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Nike Total90 Laser III in White/Photo Blue/Dark Charcoal

T90 Laser III White (2)Right after the release of a new Challenge Red version of the T90 Laser III, Nike have followed up with this White/Photo Blue/Dark Charcoal version. In my opinion, these will be the choice of many players come the start of the European season and are my preferred colorway of the entire T90 Laser III range. The white and blue mesh very well and I like the blue color pods on the black strike zone. The colorway also comes in the Strike and Shoot versions.White Blue T90 Laser III

I reviewed the T90 Laser earlier this year, and they performed really well. The pods and fins add some very unique aspects to the boot. I was not completely persuaded by the technology, and still have some reservations about the fins but from feedback, it seems that players notice a difference while wearing them. In terms of actual comfort they rate highly. I did encounter some discomfort around on my little toe because of the design, where there is a line of stitching, but I simply taped my toe and it resolved the issue.

Nike Total90 Laser III

T90 Laser III White

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  1. Don't forget, the white leather is kangaroo!

  2. These are dope dude…best colorway in this series

  3. Little toe issue!!!! Can you explain this a bit further? I have three pairs of Total 90 Laser II's, all three versions / entry $50 / mid-level $100 / and super $200. When I wear the mid's my toe next to my pinkie toe goes numb on one foot after about 40 min of play. while wearing entry or premium I have no issues. Haven't found a solution, tried taping. Just unlucky? What are your thoughts?

  4. Monkey,

    That was the same type of issue I encountered, it is because of the shape of the boot compared to the shape of your foot. I don't expect all players encounter this problem so for us unlucky! If you put your hand inside the boot, you will also notice there is a seam that runs right along that area.

    • I have a pair of Challenge Red Strike III's and this colourway of the Laser III's and my boots do not have an exposed seam at the toe. Is it possible that the boot you tested was defective, possibly because it was an original colourway release?

    • I'm lucky then because I have never encountered this and I was just wondering, what do you think about black laces on these because I tried it and the black pops because the laces are on top of a white area

  5. Serginho Bertholi -

    Does this same problem can occur in models and Mistyc Trequartista?

  6. Does this boot run wide compared to others of the Nike silo?

  7. Can you do a review of the T90 strikes? Im curious 😀

  8. Serginho,

    I haven't heard of the same issue with other boots.


    The Laser II did run wider than other Nike, but the Laser III has a more snug fit, particularly because of the off center lacing system.

  9. Sick color!! Why these aren't in Elite 😐

  10. Hey brian, I am really confused right now. website says synthetic T90s are 10.2 ounces, but the catalog says 11.6

    also, would you recommend leather or synthetic lasers?

  11. John,

    That is confusing! From my knowledge, the regular version is 10.2oz while the Elite T90 weighs between 9-10 ounces.

  12. I'm considering getting this boot, but I've read quite a few reviews of people whose studs have broken off in game situations, this is a concern since the studs wouldn't do that unless they were positioned improperly on the boot, by make or by design. I would like to hear some more thoughts from people who own the boot, if they had ever run into problems or discomfort due to the studs/stud configuration.

    Any comments would be appreciated! 🙂

  13. i just bought this shoes this morning…it seems very comfortablee and has a gd gripp of the ball 🙂 …good shoess!!

  14. I put black laces on these and I think it looks way better because the black just pops out

  15. I would not recommend buying these cleats. I had mine ($200 version) for two months and the bottoms tore out. Some of my friends had the same problem. Don't waste your money!

    • Odd, I've had the $50-60 version, and the only wear on mine is the color (and I care nothing about color, at long as the cleet is in one piece I'm happy) and a small hole from a razor blade I found sticking in the side of my left cleet, and I've had them for eight months. I'm impressed with that small hole left by the blade, because after four months it hasn't grown beyond about a millimeter, and the leather is holding nicely around the incision. I'm also about as rough as a person can be with my T90s, wearing them on ciment and gravel (because I plan on replacing them with higher grade cleets soon), and the studs are holding beautifully. All and all, after surviving my neglect, I have to dissagree with you.

      • And I might be wrong, but it seems that they do run a tad bit wide, as they fit snugly on my feet with about half an inch between my big toe and the end of the cleet. I have strangely wide feet, so if they fit me this close to my toe they must stretch well. I've hat to go with a 9-1/2 to get my foot in the boot before, but my feet are only a size 8-1/2 in length. I got my foot in to a size 9, so it isn't an epicly wide boot, but it's obviously not skinny if I'm wearing it.

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