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Adidas adiPure III in White-Black/Radiant Red

Adidas adiPure BlackWhite

Probably my favorite release in the range in recent times, this White-Black/Radiant Red version of the Adidas adiPURE III looks pretty classy! A few weeks back, we featured the more economical adiNova version of the boot. The adiNova is of course a great option for players on a budget, but when it comes to top class the adiPURE is the way to go!

One of the benefits of the adiPURE range is that they are built on what works. Adidas have perfected the boot over time and have pretty much crafted something that is 100% effective on the pitch. With the likes of Kaka and Frank Lampard sporting the range, you know that they offer something special. From testing the adiPURE, I found performance and comfort to be the leading component of the boot. And of course they are made of a super soft K-Leather that molds to your feet.

Adidas adiPure BlackWhite2

Most importantly, Adidas have kept the cost of the boot low. This specific pair are selling for $129.99, a steal compared to some of the other boots currently on the market. They are definitely value for money. One of the most common questions I get about the range is how the heel feels and if it is uncomfortable. You can see from the images that the heal looks like it has been cut off lower than normal heels. I wore them for several weeks and didn’t notice much of a difference, although I can confirm that it has been cut slightly shorter. As of yet, I have not found reasoning behind why Adidas have chosen to go with this design. Expect to see more of the boot as EPL action starts back up in the next few weeks!

Adidas adiPure III

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  1. do you have a picture of the adipures directly from above?

    i wanna see how big the shooting surface is.

  2. Yea Brian I agree with your questions on the heel. I used to have the adipure I's and the heel really bothered me. I felt like it was too low and didn't feel comfortable making quick cuts or sprinting hard for fear of my ankle. I have the predators powerswerves now which has a higher ankle, and it definitely gives me more confidence in performing quick movements. I wish adidas would raise the ankle a little bit on the adipures, they were great boots except for that heel support. You could say its the "achilles heel" of the adipures haha!

  3. shooting surface is sufficiently big. the laces has minimum interference but that is from my own opinion after having buying the adipure III 🙂

    and yes the ankle is abit low, similar to that of the adizero but so far it doesnt bother me and i twist and turns when i play. though its more comfortable now when i wear my ankle guard/support (in case of players who digs into my ankles with their studs) =)

  4. I think adidas needs an elite line……

  5. Wow, they look awesome. Also as it's only $130, it's in the price range of a lot of people! Can't wait to see the full review!

  6. @ paul, bryan already has a adipure III review:

  7. The Black lace makes the cleats don't look right #IMO

  8. Hey Brian,
    I play as a defender and was wondering if these are a good choice?

  9. Sachin,

    They are a suitable option for defenders!

  10. I'm an attacking mid who switched from Pred-x to the adiPure (white/gold stripes) and it is the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. (I've even tried Nike Lasers but they hurt after a while) I also wear half a size smaller due to the lowered heel design. These shoes give optimal feel/touch with no gimmicks, and when your feet are light + comfortable, the goals just keep coming!

  11. Did Adidas stop making Adidas Adinova 2 In (indoor) in White with the blue o black stripes? ..Anyone knows where i can buy them . I can only find the black ones on websites =s

  12. Hey bryan,

    Im a utilityplayer that can play anywhere, even keeper. Im looking for a new boot because my predator powerswerves are begining to rip. Im not the kind of flashy player so i was immedeatly lured to the adipure iii. Unfortunately i have small ankles which makes buying cleats difficult. Do you think the adipure iii's are good for me and arethere any other cleats i should look at before wasting my money?

  13. @Willow,

    I would say "investing" your money rather than "wasting". I am not sure how small your ankles are, but the adiPures are a great boot and very good value for money. One other boot to check out for small ankles is the Puma V1.10.

  14. Igot these cleats recently and i must say, theyre almost perfect. They’re comfy, especially compared to my vapors, theyre stylish and my touch has improved dramatically. My only issue is that they get dirty easily and they scuff even easier, though this could be caused by me playing defense.on another note, i can’t feel much of a weight difference when playing compared to my vapors.

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