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adiZero Stud Issue...It Just Happened! - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

adiZero Stud Issue…It Just Happened!

adiZero stud

After listening to many of you questioning the durability of the Adidas F50 adiZero stud over the past few months, I finally experienced the issue to a pair I was wearing. To test out many of your concerns, I have continued to wear the adiZero’s over the past few weeks. To be honest, I was not expecting any problems with the studs, and believed that it might have been related to some “unlucky” pairs. But, now I am adding a WARNING for anyone looking to buy a pair.

The stud in question is one of the upper two on the left boot. I didn’t notice until after practice that the stud was missing, and can’t give a definite answer as to when it actually fell off. But I do know the stud was there before practice.

Adidas f50 adizero stud

In my opinion, the adiZero is still one of the best boots currently on the market, but Adidas will need to go back to the drawing board in order to rectify what could potentially be a huge problem. Many players will end up getting a minimal life out of a boot that has the ability to one of the most durable on the field. I am currently trying to get some feedback from the peeps at Adidas on what players need to do if they encounter a similar problem.

Let us know below if you have had a similar problem, or if you have any opinions on the issue.

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  1. I've got to be honest, I will be very disappointed if this occurs with my pair. How long would you estimate you had been using them before this happened? Preseason starts next week, and I will be playing everyday, Monday through Saturday, for about 3 months. Thanks Bryan.

    • Mine just succumbed to this problem today. I have had my F50 leather mi coach for a year. I rotate my boots throughout my weekly play and have worn this pair once a week for the last year. Only play on real grass with some dry dirt patches here and there.

  2. Would love to hear what Adidas has to say, like if they'll accept a return/exchange after something like that happens.

  3. Yeah, i was deciding whether to buy the gold/black adizeros, now i'm not so sure about it cause of the durability issue. Have you been playing on artificial grass, cause that may be the cause for the stud coming out, as fake grass tends to suck the stud? Hope to hear what Adidas says, so i can decide soon as possible which boot to buy cause season is starting soon!

  4. Hey Brian were you playing on artificial grass? I know that turf really decreases the durability of boots. I would play a few times in my higher end boots and soleplate of those cracked in fact. The turf doesn't give enough way for the stud, putting added pressure on it I'd say.

  5. Most of my club team has converted to wearing the adizeros, and out of the 9 of us, only two have the leather versions and BOTH have lost one of their front studs.

    ps: we train on artificial grass

  6. So far I have not encountered any stud issues with my adizeros and ive played mostly on turf with them. I have the tendancy to wear out my front inner stud from regular play so im surprised there hasnt been any damage yet.

    What I dont get is why adidas chose to make a 2 piece stud, if the sole was one piece im sure this problem would be eliminated; seems unneccessary.

  7. If the boot is good, it doesn't matter where you use it.

    I personally think that if you've heard some people complaint about the durability, you've better choose another boot.

    Adidas made a 2 piece stud because of the colour !

  8. Okay, honestly do you think adidas will refund money, no and its not because they are a bad company, its because when people want a new pair they will break of the stud. I personally dont have the boots so im not trying to protect them, but i do have tunits and powerswerves and i thing the quality and all of them are awesome so i doubt they would lower it now. Im not taking sides but i think it was a defect boot.

  9. Certain versions of boots are made for a specific type of surface. These are firm ground…they should be used on firm "natural" surfaces. If the stud breaks after constant use in grass, then its definitely not a good boot.

  10. Most people around me who experience stud issues with adizeros, regardless of synthetic or leather versions, play on artificial grass. I guess there won't be a great deal if you play on natural, firm grass for which they are recommended to wear. It seems from black colored studs of Bryan's adizero that he wore them off mainly on artificial grass, which caused the missing stud finally…

  11. Dear Bryan,

    I'm looking for some good quality boots. But also light and accurate . I am thinking about puma v1.10 sl, Nike superfly2 and the Nike laser elite.

    Any suggestions? And do you think the studs will also fall apart for the puma sl and the nike superfly2?

  12. Well I am hugely disappointed with the adizero in yellow. I have worn this boot only 2 times, roughly 1 hours worth, and i have nearly got a hole in the toe literally. I use it on artificial turf, because not don't have any AG adizeros. I am not happy with them! They scuff really bad, i think adidas should refund me with a voucher.

  13. Has anyone heard of this issue with the SG versions?

  14. good thing i have the turf version that doesnt even have studs! Haha

  15. i told you

    i was asking this question and you didnt answer

    luckly enough i didnt buy a pair yet

    now you believe me that i have seen 4 pics of broken stud pic s

  16. Seems like the stud issues happen when they are used on a turf surface…

  17. the bad side to this story is the fact that if you do use the FG adizero on turf surface, it can end up like that and im not surprised. I ruined and saw some boots got ruined after playing on turf surface. the stud catches the turf to much and literally when I kicked the ball, it tore the sole off from the upper. so after that incident, i actually invested in a decent turf boots where the studs are design for turf.. i think the triangular studs especially, are really not meant for turf.

    though the good side to this story is the fact that, even though the turf really catches the stud during use, the sole didnt gave way from the upper after usage but rather the stud that gave way. so in a way, we can say, the upper and sole has been adhered together rather well and most likely it should be able to last longer as compared to some other boots.

  18. it happened to my adizeros few weeks back! the excat same stud.

    it broke after like maybe seven or eight small games on firm/semi-hard terrain.

    i brought it back to adidas and they collected my boot for a inspection before giving me a brand new pair of adizeros as refund.

    its been perhaps ten small games or so now, the studs are still in decent condition though it seems to have been shaved quite abit. my old mercurial 4 studs had some really severe shavings after a long period of usage so i guess its not much of a matter.

    hope my experience helped cleared some issues here (:

  19. @ adizerouser

    So I suppose this confirms that if you have a broken stud on your boot, Adidas will refund you a new pair for free. I wonder how it would go if you called Adidas support on the issue rather than going to a store..

  20. no surprise this would happen on turf… i have seen this on many other brands of boots fgs are not meant for turf. now in the case of adizerouser well i dont think that should of ever happened its a shame. i wonder what hell one would have to go through if they bought them from adidas online like me. im still waiting for a refund for some turf shoes and its been almost a month now since my returned item reached their factory.

  21. Ill b so pissed if this happens to my pair. i got them 4 days ago from and if they dont let me return them if this happans trust me ill be phoneing adidas

  22. i wonder why dont adidas and other companies make turf versions for the high-end boots? Like adidas only make f30 and f10 turf versions while the f50 is only available in Fg/sg/hg and not turf! Does anybody know the reason behind this? Same applies for predators, total 90's, ctr's…thanks

  23. f50 hard ground is for turf!

  24. @hani

    i have been asking myself the same question for years now

    i have the mundials

    but would never touch the f30s = garbage

    although i like the absolions ucl edition turfs and might buy the in 5 min

  25. arnold but still wearing a pure turf shoes is a lot better on turf!

    Allforone1983, yeahh they are really nice i have the yellow absolado but then went to the f10 adizero turf, absolado has beautiful shot accuracy and control but u feel heavy and slow! But it is a good choice

  26. ok i take my comment back predator absolions x ucl edition turfs are also garbage cement bonded soles in general are garbage they dont last long at all unlike the mundial teams i have which are bonded and stitched those things can handle anything…

    if you are gonna go turf get the mundial teams

    i use to have tiempo mystics but i like the feel of the mundials better

  27. my stud just came off to 🙁

  28. pros play on perfect grass all the time thats the diff in them breaking off

  29. My son lost two studs on the right side of his adiZero that we bought on 8/13/2010. That is 11 days ago. He is 14 and practices twice a week on grass and turf. So approximate total usage is 5 hours. He loves it but no this is what I expected. I have an Addidas pair that is 5 years old and still going strong. But adiZero, yea, it has problems… I am sorry I recommended Addida to my son.

  30. i guess you cant really blame adidas entirely on this escapade. cos seriously, i believe turf grass can be quite destructive on boots if you do not use the proper stud configurations. especially so if you look at the adizero triangle stud design, the shape were meant to catch the turf a little too much if you ask me.

    as a matter of fact, if i recall correctly, during the hype of the adizero coming into the market, it was mentioned somewhere that adidas will be launching the turf version ASAP and that the FG version isn't really nice to be used on turf.. i cant recall where I saw it but what im trying to say is, until there are consistent reports of studs coming out from the FG version when used on natural grass, i would say the adizero seem to be quite a decent durable looking speed boot.. we all know how undurable speed boots can be as compared to the others. imo, its just a matter of using the proper stud configurations on proper ground.

  31. @fido… agree i have been saying this all along

  32. Hello, i have same problem! left shoes and same stud. I’ve a problem because i’ve buy it on ebay then i can’t go give it to shop. why i can make? thanks you. (i prefer to be contact to my email, thanks)

  33. Hey bryan I've had my f50s for about a month, and the synthetic material ripped toward the toe of the cleat, right where the laces end. Do you think i could get a refund for this? I really like the boot, so i'll probably end up getting another pair. Also, let me know if anybody else has had this same problem. Thanks!

  34. i dont think there is a problem with the boot itself but the way it has been worn zoom in on the picture and you shall see chips knock and scratches. i think its over-excertion as much as anything

  35. 15 year old daughter lost 2 of 4 studs from her F50s' after one month of useage on grass and turf. She loves the shoe but looking at other light weight options. Anyone have an opinion on another lightweight boot ?


  36. I bought a pair of F50 AdiZeros for my son (15 yrs old) in August. He played in them 2-3 times a week on both grass and turf. In less than two months, the upper completely split off from the sole plate. Very disappointing! The boots are lovely to play in them, but they appear to have serious durability problems.

  37. oh…..i should of said the stud broke off, they aren't removeable studs

  38. I brought my son a pair of F50 adizero and 5 studs have fallen out within 2 games. Sportsdirect dont care and i have been shoved from pillar to post trying to get the studs replaced which still isnt done. For 3 weeks i have been in sportsdirect westwood cross broadstairs 6 times. At the weekend i got an email from headoffice saying to return the boots to the store i had brought them from, (aaaaah i had tried that 5 times before). I took the boots back so the sportsdirect area manager could check them. The next day i got a call from the manager, ‘sorry area manager wont be in for about 2 weeks, come back and pick the boots up and post them to our head office if you want it dealt with quickly’. WHAT A NIGHTMARE!!! DONT BUY THESE BOOTS, OR IF YOU DO TIGHTEN THE STUDS UP BEFORE AND AFTER EVERY GAME!! for £120 quid who wants that eh!!!

  39. Also the same problem, 13yr old son lost front stud off boot, he has only ever played on grass and boots were about 8 weeks old. I am pursuing this with Adidas at the moment, it is obviously a fault with the boot and it’s not as if they were cheap!
    I know if we don’t get any satisfaction from them there will be a lot of posts on his facebook about the boot, it won’t take long for the word to get around. Adidas should realise this.

  40. I have the soft ground Chameleon boots and I truely think they are as equal or better than the vapours(which I played in last year) , however no matter how much I tighten the studs, they still come loose…

    Is this a problem that anyone else has encountered at the moment…???

  41. I bought my f50 adizero 3 months ago and they are a great pair of cleats, but today one of the front stud in the left boot fell off so i was wondering how can i fixed or should i just take it back to the store? thank you

  42. Im planning to buy the newest colour of the f50 adizero but after reading all the comments, im not sure if i want to buy it….

  43. Yeah, good question, did they re-adjust this issue on the new colour boots?

    Black & white-outs?!?


  44. I have had to return one pair because of the cleat. The pair that was replaced now has cracks in the soleplate has cracked on both. She is 11 and practices 5 days aweek out side plus 1 to 2 games on the weekend. This shouldn't be happening. All grass play NO turff and NO walking on blacktop or concreat.

  45. My Adizeros are ripping from the bottom, do u think i can get a refund? If so, how?

  46. this problem is common for adizero,and the solution is to cut the stud a little bit by yourself,though this work should be made by their father,adidas,it is the best way to have it complete and working.

  47. the reason why the stud goes off is because the studs are too long,and the shoe is too light,nothing strong between them,to cut the stud a little bit,reduce the touching area between the studs and the ground,then the studs could have better attachment to the toe,have a try,this is what my friends and i tried and it works.

    Good luck to you guys !!

  48. I just baught yellow F50. Like the ones lionel Messi uses. It has grass cleats but I want to know if I can use those grass cleats ontificial grAss? Thanks!

  49. Yea well I was playin in my f50 adizero and my upper right fell off 1 hour 20 minutes playtime I got out off them

  50. tht s why you buy the adizero hybrid tht way it doenst happen

  51. Hi, I am thinking of a F50, but is seems there is some problem with the qulity issue. What about F30, they looks alike and the soleplate seems stronger.

    PS: I love your web, check it everyday,thank you very much!!

  52. Hey Bryan,

    My son’s f50 sole plate cracked at the toe and tore away after a few uses. How long will you continue to recommend an expensive boot with such an obvious flaw? After many attempts Adidas is not responding to many e-mail questions either. That’s horrible customer service! With such a popular boot this seems very BAD for Adidas don’t you think????

  53. @Andy,

    I haven't heard anything about the sole plate cracking – that is definitely not needed! I am surprised they are not getting back to you about it, keep at them as you deserve a refund/replacement. The issue with the studs is something I have pointed out as above – bar this issue the boots perform at an extremely high standard, so I do offer a warning to those that decide to buy a pair.

  54. [Originally posted on your facebook] So I decided to look at my new Adizeros (the last color scheme Green/Pink) and noticed that the studs now have three (3) holes where the studs now connect instead of that one hole in the center of the stud on the first generation Adizeros. This must be Adidas's fix to enhance the strength of the stud foundation. With a connection point on each point of the triangle this will help with distributing the stress from digging in the studs to help stop or the dragging when you shoot. I would say that anyone looking to buy the chameleon or black and yellow versions that were first released on sale should be warned that these will have the soleplate that has the issue above. The newer versions will have the updated soleplate and should not give you these issues

  55. First of all love what your site!!! Simply phenominal!

    Anyhow for zilong had F30s (9.8oz?? I think) for 2weeks now, and it's definitely sturdy. Not as light as F50s (5.8oz?? I think) but simply quiet light compared to other popular cleats. We will see what happens to my F30s, lol!

  56. I saw this post long time ago… was a fight came it back…

    Bryan… this thay guy solved the problem… just check the link:… and see the pictures… maybe works for you too!

    Good luck!

    Can you give me a feedback, if you try this? @sergiobertholi

  57. @Sergio

    Whoah, where there is a will there is a way!! I wouldn't try it simply because the screw head could be dangerous in play, especially if it came anyway loose. And I also wonder where the end of the screw ends up compared to your foot. It seems to be way too unsafe.

  58. one of my studs also came off. do you think i could get a replacement?

  59. I`ve had two pairs now and the same front right stud as snapped off both pairs, once after about 5 games and the second after two games. The shop where I purchased them said the have never had this problem before, I find this hard to believe. The boots are great for my style of play but the studs are a major flaw, then again Messi and co can probably afford a new pair each week!

  60. Does anyone know if they fixed this stud problem on the ADIZERO 2 ?

  61. The same damn thing happened yesterday at practice and the shoe is still in great condition to just throw away!!! what do i do?!

  62. One of my teammates actually sliced the studs in half on his adizeros, then smoothed back down. The entire stud is just so damn high. It's still really effective for him even with the modification.

    I will try to grab a photo of the them.

  63. Does anyone know for sure if adidas fixed the stud issue on the colorways that came out approximately four months ago? I heard they did…would really like to know for sure.

  64. I had the same thing happen to my Chameleon adizeroes..they are excellent cleats and in less than a year I lost two back studs on my left and one stud on my right..I just bought the bright orange once…they are so worth it even if they don't last.. I do hope that adidas fixes the issues.

  65. We bought a pair of F50 Adizero Warning/Black/White for our son and the first time he had them out on the field he lost the toe stud on the right shoe. Does anyone know if you can buy a replacement stud with the adhesive to reinsert? Thanks so much! My email is

  66. The stud tip loss is unavoidable. The manner in which the stud tip is affixed to the shoe guarantees eventual stud tip loss if used on synthetic field turf. Adidas is promoting and selling this boot on the US market where field turf is the norm in metro areas. This boot is therefore marketed to an audience that can only use it on field turf. A lawsuit to get the company to correct the problem and accept returns for at least a year post sale seems logical.

  67. dude, i was soo upset when i happened. and i sent out emails to custumer support but they wont do nothing about it, they havent even responded. what did you do about it? i was looking to try to put in a a new stud in a replacable one but i dont know if it would fit.

    • My shoes were bought online from an online vendor.. They offer a warranty that offers some significant refund which lowers with time. I can't remember which vendor I used… Sorry. This is generous since it reduces our risk as customers. On the other hand, Adidas product support simply stone walls if you call them. They will not reimburse you unless you state that the shoes were not used on synthetic fieldturf. In other words, they encourage you to lie to obtain actual customer service. Clearly, if you are willing to spend 30mns removing every piece of rubber stuck in the shoe and especially in the many little holes on the insole, you could obtain reimbursement. It's a disappointing customer service practice that suggests that the company is fully aware of the problem. The F50 is a remarkable shoe, but this stud loss problem coupled with the deliberate attempt by the Adidas lawyers to snuff the complaints created by disingenuous marketing makes me want to say: DON'T BUY F50's, train harder and save weight by getting thinner… Good luck!

  68. Mine happened today! it's only been 6 months since i bought it. What should i do?

  69. we have had six pairs of adizeros, none have lasted more than 4 months,average is 2 months, studs break off,sprint frames crack, frame cracking at the front, we are on our second pair of primes,paying the extra hoping they would last at least six months, good boots but just not durable enough to warrant the hassles,this next pair of primes is the last,if they do not last the distance they are out…

  70. happened to me too…not happy since i paid $130 for one.

  71. got the same problem with my adizero F50 on two pairs. I play on turf and natural.
    first pair I lost one cleat in about 10 months.
    I bought another pair of the new F50 TRX FG, and after 3 games (one on natural 2 on turf) and a training on turf. I lost 5 cleats!!!!
    that is just awful. I don't want to buy two pairs, one for turf and one for natural! plus I have the micoach, i would need two pair using micoach.
    for turf only adidas has just no choice:

    to sum up don't buy F50 or similar type of cleat for turf, that suckes because the shoes are great but I totally agree that adidas need to go back to the drawing and reinforce durability or make replaceable cleats!

  72. My stud came off my adidas preadators lz. What do I do, can I get a refund, buy new stud. I don’t know what to do?

  73. Yes this just happened to my sons cleats but his are Adidas Lethal Zone Predator.
    I'm not impressed as they are only 8 weeks old and he still has 6 weeks of soccer to play.

  74. i see this all the time as i do custom stud conversions on pro player boots. the most common one to go is the heal stud at the back on the outside.
    i have done loads of these boots now putting in the far better pro alloy suds that are totally removable and give much better traction than the adizero sg boots [those alloy studs snap too].

  75. This has happened to 6 pairs of my Adizero TRX F50's over the past two years. It's ridiculous. I'm not buying another pair.

  76. It has now happened to my new Predataro Lethal Zones (US$ 190) and to a pair of the new F30 leather 8US 90.00) in yellow. But the stud in question is now one from the heel. I will place some pictures tomorrow so that you can all see what is going on. I also saw the same problem with a pair of Absolian LetaL Zones.

  77. I had the same problem after less than a year of wearing the cleat. This shouldn't happen to $200 shoes!! For me, one of the heel studs popped out after a training session, but I didn't notice until the session was over.

  78. john ruckstaetter

    happened to my kid on the right boot, both upper studs fell off. this is a joke. any way to get replacements?

  79. We experienced the broken cleat on a adidas predators. My son came home from practice with a back inside clear broke off.

  80. This happened to my daughters custom $300 pair of Adizero F50. The did not make it through have a middle school season. She practiced and played on grass only. I have sent pictures to adidas customer service. They initially told me they would get back to me in 3-5 business days.Ten days and counting with no repair or replacment information provided. Will keep post when I hear something.

  81. My 12 year old son lost two front studs of left boot on Adidas World Cup boots. It happened twice, he got less than 1 half both games before he had to change boots. Girl at accused me overtightening and also cross-threading. Bottom line they refused to replace. I took out the retaining nut inside the boot and found that it would not fully accept a stud, leaving a minute gap between top of stud and boot. This would easily undue while applying torsion to the ground. I fully tapped the nut and it now accepts the stud fully. Should I have to do this with £90.00 football boots. I think there is a quality problem with the manufacture of the retaining nuts on all Adidas stud type boots. It appears a years customer boycott should show Adidas how important their customers are! Theyare selling shoddy goods at premium rates.

    It seems as though Sportsdirect and Adidas are trying a damage limitation exercise….makes you wonder how many faulty boots have actually been issued.

  82. salvador vasquez

    Hey bryan one of heel stud from my Predators lz came off of yestrday should I stick with adidas or should I switch? Would puma evopower be a good cleat to get?

  83. yeah what about the 100 quid i spent on my pair that had lost 3 studs after wering them just 4 times. its an absolute disgrace yet these boot companies continue to make millions off us with these ridiculously expensive and shoddy designed boots. pisses me off so much!!

  84. are there any firm ground studs replacements out there. Where can i buy some. I want to be able to inter-change between firm ground and soft ground.

  85. My daughter had the women's AdiZero soccer cleats. This week she also had the top 2 studs on the left boot come off. She contacted Adidas but because they are just over a year old, they will not honour replacement. Apparently this is a concern among many and Adidas should replace them. Disappointing to pay so much for these cleats to have them break down so quickly!

  86. My son has had the same problem with the predator 19.1 2 pairs lasted roughly 2 games each. Bought them from adidas .com you can return them, but takes more than a month to get the gift card to buy another pair.

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