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What Are the Best Soccer Socks?

Best Soccer Socks

I received a great email earlier this week asking a very simple question, what soccer socks do I think are the best? One critical piece of equipment you need is a good pair of socks that fit properly and are comfortable. Having the wrong size, or a sock that slips, can cause some unnecessary discomfort.

To be honest, I don’t have a comprehensive answer to this question right now, but it is now something I am going to work on getting further information to you about.

What I can tell you is that I have worn several different types of socks over the last few months including Umbro, Adidas and Nike with mixed results. I currently use a pair of adidas Formotion Edge Sock that have been working out really well. I have always seen them as a go-to sock because of their price and reliability. Adidas use their patented Climalite technology to manage moisture, and they use compression in the ankle and arch for added comfort. With that being said, different players look for different attributes and I will try to put together a comprehensive review of what options are available.

Stay tuned for more information on soccer socks over the next few weeks. In the meantime, let us know below if there is a particular sock that you wear that you think works best!

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  1. Usually most people are saddled up with whatever socks their team chooses for a kit but for training, I prefer just an ankle sock (not a no-show). I never worried much about moisture management but my current crop of adidas socks are way too hot.

  2. Notice that the guy next to Torres, his adizeros are six stud and not the hybrid, well thats what i think it is.

  3. yeah i think you are correct KASH.

    i mean if the sg studs are longer than the normal ones then what's the point of having a hybrid studs if only the sg ones are going to touch the ground?

    or maybe i'm wrong.

  4. I've always used Adidas socks, but then when I used an Inter Milan Nike sock, I found it so comfortable that I had to use those. It doesn't bother me that much which sock I use, but I've found that Nike are my preferred choice.

    Btw, will you do a review of the Nike T90 Strike III's? I'd like to know if they're like the trequartista to Maestri value to quality, or if they're a serious step down from the lasers.

  5. yeah a review of the strikes would be great as it seems that they offer a better value than the lasers considering their qualities.

  6. ALI – As you correctly suggested, you ARE wrong, the FG studs from a Mixed Sole like the one the Adizero has DO touch the ground because the SG ones get into the ground when the weight of your body applies pressure on them and that is when the FG ones touch the ground therefore preventing the SG get even deeper into the ground. I don't know if I made myself clear but that is what I understund. Cheers

  7. Under Armour makes a pretty good sock. I remember my local Marshall's selling pairs for $3 each. They stretch just the right amount and fit my 9.5 size foot nicely.

    If you're one of those people who wear two socks to prevent blisters, I love Injinji toe socks as liners. They really do a good job stopping friction and are rather thin.

  8. I use adidas copa zone socks and they work very well and you can feel the breathablity through the socks they are amazing i would recommend these socks to anyone!

  9. Thanks for making things clear NP9:)

  10. I prefer Nike dri-fit soccer socks. They offer great comfort and durability. After so many washes and tumble dries they are still in great shape and stay very elastic.

  11. I too have tried many socks, my current favorite is little the Joma Classic, comfy, lightweight, wears pretty well too

  12. It's all about Adidas for me.

  13. Hi,I use a Sports Sock that I have invented.Which holds the shinpad in place with out tape or strapping ,reducing moisture ,sweat and abrasions and is a lightweight thin layer so works well as an undersock .

  14. I'm a huge fan of the Adidas F50. I have in the past year used the Nike Dri Fits, Adidas Copa Zone Cushions, Adidas Formotion Edge's, and now the Adidas F50. The ribbed bottoms reduce side to side slippage, the compression arch and ankle are excellent and promote great bloodflow, they are tight enough to hold shin guards without sleeves or tape. I will say, however, that I had to order a size down from what I normally wear. I normally wear a large (Size 10 US), but the size medium fits me perfectly. Anything larger than a 10 or 10.5, go with a large.

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