, I have not tested them out on the field yet, so for all I know they could be very below par/average boot, but just like you I want to have no reservations going into the review! What I can tell you about the 1970 right now is that they look really slick, and the black design offers a very simplistic look that stays away from the current flashy designs. In my opinion, this is a great move by Pele-Sports (they also have an all white version for those of you that want something different!)

Pele Sports 1970
In the 1970 range, the entire upper is kangaroo leather.  In addition, it’s one piece, to minimize seams. The leather also undergoes 150 separate processing steps, which is pretty crazy once you think about it. Some of the steps include:

  • Hi-tech polymer treatments provide permanent water resistance, yet preserve breathability.
  • A permanent branding process prevents fading and keeps the K-leather color-fast.
  • A secondary tanning process protects against sweat damage.
  • A friction enhancing treatment is impregnated in the fiber structure of the leather.  This means it won’t wear off, like a coating treatment.

I will have a lot more information with the actual review, stay tuned for an update soon!

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  1. the review should be interesting:)

  2. They look alright…i'd like to be more optimistic, but they do look a little hefty with the old-school lace cover and gererous kleather…but take the joma totalfits for example, those are just about all kleather and only go 9.4…hopefully these stay under 11oz

  3. bryan should do a review on copa mundial it would be great to see

  4. just nomis gloves

  5. first of all, great looking shoes. looking forward to the review! where could i snag a pair though??? been looking around. couldn’t find anything.

  6. Marty – I'm with the US office of Pelé Sports. We're adding new dealers all over the country and Canada. The quickest way to find one near you is to call us at 970-429-8096, 9-5 MST.

    Glad you're liking the looks of the 1970s.

  7. @duncan

    Yes, the these shoes do greatly resemble Nomis (considering Pele Sports have ex-Nomis designers), but who knows? The style of these cleats have been preserved, but could potentially be better in terms of technology.

    But I have to agree, I really wish to see an Adidas Copa Mundial review!

  8. is it just me or does this looks like the first nike ronaldinho cleats

  9. Looks comfy n bulky… Fink the white one look classier than the black one.

  10. I currently have CTR360 Maestri II (not the elites) and in around a year or two, I am going to need new cleats. And just from reading about this new company I am very interested in what they have to offer. What I am looking for is a durable, comfortable cleat that can add some additional shooting power (but not t-90s.. i tried them and they didn't really work for me) so would you recommend this company for the near future?

  11. Dear Bryan, in 2013 I started as a representative for Pele-Sports Benelux. But after a few months i became the message that they would stop production.
    Do you know iff there are still making the great soccerboot are if they finished production ?
    I really would like to bring back the boots in to the field ! It was an amazing product !
    As a former soccerplayer i was very dedicated to this product to put in on the market.
    sorry for my vocabulary.

    Kind regards,

    jurgen ( Belgium)

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