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Nike CTR360 Trequartista Review

Nike CTR360 Trequartista

Fresh off the review of the CTR360 Maestri comes the review of its younger brother, the CTR360 Trequartista. Up until a few weeks ago, I had passed on reviewing the CTR360 range, and I can tell you that I regret waiting so long now! Built with quality and value in mind, there were times when I actually found it difficult to differentiate the performance of the Trequartista to the Maestri. As reference, Trequartista is an Italian term for attacking midfielder, so before wearing them you can already tell who they have been designed for. I wore a size 9US in the Red/Black colorway during testing.

Breaking In
The Trequartista was a breeze to break in. From the first time of wearing they felt super comfortable and throughout testing I encountered no problems. Before breaking them out in a game, I wore them for one training session and that is all I needed. You are pretty much going to be able to take these from box to game (pending you have the right size of course.) In terms of fit, they are absolutely true to size.

CTR360 Trequartista soccer cleat

Comfort and Performance
One area where you can tell a difference is in the insole, where there is not as much support as in the Maestri. But, overall I felt that these offered a very high level of comfort. They are created using a super soft natural leather, so there is some room for the boot to stretch and mold to your foot. The one thing I was impressed with was the all-around feel of the boot, and to be honest I would say that when you have a pair in your hands you will question why they are available at such a competitive price! In terms of on field performance they were spot on. Running, cutting and changing direction resulted in no problem, with the boots always feeling extremely snug on my feet.

The only piece of unusual technology used in these boots is the addition of built in control pods around the front. They were very effective on the Maestris, but on the Trequartista things were a little bit different. I noticed over the space of a few games, the actual pod seemed to flatten out, unlike in the Maestri where they are still clearly defined and visible after a few weeks. But don’t get me wrong, they serve their purpose adequately on the Trequartista when controlling or striking the ball.

Are these worth the money? ABSOLUTELY! Prices for a pair vary, but you can probably get them for around $70 and they are well worth it! At times, I actually felt like I was wearing an expensive, top of the line boot, making them a excellent purchase if you are on a budget.

Nike CTR360 Trequartista 2 CTR360 Trequartista Heel

It is difficult to give a negative for a boot like this. If there was one thing, it is related to the fact that these also scuff easily. The red part at the back of the cleat took a few dings and knocks that were noticeable. Other than that, no complaints.

These are a great boot for any soccer player out there, but if you are an attacking player on a budget they are a must have! As I said, there were times when I found it difficult to differentiate these from more expensive boots because of the quality they offer. If you happen not to be an attacking player, don’t be put off as I have seen players in positions all over the field sporting these. They weigh in on the high end at 11.4oz, but I wouldn’t let that be a defining negative factor as they are built around comfort and performance. After reviewing the Trequartista I would place them as one of my go-to soccer cleats, and rank very highly amongst the current market choices.

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  1. I have a pair of these (as well as a pair of Maestri's, which I haven't worn yet). Performance wise, like all you said, great boots, and these are the only pairs that I would buy another when they wear out (which I did, even before they worn out).

    The only thing is of course the durability of these cleats. I got a new pair of these Trequartistas around early February this year. After a couple of weeks the very front part of my left one that connects the bottom outsole and the leather started to tear off. However, they're still in the same position, which I do not mind really.

    After a few weeks though, the lace holders on the front part ripped. Luckily I was able to sew it back in its position– but this was one of the problems that a lot of wearer of these boots had.

    Now the third problem, the bottom sole (I'll call it the sole from now on). My left one's sole started having a really small crack. The plastic actually broke and had a crack. This progressed and now the crack has grown almost about half way across the width of the shoe. This is something that you can't fix, and it seems like this problem is quite rare, but the durabilty of these cleats are definitely questionable.

    The new Maestri's that I haven't worn yet are size 10, and the Trequartista's are size 10.5. It is true that my Trequartista's are just a tiny bit big (apparently, and hopefully) for my feet, but I do hope the right size brings more life span for the cleats.

    Thank you so much for the reviews by the way, Bryan. Great reviews for great cleats. I was dying to see your reviews about the Maestri's and Trequartista's, and I am so glad that you like them as well.

  2. Hahahahahahaa the 70$ boots took a score higher than the 400$ Superfly! Nike is totally crazy! thanks again bryan, do u think there's a big difference between these and the Libretto? cz for the turf surface, only Libretto is available! thanks

  3. Serginho Bertholi -

    Thanks Bryan …

    Again thank you for evaluation.

    I think that Nike always hits when manufactures a line of soccer shoes like the CTR360, especially when it comes to money.

    As in the model "Tiempo" manufactures to Legend, and Natural Mystic … like I said, Nike hits new models in the line CTR360 …

    I've used the Nike Tiempo Mystic, but I would exchange them for the Trequartistta, which I think are the equivalent to Mystic, with regard to price and material they are made …

    For me, I'm not a professional, I think they will serve very well … rs …

    Congratulations for a great job!

  4. Thanks again for the great reviews! Have you experienced any problems withe the durability of the cleats besides scuffing? It seems hit-or-miss . . . many of the reviews on mention the leather around the laces tearing, or the stitching coming loose. Overall, they look like a pretty good value boot.

  5. Thanks for all the comments guys!


    Other than scuffing they were great durability wise. I would advise keeping them air dried, this design will tear around the laces if you leave them wet! Value wise, they are exceptional!

  6. Got mine two weeks ago for $15 brand new on eBay! Love 'em! Great boots. Super comfortable.

  7. I have been wearing these boots for the past season now.

    Two weeks into wearing them the front of the left foot sort of tore to wer the bottom plate is connected,but the seperation never got bigger.

    They have to been one of my best boots ever worn!!

    However its drawing to the end of the season now and these pair off boots will never last another season with the wear and tear it has already received.

    So is it really worth the money when you have to get a new boot once these wear out?

  8. Anh Dang -Ha Noi - V

    Thanks Bryan…

    I don't know which size is fit my foot, so i purchase two Trequartista pairs, US 8 and 8.5. But when i wear them, both fits me. Ofcouse the US8 is tighter, but still comfort enough when i try with the ball. Now i wonder which one should i choose for better durability? (The other i will sell). Because i'm afraid stretching too much will make the cleat less durability.

    So which one??

    Thanks so much!!

  9. If the 8 feels fine go with them. It is usually better to go up a half size if the smaller size feels too tight, but it sounds like they might be just right for you.

  10. Anh Dang -Ha Noi - Viet Nam

    Thanks for helping me, but i’m afraid stretching too much reduces the durability of the cleat ??

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