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Puma PWR C1.10 Ball Review

Puma PowerCat ball review

Following up on the successful adidas Jabulani review, we managed to get our hands on some other soccer balls to review with the Puma PWR C1.10 being the first. Puma have always been a top brand in terms of cleats and equipment, but I have never associated them with match day soccer balls. But, in the past few years they have become more prominent in leagues around the world. In particular, the WPS (Women’s Premier Soccer) has benefited tremendously from Puma’s sponsorship of the league. Currently, the WPS is one of the leagues that uses the PWR C1.10. I had the opportunity to test out the White/Black/Wild Lime version of the ball in training and game situations.

20 Panel Design
This is the most unique aspect about the ball. It has been designed using 20 high-frequency molded panels that have been placed in different shapes and sizes. 8 of the panels are shaped in a triangular fashion, while remaining 12 are fashioned in a long rectangular shape that separates the triangular panels. Even of the panels are molded together, so there is no stitching on the ball. What differentiates this ball from others on the market is how each panel ridges to the joining. Other balls have a nearly smooth design, but the PWR-C1.10 bumps up and down, leaving large gaps between each panel. I think the image portrays this most accurately.

Contours of Puma PWR-CT ball

Spot it in the Air
Along with the 20 panel design, Puma use a visual design that enhances visibility of the ball. 6 of the panels are colored in black, with 3 on each side in an “z” shape. As the ball moves and turns in the air, you have the added bonus of being able to track its trajectory. To be honest, the design is pretty unusual to look at for the first few sessions, but over time you become more familiar with it. I didn’t exactly feel like it was beneficial, for the most part I think it just gives the ball a unique look!

Puma PowerCat 1.10 Puma Pwr-CT1.10 Ball

How it Feels
The ball is designed with a double layer that you can really feel when playing with the ball. The outer layer is made of a soft foam that allows for a crisp first touch. If you hold the ball and gently push down on any area it has a very squishy feel that almost feels like a sponge. This allows for superb touch and control when the ball comes to you and is noticeable. The second layer is a compressed foam that essentially rebounds off your foot. When striking the ball, this is how acceleration is increased. In fact, Puma say that the ball moves 4.3% faster in the air than a regular soccer ball. I could definitely feel there was a difference shooting or playing long balls as the ball does ping off your foot pretty easily.

Puma ball and cleats

Summing up….
I liked this ball a lot, although I don’t feel like it is the best game ball out there. You can feel the difference when knocking this ball about and it is a fun ball to play with. Controlling a long pass feels good as the ball has that rebound feel on your foot. It is priced around the $100 mark, which is decent for a top line ball. I can see many teams using this as a game ball, but throughout testing I preferred using it as a top line training ball. This is just my personal preference, with reactions from fellow players being mixed. The majority of players like the feel and touch of the ball. If you are looking for a ball that gives great touch and control then the Puma PWR-C 1.10 is a good option. For players that want to test it out, I would say it is worth the price.

Puma Pwr-CT 1.10 ball

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  1. this or the jabulani?

    i have the jabulani and was interested in this ball.

  2. great review. wish if i could try all the match balls out there:)

  3. No dimples? I have a puma v1.08 ball and it has dimples on it which help with touch and spin. Did they get rid of the dimples for the v1.10?

  4. Bryan,

    What premier match ball on the market right now is your favorite?

  5. Jonathan,

    They surface is smooth with no dimples.


    I have a comparison post coming up soon!

  6. Will you be doing a review of the t90 tracer?!

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