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Adidas F50 Adizero Synthetic Review

F50 adiZero Warning

Over the past few months, we have been astounded with all the ultra-lightweight boots being released on the market. One of those boots is the Adidas F50 adiZero series – at 5.8oz one of the lightest soccer cleats you will ever get our hands on. A few months back I had the opportunity to test both the synthetic and leather original releases in the range, but recently Adidas changed things up with an update to the overall look and feel of boot.

In order to test out how the new and old compared, and to see if there were any enhancements to the newest release, I grabbed a pair of the new Warning/Black/White colorway in a size 9US.

Find the latest colorways available at soccer.com.

Breaking In
Contrary to popular belief, lightweight boots can actually break-in in a pretty quick time period. Because this version of the F50 adiZero is made with a synthetic upper, you are going to have more room at the top of the boot for your toes to move. I did find them slightly uncomfortable for the first few wears, but because I had the right size to begin, it didn’t take long for them to feel pretty well suited to the fit and shape of my foot. My advice is to make sure you have the right size before taking these on a proper workout. If they feel a little tight take the time to loosen them up in a few jogging sessions. The area around the heel is nicely padded, but it is still thin and is prone to causing blisters if they are too tight. The pair I tested were a size 9US and I found that they fit true to size.

Front Adidas F50 adiZero

The New Design
The differences between the new and the old design are pretty minimal. Other than a redesigned tongue and a change to the look and feel of the upper you are getting the same boot with the same performance. The tongue now features a higher midpoint compared to the previous release. This allows it to sit slightly higher just above your ankle. It is more aesthetic than anything, but if you found the old version was uncomfortable where it met your ankle this new feature was designed for you!

The overall look of the upper has been modified, with the F50 logo moving to the lower outside region of the boot and Adidas have added a sort of ladder design that runs from the laces down where the upper and soleplate meet at the front of the boot. It adds a uniquely new look to the boot and I have to say I like it. Adidas have also swapped out the Grip’n Groove feel for a new streamline tiered design. Again, this has less to do with performance and more to do with the look of the boot.

Adidas adiZero close up

Synthetic upper
Adidas use their technologically advanced Sprintskin to drastically reduce the weight of the adizero. Sprintskin is a very thin, single layer microfiber upper that features subtle texture. Synthetic is not designed to stretch much, and for this reason the size you order is pretty much going to be the size you want to play in. One of the most common questions I get is “leather or synthetic” – my personal answer is leather simply for the touch, but with synthetic you are getting a more manageable boot that has better weatherproof properties. Worth checking out is our post that compares the Leather versus Synthetic upper.

Again, I definitely enjoyed wearing the synthetic F50 adiZero. When you take these out of the box for the first time the weight will blow your mind! It is absolutely astounding how light they feel, and the same is true when you get them on the field. Adding to that, they offer a very competitive level of touch and control. The soleplate offers a very minimal look, but bends in the right ways to allow for adequate traction on firm ground. Do these boots make you faster? It is unlikely that any boot actually makes you faster, but it does offer the right mix to give you every advantage possible. I found that while wearing them, I psychologically felt faster, whether I actually was or not is up for debate! Overall, you will enjoy the performance of the boot.

The obvious negative is protection. Because the upper is so light you are increasing the opportunity for injury to the front of the boot. But guess what, they are a speed boot so you should definitely be aware of this when buying a pair. For a lightweight boot, the F50 adiZero offer great comfort and support. In saying that, there is no doubt that like any other lightweight boot out there these will not suit certain players and will cause certain discomfort. But again, this is just part and parcel of what you can expect from a speed boot that has less material/padding.

Again, what a boot these are! We are now pretty familiar with the list of lightweight boots that are on the market, but I still find myself questioning how companies like Adidas are able to do it! Add lightweight and the fact that you are getting a decently comfortable boot and the package is very appealing. Ensuring you have the right size is critical to getting the most of the F50 adiZero, if you can get it right you will be very happy with them. They are going to suit wingers and quick forwards the most, but if you can get past the issue of protection then they are a good option for all positions. As a heads up, there is also a leather version currently available in the same colorway!

Adidas F50 adizero

*Boots supplied for review by Adidas

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  1. hey~

    there's a mistyping in your writing

    'performance' paragraph line number3

    "absolutely astounding how light they fee"


    do i right?

    many thanks for this review

  2. So Bryan is there a reason for someone to buy adizero 2 instead of 1?

    • Yes they are newer and therefor include new technology that would improve your overall perforamnce as a soccer(Futbol) player__

  3. Nice review

    but when are you going to post a review for the adizero PRIME

    you know the one which is 5.2oz and has that black bordering between the upper and the sole plate????

  4. Nice review. Especially on the tongue because I really felt uncomfortable on first adizero. I consider to get this one.

    I'm wondering about one thing though, will you be reviewing the Adizero Prime version?

  5. Nice review Biran !

    Were you able to test the durability of the studs ?

    The only problem I had with previous version of this was the well-known stud issue.

    I'm wondering if that is the same with this version

  6. Awesome review, is there going to be a score posted for them? So I can compare them to the other reviewed boots.

  7. Nice review, I'm wondering if you have a preference between the two?

  8. So to summarize the above questions, both version rate the very same in terms of performance. The only difference lies in the design. The only difference that is worth taking into consideration is the redesigned tongue. Personally, I prefer the new look over the Chameleon colorway of the original.

  9. Hey did you see the NFL Combine cause as I watched the players doing their 40yd dashes i saw them wearing adidas f50's and the Nike superflyII's. It was wierd seeing football players wear soccer cleats because they don't wear those when they play.

    • Well i suppose its understandable, because some positions (im not very familiar with football) demand a lot of speed and agility. If you're one of the big guys thats always holding the defensive line and shoving the other opponent, i dont think they'll consider getting lightweight-speed boots. Probably something with a lot better protection. I'm a rugby player myself, and i play as a winger on the back line. My position demands for speed, and speed only. I dont need ball feel/accuracy/control or anything like that, just light, fast, and agile. This is why im considering getting the f50s; they give me just that. I'll suppose thats probably the same for those football players

  10. Is the same sprint frame found on the inside of the primes and on the original adizeros in this boot as well?

  11. @Nick

    Yes – the Sprint frame is still included!

  12. Hey bryan are these good for a center mid/attacking mid

  13. Hey, were you able to test the durability of the studs ?

  14. I also wonder how durable they are, how much can you use them before they break? (I'm thinking specially about the studs that many had problems with in the older version) Are they long-lasting?

  15. Hey yo dude, I've seen that new F50 orange cleats at a local Adidas store. But the tongue said F10 and not F50. Just wondering if you knew anything about it. Thanks. Peace.

    • That means those boots you saw were the F10s, and NOT the F50s. You should have noticed that the price was drastically different. If i recall correctly, F10s are like….50 bucks. and the f50s, well you know, somewhere around 200. There is a very obvious difference in pricing, therefore expect a very obvious difference in performance and everything.

  16. @Greg @Viktor

    So far so good, but I haven't been using them long enough to really give an accurate answer. Give it another few weeks!

  17. Hey Brian,

    Very nice review!

    I am 12 years old and I really like these cleats, yet the only option for my size 5.5 foot is the Jr F50's on Soccer.com. Are there any diffrences between the youth F50's and the regular men's F50's?

  18. Any idea what is the difference between the high end ones (200+ dollars) and the low end ones (50 dollars)?

    I know that the material is better and the shows are much lighter for the high end ones but would it make any difference for the casual player like myself?

    Have anyone tried the low end ones and what you think?


  19. @John

    I am not too familiar with youth sizes, but I would imagine it is simply a size thing. They need to differentiate between youth and adult so people know what to buy!


    I would recommend going for the F30 (about $90) over the F10, they offer very good quality and comfort. The F50 is designed for more advanced players, so save the money if you play for fun rather than competition.

  20. Are you going to review the adizero primes?

  21. Thanks Bryan for the feedback. I will go later this week to try the 2 versions out.

  22. Hey, I was thinking about getting the adizero prime leathers, do you think the leather versions offer enough protection for a FB/CB? If not, any speed boots that are decent for a defender?

  23. Should I get the adizero Prime or the Puma V.1.10 SL?

  24. Bryan,

    i really need your help, i have had the first adizero's and they were pretty damn good, now im searching for SG's,

    but are the studs long enough?

    thanks in advance

  25. @Powerbootlover

    Check out this review of the <a hre="http://www.soccercleats101.com/2010/07/19/adidas-f50-adizero-hybrid-review/&quot; title="Hybrid adidas adiZero" rel="nofollow">Hybrid adiZero for more info! I really enjoyed wearing them and still do when I play on soft grass!

  26. @Charlie,

    I've worn the same pair of leather adizeros for about 2 seasons and I play center back often. First of all, they're still in good shape, I could probably wear them for a few more seasons, so I think they're holding up really well to defensive tackling in terms of durability. I definitely get cleated at least twice a game, on both the top of my foot and having my toes stomped (I'm cursed to having no more big toe nails). I'm so used to it by now it doesn't phase me much so I don't really care that much about protection. I'll say it definitely hurts more than a more substantial boot but I think you just get used to it as your feet get stronger and it becomes normal. I've never had a serious injury or been taken out of a game because of it (although I've had some bruises stick around the next day). Protection isn't even a factor for me in choosing a boot anymore though.

  27. @Roark

    Thank you, I'll definitely remember that

  28. Hey Bryan! I was wondering if i should even consider these cleats. I mainly play full back. My game really relys on the speed of my foot for quick steals and recoverys. But i'm not the fastest player out there. I have a boot of a leg so i dont really think i need one of those power boots. So what do you think. Or what boot do you reccomened!? thanks bryan!

  29. Hey brian im also 12 years old and i usually play forward and i would love it if you replied. is there any differance between the 2010 world cup f50 than the brand new ones on the page. Thanks.

  30. @Aaron, The Major difference is that they reinforced the studs. Minor differences are the colorway and a redisign of the pattern of little bumps that cover the sprintskin material.

    @Bart, I play center back and another guy on my team who plays left back wears them and we both like them.

  31. @Bart

    My only reservation would be tackling and the protection they offer. But if you feel that's not an issue they are ideal, particularly if you like to get up and down the wing. Another boot worth looking at is simply the adiPure. Very comfortable and they are very competitive in all areas.

  32. Brian,
    Would you possibly do a review for the new leather f50's? I am looking at buying a pair but i'm not sure if they are good or not.

  33. are you going to do a review on the leather version?

  34. My son is playing soccer and is wearing Adidas F50 Adizero. He is very satisfied with this model, it fits him perfectly.

  35. hi just wondering i wear size 11.5 with the predators and im gonna get a pair of these and just wondering what size i should get 11.5 or 11 or 12

    • soccercleats101

      They fit true to size – so stick with the same size as the Preds. One thing to note is that synthetic is a little larger to begin, whereas leather boots (like the Predator) tend to be tighter to begin and stretch over time.

  36. AWESOME SHOES…i got them for this soccer season

  37. these boots are one of the best boots i have tried and i have to say it is a great boot. The only down side is that you will get a lot of blisters and if players step on your foot it will hurt quite a lot

  38. Hey Bryan,
    i was wondering, what are the differences between these boots (the F50 adiZero TRX-FG) and the newer, improved version (the F50 Prime). I'm sure there are differences, like how the primes are 0.7 ounces lighter, but other than that, are there other changes to the boot that makes the prime worth the extra 100 bucks? I really can't decide between these or the prime, please help me out.

  39. hey brian,
    i have a huge problem with these cleats. on both my cleats i have a crack on the soleplate about three inches long and ive only had them for three months. this is a prety big durability problem.

  40. I’ve been thinking about getting synthetic because it’s cheaper and I live in seattle (lots of rain), but touch is very important to me. I can’t decide if I should get the leather or synthetic. Also when the leather gets waterlogged, how much heavier does it get? Please respond asap, thanks.

  41. i wear size 10 US in adipures.. what size would you recommend me getting in adizeros (synthetic)? ive heard order half-size down and also order your regular size so i was a bit confused. Also, which did you prefer, the Nike Mercurial Vapors or these Adidas Adizero Synthetic? i found both for the same price i just would like an opinion on which you prefer.


    • The synthetic adiZero naturally fits a little longer to start, but it won't stretch – so order true to size unless you want a tight fir throughout wear. Vapors are another good option, they offer different traction to the adiZero. Either way, you can't go wrong with either boot!

  42. Hi, i bought the original f50s and i felt was in love with them for about three months when i ripped a 2 inch hole in the side.I had a waranty and got another pair. I ripped another hole in them. very dissatisfied. lot of money to burn through 2 pairs in less than 3 seasons.

  43. @bryan
    which one do you prefer? the synthetic or leather version?

  44. I picked these up at my local adidas outlet store yesterday and played in them today. I wore them while watching TV yesterday just to see if I would get the usual pain on the sides of my feet that I normally experience with any new boot. To my surprise, I didn't feel any discomfort whatsoever. Today, I went straight to a game and I didn't experience any blisters or discomfort. The synthetic upper allowed my very wide and flat feet to stay nice and comfortable. I'm a perfect size 10 in adizero leathers (1st generation) and I had to get a size 9.5 in these for a precise fit.

  45. Hey bryan can u help me when ever I tighten my adizero the front bulks up and it really bothers me what should i do to fix it

  46. hey brian, i got my hands on a pair of these and had them side by side with the copas. the upper on the copa is actually thinner in certain areas, which blew my mind. the reason why it's so light is the outsole, which is extremely thin.

  47. Adidas F50 Adizero Synthetic Review
    I found that while wearing them, I psychologically felt faster, whether I actually was or not is up for debate!

    this is my favorite quote because of, psychologically faster. Thanks for doing this give away i really wanted these shoes then saw it up for a chance to get for free. AWESOME.

  48. Hi, do you think that the first 2 release of the adizero2, (warning & black/electric) has the stud problems fixed? i referred to these 2 colorways only because i realised that the later editions seem to have been revised, having the plastic protector on the toe area, preventing a splitting of the boot from the sole and most prob the stud issue fixed.

  49. These shoes….are so fresh that they would make a freshly cut vegetable on the side of the road at a reputable fruit stand in front of a farm in the countryside look more spoiled and unfresh then a dead animal that has been rotting in the sun for over two days in central Africa after being killed by lions who have infectious diseases including aids and rabies.

  50. hey bryan,
    how sthe durability on these boots?

  51. Am I the only one wondering about the durability? I'm a mom, so maybe that explains it-but they are SO lightweight I can't help but wonder if my son is going to tear through these things in a month. I bought them on clearance, so no returns for me–I hope the sprintskin holds up!

    • Most boots are gone this way, Jennifer. The trend was "the lighter the better", but thankfully we are starting to see companies transitioning to more durable versions of lightweight boots. Training 4-5 times a week, he should get a solid 6-12 months out of them, depending how he takes care of them.

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