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Pele Sports Full Range Released and Giveaway

**Competition is now closed**
Just before the beginning of the World Cup this past summer in South Africa, we were introduced to a new soccer company who are focusing on bringing products designed with quality an affordable price range; Pele Sports.

Pele Sports HoodieAfter having an opportunity to test their first soccer cleat release, the Pele Sports 1970, I can tell you that we are going to see a lot more about this company in the coming months as they continue to grow. The boots have been created using a uniquely treated one piece k- leather. The leather undergoes an incredible 150 separate processing steps and has an amazing fit.

One thing you might not have known is that not only are Pele Sports focusing on cleats, but they have also released a full line of soccer related clothing!

The gear they have ranges from t-shirts to shorts and hoodies. The idea is to give players a full brand to relate to on and off the field, and I have to admit that I like the idea a lot. The gear looks good and there is plenty to choose from. In fact, there are one or two items that I might be investing in over the coming weeks, including the ¾ length training pants.

Pele Sports T-shirts

In conjunction with the release of the entire line, Pele Sports have offered up several t-shirts for SoccerCleats101 readers to win. The winners will be sent a t-shirt in their chosen size. To get your name in the running to win, all you have to do is:

  1. Head over to and check out the entire Pele Sports line.
  2. When you have done that, come back and leave a comment below letting us know what item in the Pele Sports line you like best.
  3. We will then select several winners who will receive a t-shirt in their size.

The competition is open to US and Canadian entries only. Competition closes on 10/05/10 and winners will be notified by email.

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  1. I'm definitely liking the "Pele Sports 1970 FG – White/Red Firm Ground Soccer Shoes"

    The white red looks sick.

  2. Gotta love the "Pele Sports 1970 FG" – Black/Yellow, it's just a beautiful pair of boots for the beautiful game. I love the classic look to them and the lack of gimmicks….it's all about comfort in order for a true artist to perform.

  3. I may pick up a pair of the 1970 6SG for my next soft ground cleat. They look and sound so comfy. The Hoody Zip and Striped Polo are also really fly.

  4. I like the 70’s in white and red. I like a simple looking boot. Dig the t-shirts and hooded sweat shirts too.

  5. The cleats are amazing but I love the board shorts. It would be awesome to represent

    on the beach!

  6. loving the shot kick t-shirt and the board shorts.

  7. That futsal jersey looks nice!

  8. I like the zipped hoodie, 3/4 pants and training shorts. Cool retro style with a modern look.

    The boots look awesome but not sure about the width since my feet are on the narrow side.

  9. if i were to get one thing from pele sports it would be the pele sports hoody zip. that hoody is too sick. then i would get the 3/4 track pants because ive always wanted a pair of those for practice. The 1970 cleats are nice but a little too heavy for my taste.i like the white and red ones better. All the t-shirts are awesome!!! the cargo shorts are sick!

    i would probably wear anything from pele sports!!!!

  10. beside the amazing cleats, I love they’r 3/4 pants, and they’r blue t-shirt.
    thank you.

  11. Im really liking the Pele Sports Jacket in white as well as the Pele Sports 1970 6SG – White/Red Soft Ground Soccer Shoes because im looking for some great new soft grounds.


  12. Wind Cheater. Nothing like a light shell to keep out chill; plus the white and yellow makes you look Ricky Bobby-fast.

  13. The item that stands out the most to me is the futsal gameday jersey. I like the horizontal stripe pattern and the target on the back is sick!!

  14. i love the color combination with yellow on all clothing especially the hoodies, they look goooood

  15. The board shorts are something that I’d rock any day, but my favourite has to be either the Pele Sports Futsal Gameday Jersey, or the Pele Sports Solid Polo.

    They offer a great line of clothing, cleats, etc., I hope they continue coming out with more and more stuff. Please let us know if they release any new cleats Bryan.

    Btw, the black hoodie at the top of the post is also pretty wicked.

  16. I like the Pele Hoody Zip in black. It'd be nice to put on after leaving an indoor soccer game here in Michigan.

  17. I like the hoodie, and im definately getting the pele 1970's

  18. I am a Hoody guy and i like the the Hoody zip and the various colours! The blue has the Brazil National team colour feel!

  19. im really liking the sports hoody zip-up, its looking pretty comfortable and war, especially with the cold weather coming up. Pele Sports 1970 FG – White/Red Firm Ground Soccer Shoes are also looking pretty nice and the single piece of kangaroo leather around them seems to be a pretty interesting idea. I tried on a pair of the pele 1970 fg and the leather on them is very smooth and comfortable but they ran a bit big and the leather will stretch to.

  20. I love the 3/4 pants, definitely something to train in, but wouldn’t suck to just chill out after a game in either. The blue tee shirt isn’t too shabby either, nice and understated.

  21. My favorite product from the line is the "Pele Sports Winner T Shirt", because it shows a truly memorable moment in soccer history and the cartoonish style of it is just awesome.

  22. i like the black zip up hoody and the wind cheater both are sexy

  23. Pele Sports Hoody is very nice

  24. My favorite is the Pele Sports Shoot Kick shirt ( It's a great shirt with a simple and attractive design.

  25. Definitely the 1970 Red/ White FG, such a classy colorway and also, the sole looks nice

  26. MY favorite is the Futsal jacket, man it looks sick

  27. I love the Pele Sports Shoot Kick T-Shirt. It just reminds me of just enjoying to play soccer. Its nice classic look.

  28. I'm not gonna lie, that bib is quite the classy piece of clothing.

    In all seriousness, though, I honestly have to say that all of them are really nice-looking clothes and cleats. But my personal favorites? Well, let's just say I certainly would stare at myself an awful lot in the mirror wearing that hoodie along with the 3/4 pants, and maybe even donning the 1970s on my feet. But hey, that's just me.

  29. I'm liking the grey hoody zip.

  30. I definitely love the Pele Sports Track Jacket white in medium 🙂

  31. If i had to choose an item from the selection it would definitely be the wind cheater. It is the exact jacket I am looking for right now, and it would be a sure purchase. The range looks like it will do very well.

  32. Based purely on how they look I really like the Pele Sports 1958 FG – Black/Yellow Firm Grounds. They sort of remind me of some of the Reebok releases that Henry and Giggs have been wearing in recent seasons. The futsal gameday jersey and shorts look classy as well.

  33. i like the pele sports striped short…sick….out

  34. I love the Pele Sports Crew Sweat. I think I will get those later on

  35. I like the White/Red 1970’s…they’re really nice looking!

  36. I like the Pele Printed Track Jacket in Purple as well as the Pele 1970 FG in white/red

  37. i like the jacket, in medium. also one thing about the cleats, i am thinking about getting them but i have really high arches, so i put a lot of pressure on the balls of my feet. is there enough cussioning for me?

  38. I like the 3/4 pants and the graphic t-shirts they're cool 😀

  39. I can hardly choose between the Board Shorts and the 3/4 Pants — I think that I’d have to go with the Boards Shorts, though.

  40. I'm a big fan of the Wind Cheater. I like the white color with the yellow lining. I'd definitely wear it around for everyday wear. Classy Stuff!

  41. I like the Pele Sports Winner T-Shirt

  42. Pele sports is coming out with a very classy clothing line, loving the designs. I’m liking the white Pele Sports Wind Cheater along with the Pele Sports Futsal Gameday Jersey and the Pele Sports Crew Sweats in all colors.

  43. I think all the gear looks really great and classy, in my opinion they look like they fit the style of a soccer player. personally though i like the Bike Kick and Sports Shoe shirts they are sickk.

  44. The Pele “Winner” t-shirt has a cool design. In fact, I like all the design on all the animated Pele shirts.

    Even if I don’t win, I’m probably getting those 3/4 pants because that’s how playas play.

  45. Like the HoodyZip. Simple but bold..

  46. I like the board shorts most, was not aware that pelesports had clothing range, makes sense to me, hope I win so i get cool gear!

  47. Wow, it is so hard to decide what I like the most! If I gotta pick one favorite I’d have to go with the Grey Pele Sports Hoodie Zip..
    Closely followed by the Black Pelada Training Short (they would match my new Adizero’s perfect :D)

  48. There’s a lot of great gear, but my favorite would have to be white/red 1970 FG for the feet and the sports track jacket for the top!

  49. The Pele Sports Track Jacket in white looks awesome !!

  50. Not really impressed with the line, although I like the concepts. The best looking item is the 1958 FG boot, if going by looks alone.

  51. Hi,

    actually the line is pretty classy, theres is no attempt to reach the Soccer Elite players instead the intention is to reach soccer lovers. The shoes look really good and the cloth line is simple, with few variations of models. The diffrent types of colors is the gamma they handel. What really catches my eye its how simple the cloth is and over that it looks good. Specially the t shirts with no need of lots of graphics instead a good, nice, trandy image of the great Pele and the famous signature. the short is no nice, so simple and classic. no need of more.

  52. Michael Schofield

    I like the light blue Pele Sports Bike Kick T-Shirt , looks pretty tight and the color is my style.

  53. i Love the 1970 fg pele cleats they are awesome!

  54. This cleats are sicks! pretty classy!!

  55. The 1970 Fg Black and Yellow cleats also look quite amazing, perfect for the old style!

  56. Hi, I like the white1970 cleats in white, size us13, but i’m unaware if i can ask for those, if not the Pele Sports Hoody Zip is quite classy in a large. Thanks!

  57. I like the white wind cheater hoodie and black hoodie, they are both very classy, Im not sure if im a fan of the overall line, some of the colors just dont fit my style but not bad!

  58. hi am brian

    and think this shirt is preatty sick

  59. dude i love the Pele sports bike kick t shirt

  60. i like the 1970's in the white/red colours, and the hoody zip. there's also the striped polo, board shorts and and the bike kick t-shirt.

  61. I agree that the clothing looks very classy and it will appeal to soccer lovers and I think personally like the textured polo. But I coach so that's more my thing, if I was a player the bike kick shirt would be my favorite.

  62. I really like the Pele Board Shorts(Yellow Style)

  63. Black Pele Sports Hoodie, the yellow pops out of the black and the stars are a nice touch. Also, it comes in my size, xs =]

  64. I liked the Pele Sports 1970 FG – Black/Yellow Firm Ground Soccer Shoes 🙂

  65. The Pele Fashion T-Shirt is one I could see myself wearing often.

  66. I enjoyed the blue bike kick shirt…very iconic, very Pele!

  67. 1970 FG's are pure class and I really dig the Futsal jersey and Pelada shots!

  68. Love the "Shoot Kick T-Shirt" as well as the hoodie. The line is not your typical soccer lifestyle collection. They have found the perfect mix of using the legendary status of Pele with fresh stylish designs that soccer nuts like all of us think is cool. Well done Pele sports!!!


    These classy cleats are almost like powerswerves, and mine just broke, so y not get another pair just without the powerpulse and swerve element. They also look really classy, and the kangaroo leather looks really nice

  70. Pele Sports is unparalleled in the way it genuinely blends the history of an immortal legend with quality, affordable products. Most other brands offer you a boot with these gimmicks that are said to make your shots stronger, more accurate, and add swerve. But really when it comes down to it, it is the actual quality and comfort of the boot, whether it will last you the full 90 minutes or not, and that is something the King himself realized when creating this brand. In conclusion, Pele Sports is a brand that is new but deserves the attention of any established brand as it is steadily gaining convertees from other brands such as myself. And while I may like the Pele Sports 1970 FG – White/Red Firm Ground Soccer Shoes, there are many different choices so hurry up and join the revolution!

  71. Hi, I really like the bike kick t-shirt. Any color would be great. Thanks

  72. This is segregation of the highest order!Why US & Canadians only?Ain't other parts of the world fans of Pele too (especially Africa?).Please do something about it.We love Pele as much as the US/Canadians do or even much more perhaps

  73. I am a fan of microfiber uppers, so I would like the Pele Sports 1958 FG and I'll turn around and do a review of the cleats on cleatology if I get a pair. They look like a solid shoe and I need a cleat that I can trust if I play defense for my team

  74. Pele Sports Bike Kick T-Shirt all the way. The kind of shirt that fits my style!

  75. the "pele sports crew sweat" looks like it has a uniquely shaped cut on the bottom half of the sweater and the purple color is nice too, something to wear out on a breezy autumn day. my favorite piece is definitely the "pele sports 3/4 track pants". i would wear this to bike casually or the beach. these pants would be perfect for a relaxing game of beach soccer!

  76. The 1970s look pretty comfortable, your review on them is pretty convincing too. My choice would be the black ones.

  77. I like the Pele Sports 1970 FG – Black/Yellow Firm Ground Soccer Shoes the best! its classy!

  78. Closed to entries! Winners to be announced……